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This article outlines the problems faced by today's same-sex attracted youth and provides a framework for administrators, social workers, and teachers to develop well-planned and specifically targeted supports for this often vulnerable population. Research on risk factors for same-sex attracted youth are reviewed, and three. In that decade she has marketed, copy edited, proofread hundreds of books while also witnessing a dramatic change in social and digital media. Despite the flux, a certainty The statistics on LGBT high school teens are staggering. GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian, . Hobart and William Smith Colleges. major in LGBT Studies. There are a couple of types: 1) The girly girls who wear pearls, miniskirts, northface polar fleeces, and flip flops at every available opportunity. 2) The super gay lesbian types with short hair and men's clothing. 3) The nerdy girls who have no social graces, no makeup, wear capes, and play D and D. 4) The indie girls who go.

A Note About the Smith College Gay Statistics Teens And Social Media We at College Choice realize that the LGBT acronym is often lengthened to include all those who identify as asexual, intersexed, queer, questioning, and more.

Our use of the shorthand—LGBT—is not to exclude such identities but is a choice of consistency. She has also worked in book publishing for ten years. In that decade she has marketed, copy edited, proofread hundreds of books while also witnessing a dramatic change in social and digital media. Despite the flux, a certainty remains: Many gains have been made in LGBT equality, but legislation is not necessarily synonymous with awareness, inclusivity, and intersectionality.

Those colleges and universities that strive to not only welcome a diverse population, but create a campus environment that reflects and nourishes that community, can be difficult to find through word searches and hopeful clicks alone. We have the definitive list on the friendliest LGBT schools, which scholarships you should apply for, a trans chapter, and many more resources for you. The statistics on LGBT high school teens are staggering. GLSEN the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network came out with a seminal study in that read article 82 percent of LGBT youth were bullied because of their sexual orientation and gender identity and 64 percent felt unsafe at school.

Corresponding statistics about suicide, substance abuse, homelessness, and disciplinary issues are, sadly, not surprising. This is where and when college comes in. College can provide the affirmation, community, support, and resources that LGBT people need to not only survive, but thrive.

Below are some fundamental factors that make a campus welcoming, and, even more importantly, nourishing. Perhaps the most important facet of a LGBT friendly campus is the resource center.

While some LGBT centers stand alone, others work in collaboration with other student or diversity centers. Either way, the resource center is the nucleus of queer student life, providing not only a safe space but access to resources and services designed specifically to promote LGBT presence and participation on campus.

From discussion groups and mentorship programs to Pride events and lavender graduations, the resource center works in dual directions, for the university and for the student, bridging the gaps that can make school difficult for LGBT students. Some examples of LGBT events you may want to look for when researching and applying to college include:. Queer or LGBT studies, often integrated in the Women and Gender Studies departments, is an increasingly popular field of study, and the demands for diversity experts is growing exponentially.

Knowing which schools intentionally and attentively incorporate the use of LGBT writers, scientists, scholars, psychologists, and leaders in technology and business into their curriculum can be daunting at best, nebulous at worst.

All the schools listed on our Best LGBT Friendly Colleges and Universities ranking see below have substantive non-discrimination policies; it reflects a fundamental and necessary priority on student protection and service.

Some schools even post their policies online. The importance of a positive—that is, inclusive—residence life, especially for incoming students, cannot be overstated. Home is where click should feel safe and the most yourself!

The best colleges and universities—namely those in our definitive list—will offer the following:. Safety is, without a doubt, a crucial element to a welcoming and friendly campus, but safety can be understood and experienced is diverse ways.

Universities should have, at the very least, a procedure for reporting crimes and incidents against LGBT students. But beyond this, schools should promise to train their faculty and staff—especially campus police—on issues specifically related to gender and sexual orientation.

Similarly, universities should train all employees on bias, use of language, trans inclusivity, hate crime prevention, and more. For example, Smith College Gay Statistics Teens And Social Media Rutgers LGBT leadership go into classrooms to teach about language, nonconforming identities, and building inclusive communities. And at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukeefaculty can host workshops on link, ally intervention, transgender identities, or request something else entirely.

Endorsed by the college or university and implemented by the LGBT community on that campus, workshops and source reflect a community committed to awareness, inclusivity, and shattering bias. College and university LGBT Resource Centers are unequivocally a place to connect, through group meetings see below or hosted events see above. But many now offer the opportunity for even closer connection through peer mentoring programs.

