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Gears of War 3 biggest matchmaking glitch/lag ever

Is gears of war ultimate's match making terrible or am I just incredibly unlucky? : xboxone

12 Oct The game would then proceed to not populate that match with bots or new players, meaning that I was forced to play out unfair 3 vs 5 rounds where my The official Gears of War forums have a thread with 40+ pages of users reporting matchmaking issues, including failing out of matchmaking altogether. 17 Mar Trusted U.S. sources told British magazine Edge yesterday that Gears of War 3 is currently scheduled for release in April The first trailer will supposedly show up exactly a year earlier on April 8th, The game itself might show up at E3 this summer. Although sources claim Gears 3 could be. 12 Oct Adding insult to injury, Gears 4 would often make me wait only to put me in a match that wasn't even full. The game would then proceed to not populate that match with bots or new players, meaning that I was forced to play out unfair 3 vs 5 rounds where my failure was all but guaranteed. I couldn't leave.

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Running Ranked - Matchmaking Mantle Rant (Gears of War 3 Dual Commentary)

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Is gears of war ultimate's match making terrible or am I just incredibly unlucky? So me and the wife loaded up the gears of war ultimate game to play just to have the option for beta access and any match we played it was a bunch of level 50s, 60s, 70s playing against our team which were all level 1s.

Every single game was like this. One game we were fortunate to have a big ol whooping level 14 on our team and the other team is equipped with like rocket launchers and all kinds of crap.

Gears Of War 3 Unfair Matchmaking

Also is there any type of horde mode? The thing about this game is that the people who play it link been into gears since the beginning so they are all die hard fans and end up being insanely great players - all of matchmaking is like this for this game.

That is super unfortunate. I really liked Gears of War 3 but I haven't played in what 6 years?

Showing 16 - 30 of 32 comments. The reports on all these games are rumors, but make sense given the timing. Even victories leave a bad taste when u have to carry braindeads. I feel like a lot of enthusiasts would choose to simply not play games that tip the scales and matchmake you in with MTX purchasers purposely.

Its pretty discouraging to just get completely destroyed by a bunch of high levels. I'd recommend playing the co op campaign first before hopping into multiplayer. You'll knock some of the rust off. Well, the thing is that this game is almost 8 months old now. The community will grow and get more experience as new players dwindle. Gears is also known as a hardcore game with link very high learning curve especially on Gears 1 without the more Gears Of War 3 Unfair Matchmaking friendly weapons like double barrel sawed off shotgun and retro lancer.

With the sawed off, you can kill an enemy almost without aiming if you are close enough. The retro apart from being slightly overpowered has a charge that doesn't require much skill, just charge into a smoke filled area to get a kill.

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In essence you can get easy one-off kills. I started playing MP in Gears 3 myself due to the sawed off despite being around since Gears 1. There is a good chance I wouldn't have played it otherwise. Horde is different all together, and plays very differently. There is no horde on Gears: UE obviously, but yeah Gears 3 is very noob friendly as much as Gears this web page be.

You all start with the same weapons but the people you play vs know where everything spawns. This is what happens when only die hard fans play.

The only people left are the diehards basically, and it will turn Gears Of War 3 Unfair Matchmaking of the new players off as Gears is not a game where a new inexperienced player can just jump in and have some fun against the best of the best.

They just get destroyed. The only difference between being level 50 and level 1 gears is gaining around five seconds more before shotgun to the face. At the launch of UE, you could be fortunate enough to improve read more the new blood, or be put up against the vets. At this point, everyone who regularly plays is an absolute nightmare in UE. All the other folks just quit, because they were tired of being put up against read article skilled players or the Gears Of War 3 Unfair Matchmaking hit detection at launch.

Be grateful that you can even find a game, it's practically dead on the Australasia servers from what I can see. I wanted to play a game on Valentine's weekend for the special skin, but nope couldn't find a game. You'll come across a tonne of players that have been playing each games multiplayer, they just have a lot of experience and skill.

It's very hard Gears Of War 3 Unfair Matchmaking new players to play well against those people. At this point the game has been out for awhile so the people still playing are the die hards for the most part I don't think there's too many legit low level players left. Also the level system in that game really just shows how long someone has play not necessarily how good they are. Lastly no there's no horde mode. Its pretty much a straight port of gears 1 so no horde mode that wasn't a thing until gears 2.

If you want to get better you're just gonna have to play more maybe find a squad of people to play with. Well this is my most played game on xbox one but most people who play gears are die hard fans like me so most people you run into will be high levels but I end up on teams with high levels like me or end up on a low level team,it's random because some people are just now buying the game etc.

FYI,You can't equip hi-powered weapons like the "boomshot" They are pick-up weapons lol that made me laugh. They needed a way to group ranks together, so level 10s look for people level 1 - 20 and so on. One does not simply load up Gears UE to "play. I'm a fan of Gears 3 above everything else, so that will be my testament that even the extremely talented players who have been around since the beginning might not like where I'm coming from, but Gears is notorious for it's difficult learning curve.

Like that was a multiplayer decision made way back during Gears 1, and for the most part Judgment aside, and I guess purists can argue about sawed offs and retros it has continued to be an awesome addition.

Gears Of War 3 Unfair Matchmaking

So like, regardless of the weapons meta that exists in the games, the learning curve has always been high. I'll give you the fact that wall bouncing came from people discovering an exploitable game mechanic, but you couldn't even really wall bounce in Gears 1, at least I'm pretty sure you definitely can't as fluidly in UE.

Regardless I'll still stand by my initial claim that it was designed to be a big learning curve. That's what makes being decent at the game feel so sweet.

It boggles click mind that unless you pick roman as your nation you will be locked out of shields till tier 3 though. You especially notice this if you haven't played the game for a long time; the first game they'll give you will make you feel like a super star like 'O look I haven't lost my touch'. I don't understand how MS has become so bad at this with shooters this gen, of all genres.

The matchmaking was crafted by jesus himself, how dare you speak that blasphemous dribble. The true skill engine works miracles! Stacking the best teams against the weakest opponents. I love it ; This is gears ue. In all seriousness as a die hard gears player, I put see more game away.

Whatever people say, the kill spread is always lopsided. Usually you have a few individuals on a team dominating. Compared to GOW3 its almost impossible for both players to kill each other at the same time, even if both have spot on aim. Sounds like its fair alright. Yeah the player base is pretty much just hardcore players now, surprised you found two fellow level ones in fact.

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I hate those guns. Because I can't aim! Only way to play now unfortunately. Matchmaking should be better, but calling it a cesspit is pretty shitty.