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5 Signs To Know If You're A Toxic Friend

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Control freaks and perfectionists are often one and the same. Take this quiz to find out, you may learn something you never thought you would know! rather listen to someone speak fast, medium, or slow? it doesn't really matter at what speed someone talks, everything someone has to say is important. fast, i'm impatient. Take this quiz! 1. I like to be in control of work situations and am much happier working alone than with others. 2. When I’m under pressure, the easiest emotion for me to express is anger or irritability. 3. I rarely tell anyone that I need them. 4. I tend to harbor old hurts. Rather than telling someone that he or she hurt me. Are you controlling and don't realize it? Take this simple quiz to find out how much you need to be in charge! Take the quiz.

Control freaks and perfectionists are often one and the same. After a relationship breaks up, I look back and think I was mostly right. Extremely happy, we'll be good friends! You're working on a group project.

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Am I Controlling In My Marriage Quiz

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Am I A Controlling Person Quiz

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By signing up, you agree that you have read and accepted the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Are You a Control Freak? Processing, Please hold on Help translate this item. You arrive at a dinner party, and the table setting is Am I A Controlling Person Quiz incorrect.

You walk over to the host and say: Let me help you make your table look even better before guests arrive!

Your family is deciding who should host Thanksgiving. It will be a lot of work, but you say: I don't want to host, but I can help whoever does. You and your spouse are deciding how to discipline your child. Let's just give him a time-out and get it over with!

I'll give him a time-out this time, you handle it next time. You're working on a group project.

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When it comes time to decide who will present it, you say: Your family is planning its next big vacation. When it comes time to pick a place, you say: How about we go to the beach this year, and somewhere else next year?

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You're shopping for a wedding gift for your sibling with your partner. I know she loves jewelry, let's go with that idea!

Am I A Controlling Person Quiz

Let's write down a list of ideas we have, then narrow it down to one. Your child wants to adopt a puppy. Let me pick out the size, age and color. Your best friend asks you to meet up for drinks around or after 8 p. I don't get out of work until 7. Okay, I know a great place that's a couple blocks from me. Your spouse wants to renew your vows. Let's do it at the spot where we got married.

I'll start inviting friends and family now. Do you help other people drive?

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At your work, do you have at least one person who you trust completely to do your job? Is everything in your house always in its place? Do you become angry, upset or just uncomfortable when things don't go according to your plan? And finally, Do you really hate depending on others?

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