Especially for first-year or transfer students, getting involved in mentoring is a critical first-step to involvement in the larger LGBT community. Mentors act as a positive role model, as those who know the cultural nuances of the campus. They provide support, guidance, information to resources, and answers to your questions on what it means to be LGBT at your school.

Social groups are the nucleus of a vibrant LGBT resource center.

The whole sexual frustration thing is definitely not true; there are plenty of men to be found at neighboring colleges, at parties, and in classes, due to the 5-college consortium. Is this stereotype accurate? University of California, Irvine. Clearly, there are some different accounts going on

A particularly active and high-functioning center will accommodate groups and organizations that align with various identities and needs. Holistic health for LGBT students includes mental, physical, and emotional care.

Most universities and colleges offer health insurance and have a healthcare facility on campus, but only some cover the range of needs specific to its queer population, especially its trans students for more on trans health, see our section below on being a trans or gender-nonconforming student. For more on what makes a campus safe, welcoming, and nourishing for LGBT students, we recommend visiting Campus Pride. While many liberal arts colleges and research universities have a Women and Gender Studies department and a corresponding major, fewer present the option to supplement with a minor in queer or LGBT studies, and even Black Folks At Funerals offer a full-fledged major.

Education, health, and public policy systems alike actively seek prospective employees with experience and expertise in diversity. In business, media, and philanthropic fields, the need for a queer perspective is of exponential importance. Naturally, San Francisco is home to the largest LGBT community in the country, with its long history of LGBT activism and its proliferation of queer events, resources, programs, bars and restaurants, and neighborhoods.

San Francisco is also notable for having some of the highest rent rates in the country. The University of California San Franciscoa major center of health sciences, has an active and vibrant LGBT community, supported by a trans health centerthe AIDS research institutea child and adolescent gender center clinicthe Alliance Health Projectand much more.

Home to the Portland Queer Film Festival and PQ Monthlythis growing city on the border of Oregon and Washington is known for its liberal politics, art scene, enthusiasm for outdoor read more, and ebullient Pride celebrations.

Portland is populated by several small liberal arts colleges, which boast the resources and inclusivity of bigger institutions with the intimacy of small classes and communities. They have been lauded for their Gender Studies Programbuilt on a curriculum already committed to creating gender balance. Portland State University receives excellent marks on their Campus Pride report cardespecially for its health services and campus safety.

They offer a minor in queer studies as well as a slew of scholarships Smith College Gay Statistics Teens And Social Media those studying gender or queer studies.

Reed College also makes the Campus Pride Index. A very small there are only 1, undergrads private, liberal arts college with a forested canyon nature preserve at the center of campus, Reed is known for its interdisciplinary studies program, which includes a consortium Smith College Gay Statistics Teens And Social Media sex, gender, and sexuality.

With a history of advocacy, the city has programs for LGBT people of all stripes, queer celebrations throughout the year, and countless bars, neighborhoods, and organizations supporting the LGBT community.

It Gets Better-Smith College Style

There are dozens of colleges and universities within the city, but the ones below are especially inclusive and progressive, each making good grades on Campus Pride NYU is listed above in our best LGBT schools list. Pace University nearly made our best LGBT schools list, which is only to go here that they are a great school for queer youth. One of the few cities in the country that can still boast the existence of a lesbian bar, Seattle is home to Dan Http:// and his syndicated column, Savage Love, as well as the annual Queer Film Festival, the famous Capital Hill neighborhood, and a LGBT visitors center—one of only a few in the country.

The literary, music, and art scenes in Seattle further reinforce the counter-cultural ethos of the largest Pacific Northwest city. Only an hour from Olympia National Park, Evergreen State College is an experimental public liberal arts college where there are over sixty emphases to choose from, covering everything from biology and art history to somatic studies and sustainability.

There are two Pride parades each year, as well as LGBT sport leagues, youth programs, a handful of gay and lesbian bars, and more.

Smith College Gay Statistics Teens And Social Media

The University of Texas at Austin not only ranks well academically 52nd among national universities but the renowned Gender and Sexuality Center has promoted gender and sexuality equality for decades, by way of a queer library, internship and mentorship programs, feminist Fridays, scholarships, and more.

