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South African Matchmaking Fix (CSGO) 8/20/2017

Do You Play CSGO? Simple Accept Button Missing Fix

27 May After the most recent patching, the "Accept" button for the competetive matchmaking sort of vanished. Well, I've figured out how to fix this issue! There is actually a VERY simple fix for this. While in the menu for the game go to your game's video options. Turn your normal resolution down. For me, I had to go. 29 Nov [FIX] Matchmaking bug - Failed to join message, no Accept button generating. Hey guys, I ran into the problem above for a few weeks before i decided to deal with it. Here is how i fixed it: 1. In STEAM, goto 'Steam'-'Settings'-'In-Game'. Once here, at the bottom, change the drop down to '' under the. 11 Dec I have reinstalled CS:GO 2 time, 3 if you inclued the % steam uninstall ( Losing close to gigs of game data & saves). Lowered Maxping to (Wich takes forever to Confirm match That I still can't Accept (No Accept button). Computer & Modem firewalls % off, No running Antivirus software or any.

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After experiencing the same bug as everyone else in MM with "Confirming Match" showing, no accept button popping up and getting removed from the queue, I changed a few networking preferences with console commands to fix the problem for me. I'm on NA East and can now find a match reliably within 5 minutes without getting kicked from the queue. GO game files through Cs Go Matchmaking No Accept Button steam library.

Then enter the following commands in your console:. Note that none of these are cheat protected aka changing these settings is allowed by valve and source get you banned ; they simply tell steam not to use the new "steam datagrams" from the last update or extra relays to connect you to your Matchmaking server.

Depending on what server you're closest to, you'll probably see "Confirming Match" appear and disappear times before the accept button appears.

I guess it's just luck: GitHub is home to over 20 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Global Offensive Store Page.

It appears that the problem for most people isn't about the UI but the latest CS: For some reason several of the relay servers across the world stopped working correctly around 12 hours ago, causing intermittent errors depending on how players were routed to matchmaking servers. A similar thing is happening to Dota 2 right now people can't join the servers so it must be some issue with Valve servers.

Works, but so few people know article source that if you queue in mg2 mm you'll get silver elites to dmgs and smurfs everywhere.

I can't even play trust factor anymore.

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I got "report botted", not entirely sure what that means, but I've had nothing but rage cheaters or spinbotters in my games since. So I have to play prime if I want a fair game, and last game it had silvers and gold novas. Yeah, I would say that's why. Drastic reduction in players until valve straightens out their shit. Bro, the servers are broken. Im in Australia and i got queued into a freaking Chinese Game. In Aus can anyone help? Hopefully who ever is as dumb as me will find this reply useful lol.

Right click in the right window and goto "New" then "String Value". Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. I got "report botted", not entirely sure what that means, but I've had nothing but rage cheaters or spinbotters in my games since. FCC are already throttlin servers. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

This will also fix a bunch of problems when you DC from an MM game and can't reconnect, or if you connect and start to lag horribly. True, that's the only crucial command, the mm timeout setting just makes you find a working server Cs Go Matchmaking No Accept Button faster. Defaults can also be found by typing in the command alone without any numbers after it, shows info about what they do and the defaults.

It seems that the Steam Datagram system was put in for a reason to help hide people's IP's better and put less load on Valve servers, so no check this out to keep it off once things are back. All values are the same and still not finding anything. Located in Canada, only play East Coast server with ping max set to This guide only solves the problem of the accept button Cs Go Matchmaking No Accept Button showing up causing you to get kicked out of queue; there's still lots of people with MM not working so queue times will be longer in general.

I get pretty fast matches min max with all maps, max ping 30, prime only in NA right now. I dont have the button come up in entering those commands. I'm re-verifying game in steam and going to enter console commands again. Also hasn't worked for me and my group either. Playing on Au servers. The Sydney servers are completely borked right now, there's only a handful of them actually up and running.

Cs Go Matchmaking No Accept Button

Last night it took me 25 minutes to find matches and during my wait, the Confirming Match came up dozens upon dozens of times, but the Accept button DID appear no matter what and I was never silently kicked out of queue. Just search for these cvars in the config. I feel like maybe the only thing that's -really- working here to solve this is the search Qos Timeout parameter. Can confirm the fix works.

Just need all ten players to accept the queue when it finally pops. I thought Cs Go Matchmaking No Accept Button finally forced it on in the last update but it still shows 0 as the default.

If -1 forces it off now what does 1 even do? Probably because OP updated the post and added the extra information after I asked the question and now it looks like an obvious answer. I asked it when there was only 3 comments 12 hrs ago and not as much info to the post. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Cs Go Matchmaking No Accept Button

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Then enter the following commands in your console: Want to add to the discussion? Goes to show non-prime is shit then lol. I guess it's just luck: D thank you so much! The console says the command is unrecognized.


Found a game within 30 seconds. Once a fix is out should these changes be reverted? Appreciated though OP, driving me nuts. Accept button came up. Hopefully it will work after I put in the commands. Even after applying this "fix". Underscore before and after words does italics. FCC are already throttlin servers.

Force it on obviously. Use connect method requested by GC. Always use SDR if possible. Always use direct UDP if possible.