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My journey with schizoaffective disorder

Is It LOVE, Or Is It MANIA? | bpHope

14 Apr She considered a number of online dating venues, but she says asked too many questions on its enrollment form, eHarmony was too "religious," and MySpace was too much of a "hookup zone." "I wanted to meet men with my same diagnosis so we wouldn't [need to] have 'the talk,' or fear of. Schizoaffective disorder is a psychiatric condition characterized by a set of symptoms that combines features of schizophrenia with features of depression, mania, or. Understanding schizoaffective disorder This booklet is for anyone who has been given. Women are more likely to have the diagnosis than men, and are also. 7 Feb When you have bipolar disorder, though, the question becomes more complicated. Is it love when you're swept by euphoria, erotic stirrings, a special feeling of connection and constant thoughts of the one you desire? Or are those traits actually signs of looming mania? Turns out a group of psychiatrists has.

This is a community meant for a discussion of Hookup A Man With Schizoaffective Disorder and schizophrenia related issues including psychotic symptoms in general, Schizoid, Schizotypal, and Paranoid Personality Disorders. Feel free to post, discuss, or just lurk. There is no judgement in this place: Please refrain from self-diagnosis, diagnosing others, or advising specific medical treatments.

Read the sticky and if your question is answered fully by it, your post may be removed from the subreddit. This channel provides a space for people with schizophrenia to talk about many things. It does not follow subreddit rules and is not moderated by this subreddit, nor is it integrated in the discussions here.

Be aware that material here may contain political views, religious views, and some material not safe for work. Want to spread understanding and awareness? Nobody is judged here for having symptoms of schizophrenia. So please do not feel embarrassed or afraid to post: Can people with Schizophrenia deal with love? I'm sorry for asking silly questions. This has just been on my mind lately. Do you think that people can find love despite having schizophrenia?

I ask because I began talking to someone a while ago. And when romantic feelings started emerging, I started having difficulties with my emotions. Then I started having my symptoms emerge again so I distanced myself from him.

I find it very difficult to open up emotionally. So I told the guy that I just wanted to be friends, which really hurt him. Outpatient programs, painting, and jewelry-making are among activities offered at peer-run drop-in centers, where you can find tools to cope and activities to bond Then I started having my symptoms emerge again so I distanced myself from him. Http:// me, even not getting enough sleep can be enough stress to cause me to start to have delusions.

I would think that he was scheming something or trying to get something from me when it wasn't the case. My thoughts would become disorganized and I even started hearing voices again.

After a while I started becoming stable again so I went back to speaking to him. But then I started becoming symptomatic again and had to stay away from him yet again. After that I just figured that I wasn't well enough to be involved with someone in that manner. So I told the guy that I just wanted to be friends, which really hurt him.

Hookup A Man With Schizoaffective Disorder

I can admit that I'm not at my best right now. And I have a lot of insecurities from my illness and I was always negative. But he still listened to me even when I'm wasn't well. I feel bad because I can't return his feelings without becoming symptomatic as a result. It makes me think that I won't ever be with someone romantically. I guess what I wanted to see was whether other people with Schizophrenia had trouble connecting to other people romantically.

Does being romantically involved with someone cause problems with your illness? Maybe I'm just weak or something. I hate being like this. My paranoia tends toward him cheating on me or planning to leave me. The solution has been to turn it Hookup A Man With Schizoaffective Disorder one big, ridiculous joke.

We talk about his "work wives" or those "hussies" at the office, and how he's banging them all day. He leaves and comes home at about the same time every day, so it all comes across as very silly. Harry Potter got that one right- laughter is a great way to dispel fear.

During my last schizophrenic episode, I saw and heard my ex-gf getting raped by three guys. After experiencing that, I can never regain the way I looked at sex again.

Hookup A Man With Schizoaffective Disorder

It's very difficult for me to care about the girl as she is. I feel like I am only seeking out the girl for sex. You might say I am obsessed with sex and that is all I want from the girl. I know for me that stress will bring on symptoms of schizophrenia including delusions. It may be the same for you. Romance and relationships can cause a type of stress that may bring out delusions. For me, even not getting enough sleep can be enough stress to cause me to start to have delusions.

I take a low dose of risperidone. It just caught me off guard cause it was the first time I felt like that since becoming ill. I feel strange talking to my psychiatrist about that type of thing, but I'll ask if it keeps being a problem. I would be careful with risperidone.

I know some others who had the same problem. I don't think it happens to everyone but it does to a fair amount. I could go for months with no sex. Just something to look out for.

Recovery stories - Ian and schizoaffective disorder

It's totally possible but it's very difficult. It doesn't mean it's not worth the effort, though. We're not any more broken than most other folks. Patience and understanding should be very, very important attributes in your partner.

Giddy romance and mania have a lot in common, so learn the signs that tell you which is which.

Don't hide your symptoms, your partner will find out about them sooner or later. Ask that guy out if he's into you! My boyfriend has schizophrenia. He sometimes asks if he wishes he was "healed". Schizophrenia is a disease, like diabetes. It doesn't define people, but it is still part of what makes them who they are. He is an amazing man, who is unable to hide his emotions. So when I see his love for me, I know it is true.

Dating Someone With Schizoaffective Disorder

I get frustrated when he wants to something that is a trigger, and he keeps asking me my answer is, "I am not your mom, you are going to do what you want. Just remember, every action affects US.

I told him the only deal breaker was going off medication, without talking to his doctor. He chose to keep getting Invega injections, so he doesn't decide not to take his anti-psychotic, to protect me from emotional pain. Bwahahah word salad mid-way during sex sounds hilarious - someone should make a romantic comedy out of it. Shed some light-hearted humor about the lives of schizophrenics.

I find it very difficult to open up emotionally. I'm such a perfectionist that I reject myself before giving myself a chance to express my feelings. I'm also obsessed with aging. It's silly but I can't stop thinking about how we won't be as attracted to one another sexually as we age. This is me to a tee less the aging part. But my delusions and insecurities get to the best of me: I just don't see the point of romantic or sexual click the following article, Hookup A Man With Schizoaffective Disorder I don't pursue them.

I may just be asexual and aromantic or something.

A person with bipolar disorder has a condition that is linked to chemical imbalances in the brain. Log in or sign up in seconds. He operates on a very high level of thinking. Do you think you are super talented and special, or is it your new lover that is the most perfect thing?

I didn't know I was dealing with schizophrenia at the time and I usually try to deflect advances because I wanted to work on my issues first. I haven't honestly tried for a romantic relationship because I was just too consumed with my disorganized thoughts. Now that I know what the issue is, I suppose I have no excuses. But yeah sometimes I want to be left alone, I can't. It's still hard to thwart advances but finding the courage and organizing my thoughts to connect with one person intimately it's also paradoxically a lot of stress to go into flirty mode sometimes, especially when you're paranoia, anxious, and have delisions!

I'm married and it's actually been really good motivation to get better, plus it helps with the isolation.

My delusions tend to center around him cheating when I get them, but my first husband cheated on me so I might just be extra sensitive about that. I've been dating my boyfriend for a little over 6 years now. I live with him, and love every minute of it! A ring might even be in the near future: I don't have any delusions around him Except when I used to have thought broadcasting, but that was against everyone. I had a boyfriend when I first exhibited symptoms. We lived together for 6 months.

I felt safe with him, even though I started to exhibit paranoia. He was one of the few people that comforted me during that time. A relationship can be a blessing, but I think people with schizophrenia deal with romantic relationships in different ways due to the range of possible symptoms we could have and the severity of the symptoms we experience.

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