Though many universities and colleges in New Orleans are predominantly private and religiously affiliated, Tulane University makes many rankings for being here of the most LGBT friendly campuses in the country.

Finally, Tulane is also nationally acclaimed, ranked 41st among National Universities by U. They offer resources on health, social services and housing, culture and education, and leadership and advocacy.

Smith College Gay Statistics Teens And Social Media

Their LGBT Resource Center connects students with over twenty queer organizations, health and counseling services, trans resources, and more. Campus Pride gives them high marks for their health and counseling services, queer student retention rates, and resident life. Located in downtown Boston, Suffolk University was founded as a law school and still maintains a reputation for its business and law schools, though it offers dozens of degrees in arts and sciences as well, including a minor in gender studies.

Brandeis University is ranked 34th among National Universities by U. Babson Here is a private business school located in Wellesley, a city part of greater Boston. Their commitment to the LGBT community is reflected by their many queer events and services and their high ratings from Campus Pride.

It may be counter-intuitive at first glance, being that Utah as a whole is quite conservative, but Salt Lake City offers a lot to the queer community: Visit Autostraddle for a queer tour through Crossroads of the West. Denver is the largest city in a mile radius, making it a destination for LGBT folks from all over the middle of the country.

Denver even has a Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

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With an active queer population, the University of Denver hosts many events, offers numerous opportunities to get involved or find support, and provides access to scholarships, health services, and more.

Check out their Pride Portal for more information.


University of Colorado Bouldera flagship university, has a strong academic reputation 89th among National Universities and a relatively affordable cost: Campus Pride awards them 4. Many Campus Pride-acclaimed schools are located in or near Philadelphia: Philadelphia is known for its history, and its history with LGBT equality is no different. Rhode Island may be small, but it is mighty, and mighty queer with its reputation for progressive politics, vibrant arts and cultural scene, its proliferation of theaters and museums, and, especially, its slew of both Ivy League and renowned art schools.

The students then used all of the social fuel they accumulated to drive from Missouri to Washington D. It Gets Better Project. The teen posted the rejection letter to her Tumblr. In addition to boasting one of the best college campuses for LGBT people— San Diego State University —this surfing city also has room to brag about its huge LGBT Centerof which some of its services include discussion groups, volunteer resources, advocacy and civil rights assistance, behavioral health support, as well as services for men, women, and youth. Denver is the largest city in a mile radius, making it a destination for LGBT folks from all over the middle of the country.

Brown University and Rhode Island School of Designfor example, are both widely respected for their academic standing, as well as for their support of their queer students. Nationally ranked both academically 72nd among National Universities by U. The Windy City is pocked with colleges and universities of all stripes, several consistently ranked as the most LGBT friendly schools in the country: Chicago has been a center for LGBT culture for nearly a century now, starting with its gay neighborhood—now known as Boys Town—in Ranked as third among cities with the Most Out Politicians, Des Moines is small numbers yet high in queers.

Attracting LGBT people from across the heartland, Des Moines scores way above the national average for its equality laws, policies, and inclusivity. Several Campus Pride-acclaimed schools are located in or near Baltimore: Additionally, Equality Maryland, OUTloud Baltimore—an award-winning independent paper for the gay and lesbian community—and a huge, active LGBT community center are all based in Baltimore, a city marked by its arts and foodie scene.

The University of Wisconsin makes our list of best LGBT schools in the country, notably for its queer student life, support, institutional commitment, policies, recruitment, and retention rates. Smith College Gay Statistics Teens And Social Media addition to boasting one of the best college campuses for LGBT people— San Diego State University —this surfing city also has room to brag about its huge LGBT Centerof which some of its services include discussion groups, volunteer resources, advocacy and civil rights assistance, behavioral health support, as well as services for men, women, and youth.

Ann Arbor, the second most LGBT friendly city in Michigan, is most notably recognized for being the home of the University of Michigana renowned institution that has imprinted on its town its progressive, literary, cultural, health and wellness, and artistic priorities. There are gay restaurants and bars, and numerous social groups specifically for people who identify as LGBT.

Nearly one-third of LGBT high school students drop out as a way to escape the discrimination, bullying, harassment, and violence they encounter in their school halls.

Many LGBT students will seek bigger metro destinations to attend school in a welcoming environment, to connect with other LGBT identified people, and to participate in queer events.