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Dating Chris Winters

Hollywood U: Rising Stars Answers for Android

Description Edit. Friends need love too! Send your entourage to Couples Corner to have them date, level up their relationships or even break them up! You get to play matchmaker and EX-ecutioner! You can also send yourself on a date with your entourage!. Answer from: A I tried restarting the game by deleting the app and the reinstalling in but it still has all my data. I need help! Posted on: Jan 4, Answer from: Geegee I tried everything come on pixelberry allow us to do so!!! Posted on: Jan 9, Answer from: Lolly You have to delete it and make a new Game Center. His treatment of your Character will mostly be the same except for certain moments in quests where he will speak to you more affectionately than usual or casually hints at the relationship between him and your Character. He's the best Hollywood U has to offer, and he'll make sure you're a huge success. Dating Jan 7, 0.

Brian Ratzik is a producer. He is old and superficial. All he cares about is money and he doesn't care about love at all.

How do i restart the game? - Hollywood U: Rising Stars Answers for iPhone - iPad (iOS)

He had an affair with Addison Sinclair. He had a past relationship with Addison and a big scandal. He blamed everything on Addison, which caused the later change in her course in the University from movie star to fashionista; since then, the two have been on bad terms.

This fact also becomes the reason for your character's dislike towards him.

I'm playing on a kindle. You plunge into the pit… and in front of you, Jennifer spins around and thrusts out a hand! The offline mode, I can't seem to play this offline. Lolly You have to delete it and make a new Game Center then download it back again.

He is divorced, although no details about his wife have been released yet. In the quest with Santa, it is revealed that he did not have a happy childhood and that he cannot remember his happiest Christmas, so your character and Santa go deeper into his subconscious to find that his happiest Christmas he found a puppy.

Your character then has the choice to either give him a puppy here anti-aging cream albeit Santa will not approve for Christmas. Brian is a perverted, sly, and manipulative businessman who cares for money more than relationships.

This is seen through a decision your character makes of either paying 25 diamonds or give him a meeting with Addison. He seems to be very flirtatious, and tried to "hook up" with Addison. At the end of A Chance at Lovehe flat-out admits that to him, only money is real; everything else is an illusion, love included.

When Do You Start Hookup In Hollywood U

He is also quite a sore loser after he sent angry text messages to Addison, after the character flat-out ignores his order to meet her. He is also very sure of himself, feeling that he can get your character and most people to do his bidding. It might even equate to narcissism. Brian has sunglasses and wrinkles, along with spiked gray-white hair. He is seen wearing a grey suit with a red scarf.

When Do You Start Hookup In Hollywood U

Brian had an affair with Addison when she was just starting out her Movie Star career. The fallout from that relationship caused Addison to switch majors to Fashionista.

She dislikes him for taking advantage of her, and would prefer to cut all contact with him. However, he seems persistent in trying to get her attention again-- one of the options for breaking Lisa's contract was to make Addison meet with him the other option was to pay 25 diamonds to keep that from happening.

Lisa had a contract with him for her first movie, something that would fit her original When Do You Start Hookup In Hollywood U friendly image. Your character breaks the contract for Lisa so she can join your entourage at Hollywood U. Your character is forced to meet him to end the contract with Lisa Valentine. During an earlier quest, you meet him at the party where he is quite impressed that the character knows Aria Sheridanwho he claims is a good contact, which improved his opinion of your character.

Hollywood U: Rising Stars - Italian Romance (Chris Winter's date #2)

Your character and Brian do not like each other and they work together only due to circumstances. He does show admiration for your character during the wedding quest for Zoe Rodriguez when your character was able to cause all things to work for the reality television show they were doing.

However, you later see him with another woman who looks nothing like Jenni, and reveal this to Jenni.

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Jenni is very angry, and Brian is angry at you in turn. Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

And they I read the comments and y'all say you'll share it with your team but still no offline so I'm guessing that's a no for offline. In this date, Ethan wants to show you the L. Rumors are circling about her past affair with Brian Ratzik and she pushes Addison for a comment. Your use of this application is governed by the Terms of Service available at:

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