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14 Apr PLUS there is NO shame in publicly searching as a guest when he has or she has already lied or had been interested in emails and winks from people on there once exclusive. I have NO SHAME in making sure after I had been lied to ONCE to check again to be sure. No I did not log in. You don't have to. You "visit" his online profile to learn he's online now - gulp! Learn how to After experiencing this repeatedly, one day you log on for a visit, see the “ONLINE NOW” status, and blurt out, “Fuck you!” It's official. I have to give mad props to my girl Leslie for her brilliant insight and teaching me some dating I never did it. Loosely connected thoughts: 1. How did you know she was online? You logged into OkCupid. 2. C'mon man. It was just one date. 3. If you think she's great, of course she's messaging other people.

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Be sure to use your Reddit username so other users can recognize you! Guy i've been dating still logs in to his account daily. Do you ever log in to your account right after a date? It wouldn't bother me so much but after we were intimate recently he logged in directly after. I haven't dated in a long time so it just feels super shady and shitty. I know I shouldn't have been source I did.

I am in a relationship right now and before we deactivated I Online Dating She Still Logs In still log in and read any messages I recieved or check out women who liked me. I'm head over heels for my girl and had no interest in anyone else at the time. I'm deactivated right now, but when I wasn't I may get a message, and I always read my messages. I have A-List but you can also have visitors turned off so they see you logging in, but don't necessarily see that you visited them as opposed to checking out other potentials.

And I know I would feel like an asshole totally cutting off the other people I'm chatting to who seem cool until I see a clear winner, etc. Hence why I eventually deactivated my account. I definitely think it's ego stroking for him as well. I deactivated my account and Online Dating She Still Logs In the URL to his page so I'm not tempted to look. I'm still feeling shitty but I imagine things will get better in future days.

Are you always waiting for the other shoe to drop? Take my opinion with a grain of salt but I dated a lot of people on OKC and based on what I've read it doesn't seem like you are his primary choice or that he isn't into you as much as you're into him. I dont play when it comes to my body. I did not ask for that. I was thrilled to have found something special and I cancelled all of my future dates as soon as I got home from my date with my someday-to-be wife.

I was kind of making article source joke about the fact that in order to know this you need to be logging in too: I only logged in to see what he was doing anyway so I wasn't logging in to look at other dudes.

To answer your question I think it's pretty normal to keep setting up dates unless you say you are exclusive. If you're not ok with that you shouldn't feel bad about breaking things off over it though.

Has there been any defining of the relationship, as the kids say? He might be fucking you but looking for others.

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You should just ask to clear any confusion. And keep in mind some people just log in for giggles and to pass time.

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Like looking at facebook. I do it all the time, without intention of actually meeting someone on it. Maybe just to check out what that one weirdo just messaged me about.

I figured that he might be doing that. I guess he likes the washed up look: You really shouldn't care about who someone adds on FB, nor judge either parties. Heck, I go to a wedding, and I have easily 10 new FB friends afterwards. Many of them might be married, or 'homely' as you so in-eloquently put itetc.

It's sounds pretty stalker-ish that you even follow him this close. Online Dating She Still Logs In

This is the key question. Some people expect their partners to be psychic about your needs. Exclusion needs to be stated explicitly, and it's not fair to assume otherwise. Well A, you're logging in as well. B, you are aware that if you have an app, it shows you as online often when you're not actually logged in. I guarantee if I've only been seeing a girl for a couple of weeks, and she brings something like this up this link, I'm probably going to bail.

I totally get it but at the same time don't Online Dating She Still Logs In intimate with someone that your not into. My guys phone died on our last date and I was glad because he could talk to any of his Twitter tests.

Well, I have a story but you might not like it.

Guy i've been dating still logs in to his account daily. : OkCupid

I met a guy in real life through a friend and started dating him. Found him on okc through a friends account. I think 4 months in I called him out in it or something and he denied it saying he was checking something for a friend. At 5 months, at my asking, we became exclusive.

A year and and a half in he admitted that all of his business trip stories were bullshit and he was dating 3 or 4 other women during those first months.

Actually, he kind of chased me online for a week before I gave in and talked to him. Sorry to repeat the same thing, just wanted to see if you could help me a little. His profile is still active and he checks fairly frequently. So, that's my advice. You decided to meet and on your first date things go great.

I've also met a number of other men who are just straight up addicted to the site. More more more meet one girl but who else is out there? Online dating is weird. I never felt any qualms about about logging back into the service, up to and including times like "while my date has disappeared for several minutes. It doesn't inherently mean anything, though.

Online Dating She Still Logs In

Tell him how you feel about it. Some people are incredibly antsy about logins. He needs to know where you stand, and if he doesn't change his behavior, drop him. For the record, I've done this before even when I have been really interested in women in particular situations.

For instance, I'm dating a girl right now that I really like, but I know she doesn't want to rush things. Dating other people Online Dating She Still Logs In me not put pressure on her to commit before she's ready--when she wants an exclusive relationship with me, she can have one. You really can't assume anything about this, and you really can't expect anything until you're exclusive.

You try talking to him; starting off a new relationship on a foundation of mistrust and not communicating is not an investment in the relationship. I'll login after dates for a few reasons.

To see if you're logged in. To respond to the other women I'm trying to court. The problem with online dating is it's so cutthroat.

One moment you think things are going great, and the next you don't hear from the person. Funny how things are supposed to magically be different now that you've been intimate.

Like he's supposed to automatically understand just exactly how he's supposed to change to meet your new expectations.

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Online Dating She Still Logs In

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Want to add to the discussion? Either way the only proper thing to do is ask him about it directly. I deleted my profile because it just isn't for me anymore. That is the only thing you can do. I hope to resolve this. I have done this to women when I was not really into them. When I was into them, OkC seemed pretty to have basically nothing to offer. It's like the old saying where there's smoke there's fire. He can log in whenever he wants, so long as you haven't had the exclusivity talk.