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So Smite Why Bad Matchmaking Is

SMITE Matchmaking Rant

Horrible players, horrible matchmaking

For SMITE on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Bad Matchmaking?". So for the past 5 matches, I've been getting paired with people that dont know what they are doing, surrender, and have us fight a clan. I've been on a loosing streak because these people don't know how to either build their god. 3 Nov In over 3 years HiRez completely ignored the issue, pretended it didn't exist but in the end it didn't really favor HiRez because their playerbase dropped volumes mostly due to matchmaking. So morale of the story: If SMITE has a bad matchmaking system, don't expect Paladins to have a good one either. 30 Apr Anybody have complaints about bad team matchmaking? If you have Smite is a third-personmultiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. but ive been focusing on mortal so i suck at smite. [​IMG].

No wonder people are quitting right and left, and taking the game as a joke. Still no transparency in regards to a MMR either. Transparency in MMR would only lead to people exploiting it. You stated what you dislike, link why not give Blizz an idea how they could fix it for you?

Why are you so angry? Are you drunk or high? Read over what you just posted, and ask yourself if that even remotely makes sense. Also, people have been complaining about the pos matchmaking for as far back as I can remember the game being launched. Just type into Google: Take this down vote to go with the others you rightfully deserve. It wouldn't bothers me that much if they actually tried to solve it, but judging by the results, it doesn't seems like they have changed it much.

At least when I play it, I get lots of terrible players including some who haven't even played NORMAL Conquest in Ranked conquest matchesto the point that I haven't actually bothered solo queueing it this season. Lose too often, and you'll have amazing teammates. IshmamApr 30, Matches are filled with premade teams or top players versus brand new ones, which should never be happening. I queue solo and I get paired with people having legendary gods, with wins with that singe hero, and 50 masteries.

Obviously it can't be perfect and sometimes you suck or their better than you. GO and way too many hours across dozens of acounts in LoL and Smite, matchmaking won't be perfect no matter what. Look at all those games you listed matchmaking-wise.

What should matter is whether or not you contribute to winning, which can only be calculated by wins and losses. People who do these things now, will find ways to continue doing them with your suggested system. I couldn't even begin to count the number of times I've seen one side or another with gods mastered and the enemy has two people with Legendaries and 45 mastered. If you're the jungler and your duo lane and solo lane is feeding, you're expected to wizz between them and help them. Are you drunk or high?

Every single 1 of them link vastly superior matchmaking. Are we seriously going to compare the 2, when it's flat out obvious that OW has rigged matchmaking? And please don't brush it off as nonsense, as it's been documented by numerous people.

System will match you with people so that you lose. Lose too often, and you'll have amazing teammates.

Why Is Smite Matchmaking So Bad

Why Is Smite Matchmaking So Bad I will agree that the matchmaking system leaves much to be desired in my experience. I wouldn't say it's frustrating enough for me to read article playing the game all together, but I do find myself pulling my hair in frustration with some of my matches.

I get that I'm not supposed to win every game, but when I'm placed with and against multiple Grand Master players, some whom have placed in the top I can't help but feel the game's basically rigged for me to lose before it even starts. Not to mention I feel bad that I'm essentially a 50 pound lead weight chained to my team to drag them down.

If this happened once in a blue moon that's one thing, but just a few hours ago I had multiple matches like this. It becomes more and more frustrating that I'm in games with players too high of a skill level for me to be with, than games with silver and gold players where I probably belong.

I started playing ranked today. Was curious about it and wanted to see if the matchmaking was in any way better than the one riot has in league of legends. I have no words to describe how bad the system is. You literally buried my last hope of having a company as a good example for people out there.

No way i would suggest to anyone take ranked in overwatch seriously. Its overall a good game, fun game to play with friends etc. But for ranked its a god damn circus.

With so much money you should consider improving on some stuff. In general this is a seriously annoying issue, I've left the game and come back multiple times hoping for improvement and it honestly seems to be getting worse.

I climb so insanely slowly, I get Why Is Smite Matchmaking So Bad up with people more than sr lower than me all the time so its very sporadic in general but the biggest issue is the players.

SMITE Matchmaking Rant

At certain SR, its so insanely rare to find anyone who actually cares about winning in competitive which is nuts to me because the game mode is called "competitive". People just don't think, don't listen to what the heroes are saying, don't pay attention to anything at all, they just have tunnel vision. Matchmaking is broken because apparently I'm the same SR as people who troll, throw, get 3 elims in 5 minutes, don't notice someone shooting them in the back, walk past people in 1v1s, ignore friendly healers or people who play healers like off tanks, etc Whenever I get grouped with a competent team who chooses a solid composition I win or really enjoy the game.

Why Is Smite Matchmaking So Bad

Those games are so rare however it drives me crazy. Just like some other people have said, I feel like whenever I get a win or a couple I'm immediately placed with fools or people who don't try and we lose a game in a couple minutes.

Why Match Making is NOT broken and how it ACTUALLY works. : Smite

I've had games where I've lost 60sr when I've had high stats and games where I've barely lost any sr with low stats. Consistently though no matter how amazing or mediocre click here performance is I get the same sr from a win which is around I feel like I'm being abused by the matchmaking, like it wants me to sink in hundreds of hours before it can get any metrics right.

I had a friend climb from gold to top but he played the game with 1 hero at least 8 hours a day, everyday for months and months straight I improve as a player every season but every time I finish Why Is Smite Matchmaking So Bad placements I'm about lower than where I ended for every season which doesn't make sense to me.

Also side note losing 50sr and getting suspended for 10mins because of a disconnect is complete nonsense Idk I guess what I'm saying is matchmaking would feel a lot better if the players were just better, meaning in the way they play the game. Blizzard should just add a tutorial for all the people with average IQs on how to play as a team, make smart composition choices and actually care about winning. Have something to say?

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