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It's more of a pleasant friendship than a romantic dating relationship really, and that's OK. Online dating does have the chance to let us find a lot more potential matches, but as I mentioned you'll sift through a lot of poor matches to occasionally run into a good OKCupid Alternative Best Free Online Dating Site: Cupid Z. 13 Jan To be sure, plenty of my friends have discussed their issues with online dating with me, so I'm not ignorant of the phenomenon. My male friends routinely .. longer in the dating market. If I were to put my particular, ahem, standard of feminine beauty in the profile, OK Cupid would reject it as inappropriate:). 1 Feb I have seen many, many women (and men) in person and online in their steampunk garb, and I have been mightily impressed by how amazing, attractive, girls are either old ladies, nerds who never had any social group of their own in high school and think this is an easy way to make friends or hookup.

I beg Ok Stupid An Online Hookup Taxonomy pardon!? There are a great many beautiful Steampunk ladies, myself included! You have obviously not done your homework. Just to scratch the surface, please visit http: I happen to agree you - It's like saying "Most Science 2. You can show me an example where this doesn't apply, but that doesn't mean that the page has been littered with humor the likes of which the Annals of Improbable Research have never seen.

However, I do have to call shenanigans on your claim in the below thread that you are trying to call attention to the producers of this work so that they may profit as artists. However, I could say that "Every time someone makes comments that knock someones web design and elude to it being worthless as far as facilitating the sale of their product it means they are trolling" and that would not mean that there wasn't an exception once and a while.

It's the other way around, sir. You are citing exceptions of unattractive - and in one case, somewhat frightening - steampunk women. Helene is citing what is usually the case. I have seen many, many women and men in person and online in their steampunk garb, and I have been mightily impressed by how amazing, attractive, sexy, and beautiful they all looked. I have to commend you on your dead on view on Steampunk Girls. You're right, Steampunk girls are usually a mess. I find that most of the girls I have met are real messes.

They WANT to look nice but you see, Steampunk clothing is mostly an excuse to get these out of shape messes covered up and looking better than they usually would in the "real" world. I challenge you to go to ANY Steampunk event and you'll see the sad cases walking up and down the aisles.

Most of the girls and guys are overweight. Most of them have never been a part of any scene and now that they have seen other "fatbodies" dressed in Steampunk clothing, they feel that this is a scene they can excel at.

The guys are the same, I originally got into Steampunk as a way to meet girls. Sadly, most of the girls I have meet were either over the hill socialites still trying to hold on to whatever sense of youth they had, or overweight messes trying Ok Stupid An Online Hookup Taxonomy squeeze into a corset.

All in all here you go to any steampunk event it will prove my point.

Victorian Secret: Girls Of Steampunk | Science

Most of the angry comments you will read on here are from these overweight, out of shape, sad sacks that are simply trying toi relay how BIG is beautiful and how beautiful these girls are on the inside because they are soo creative. I'm sure most of them will be angry at me but my aim is to bring more hot girls into this scene.

Okstupid: The Stupid Truth Of Internet Dating

Therefore I am now involved in putting together events for the steampunk scene. I hope to be able to influence the look and type of girls that show up to these events. Phat-bodies should not apply, get over yourself and go on a diet.

A corset can only squeeze so much, if you're a slob it will NOT accentuate your curves, all it does is make men sick. Most steampunk girls are either old ladies, nerds who never had any social group of their own in high school and think this is an easy way to make friends or hookup. As for the guys in this scene. So any idiot who claims to be an expert in Steampunk should be ridiculed for their arrogance and ignorance.

In fact I made sure that Read article only put up pictures of hotties on my event site, how else will I tell girls what they should dress like for this event. You might have wanted to verify who Professor Killian Killjoy was, before putting his post up. You have caused hurt and upset across several forums Ok Stupid An Online Hookup Taxonomy networks, and made yourself look a fool.

Ok Stupid An Online Hookup Taxonomy from getting attention for promoting one of your friend's books, you have instead ostracised yourself from the very community you hoped to target.

You hide behind what you call censorship when this is clearly a case of someone using someone else's name. It's also interesting to see that you "Henry Campbell" own Science 2.

If this is indeed a science site as you claim, why are you even discussing Steampunk unless it pertains to the science in Victorian times? Here is hoping that you end up standing next to an over pressurized boiler you souless waste of flesh.

In truth, I've always valued women that knew themselves and were strong, which is precisely why I have little patience with the whiney lot that demands political correctness to feel good about themselves. But on the other hand, the residual noise around the trend line is enormous, especially in the top half the distribution. July 28, at What did you expect, a bunch of guys rallying to your cause?

I would like to take the time to make it clear I did not write the comment. I believe all the women of steampunk are beautiful. The comment is hurtful and spiteful towards the fine ladies of steampunk, the fine gentlemen of steampunk, myself and Wild Wild West Con.

It's author is being pursued and legal action will be taken as the comment does not reflect the opinion of myself, Wild Wild West Con, Voltage Entertainment or Old Tucson Studios. Good sir, you are sorely mistaken.

Ok Stupid An Online Hookup Taxonomy

A vague majority of steampunk girls are heavenly creatures, especially bellydancers. Please take a minute to look at these beauties and I'm sure you'll change your mind: You are a completely arrogant chauvanistic PIG! You most likely have no respect for women who don't fit into your little box of what they should look like. I would never even look at your book or go to any of your events.

I am not a fat ugly woman. I have been a bellydancer also and enjoy seeing the fusion dances.

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I also have to stand up for Sir Kilroy even though I only know him through the steampunk empire. You can generally tell by the way someone writes weather or not it is truely that person or not.

To the person above me who I tagged this response onto. I agree wholeheartedly with. You did not do your research.

Really, really profound series of articles. While occasionally she oversteps in her interpretations and makes a few unseemly normative judgements about her subjects, on the whole a strong piece of work that appears to have made a nice, clean jump from dissertation to book. You only think you know what those women want. Whatever the origin of these preferences, even assuming relative cultural invariance in the sample population I believe this is so for the middle to upper middle class Western target audience of OKCupid there will remain individual differences of taste and preference, as noted by Alex Tabarrok.

Your example pic above is more of a fantastical CanCan type of costume and would never be seen out inthe light of day in an Victorian era. The girls need work. The preview you've posted is of a slender woman dressed in a revealing manner. Maybe it's not what you intended, but it seems that you think that steampunk women should have body types you find attractive and should bare their skin for your viewing pleasure, but that you don't care how the men look since you're not looking at them.

If your intent wasn't sexist and voyeuristic, you should probably re-evaluate how it comes across. I think you missed my point. I don't have a problem with the book; it's probably one I would like. My problem is this post wasn't simply, "hey this is cool, go buy it," it was also a dig a steampunks, especially the women.

Now, you did rib us all, or at least our taste in web design, and I assume that the implication that we rarely have opportunity to be around women was directed at the guys. So I see how you think that also insulting the women specifically is evened out at having also insulted men, and thus not showing a preference for one or the other. But look at how you talk about women in this piece. Girls ARE nerds; we have personalities and interests, so we're not just objects whose presence indicates that a man has accomplished fitting in to mainstream culture.

That's the best case scenario of interpretation. Maybe it wasn't even an insult to male steampunks, but Ok Stupid An Online Hookup Taxonomy a statement that the women around them aren't hot.

Ok Stupid An Online Hookup Taxonomy

Your next statement is that steampunk is some creative stuff, but the girls do need work. That is your summation of the genre: If that's all you have to say about the genre, that the women aren't doing their duty to be your eye candy as they check this out, you're not only missing the point of the genre, you're missing the point of life.

It is not, actually, all about whether or not random women are pulling their weight by looking sexy for you. Which suggests that you think you know how they should look -- like the book cover -- and that steampunk women need this advice, because they don't know.

You are stating that you know more about women's bodies, how they should look, and how they should be adorned than they do. Yes, actually, I am using the word correctly based on what you've said. Maybe it's not how you think or what you meant to say, but it is what you said. Based on the fact that you didn't actually explain yourself, you just pulled in some logical fallacies.

Of course I don't think it's sexist to help talented guys make Ok Stupid An Online Hookup Taxonomy living, no one does. Yes, it is possible that people use the term "sexist" incorrectly, but insulting the critic and deflection from the real issue. What you said is offensive. If you did not mean to be offensive, you'll keep that Ok Stupid An Online Hookup Taxonomy mind for next time. If you did, then you don't really care what I have to say about it.

But acting like I'm wrong for deconstructing what you have to say, doesn't change what you said or what it means. The fact that people are offended, proves that it is, at least a bit, offensive. So learn from it or don't, your choice, but I can't have a productive discussion with someone that refuses to do the same. Mate, fine, the book is eyecandy. People may or may not have objections to that.

The major problem here is not the book itself but your choice of method to promote the book -- stereotyping steampunk women as uglier than the general population and then claiming that women who don't conform to expected standards of hotness "need work" -- not only has little to do with the book, but is also highly sexist and quite offensive.

If your plan was to promote the book, for many of us you have failed. I buy eyecandy -- it's awesome, and you can get ideas from it. I don't buy instructional manuals on how to make myself conform to someone else's standard of "hot".

If you had taken the time to write and "intelligent" article, and I use that term loosely, you would have at least made a vain attempt to proper research prior to publication. That was all you had to go on was cartoon illustrations for a femal steampunk look?! Personally I am an artist and yes I have been and will continue to be inspired by the work of others, from Da Vinci to the kindergarten class down the street.

I have seen an influx of SP stuff from China, and yes it was a bit of a bummer, but guess what, I don't, nor do you own SP. On the other side I have purchased items that are "riding the SP wave" and have been very happy with them. So before you condemn artists who have found the genre and have brought their talent to it, might I suggest if you're an artist and your art isn't selling, just keep looking for your audience or just do it for yourself.