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The Crown, episode 10, review: 'a dark, doom-laden season finale'

Published on jan 15, in the prime minister and i, episode 10, kwon yool( played by lee beom soo) kissed nam da jung(played by yoona) to stop her from usly, yool gave da jung a hug to apologize for letting her into the hard situation. just then, he noticed that someone was hiding in the closet watching them. da jung did. The Prime Minister and I, Prime Minister Is Dating, Watch Prime Minister Is Dating, 총리와 나 eng sub, The Prime Minister and I online ep 1, ep 2, ep 3, ep 4, watch Prime Minister Is Dating, 총리와 나 ep 5, ep 6, ep 7, ep 8, ep 9, ep 10, The Prime Minister and I dub drama Cantonese, watch The Prime Minister and I ep 11 , ep. 9 Nov With Phillip in a strop, Margaret broken, and a weak, pill-popping prime minister in the form of Anthony Eden (Jeremy Northam) allowing the Suez crisis to loom unabated, things are not looking good for Queen or country at the close. But young Elizabeth Windsor's transition to Elizabeth Regina appears to.

Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. We backtrack a few minutes in the hotel room with a furious Madam Na and her galpals, who are convinced that the secretary booked the room for Joon-ki and Hye-joo.

At the sound of the door, they hurriedly hide in the closet. So naturally neither Yul nor Da-jung are aware that they have an audience as he pulls her into a hug. He apologizes for putting The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 in such a precarious situation, and then notices a bit of fabric disappear into the closet. His attempts to silence Da-jung get trumped by her insistence to heap on his praises, so he kisses her to shut her up.

Then Yul here over to open the closet door, and the trio come spilling out. They quickly scramble for an excuse before scurrying out in embarrassment.

The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10

He says he did, but then shifts uncomfortably when she points out that he could have easily covered her mouth with his hand instead. She asks if his words of comfort and the hug were for show too, and is peeved at his answer that he had no choice. Yul gets defensive when she calls the sudden kiss a breach of contract, pointing out that she violated the terms first with the lip-smacking incident. Dang, she has a point there. Meanwhile In-ho beelines for a restaurant and fights past the guards to angry burst into the ministers meeting to find Joon-ki.

The two men relocate to chat, and In-ho reminds him that his target was Yul alone. Joon-ki asks why he should listen to In-ho, and is shocked to hear a recorded snippet of their previous conversation. All of their The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 have been recorded and Joon-ki has more to lose in this situation, In-ho threatens. In-ho cuts off their ties now, leaving Joon-ki seething in his wake. Yul and Da-jung sit separately in the car, and they both snap at the driver when he hilariously tries to cut the tense air with moody music.

Still annoyed, Da-jung demands that they stop the car and storms out on foot. Yul chases after her and grabs her arm, but Da-jung wrenches herself out of his grip and slips into the nearest nightclub. Yul and his bodyguards try to follow, but are barred entry because of their age and wardrobe. Next thing we know, Yul appears in the club wearing a leather jacket and jeans, topped off with an edgier hairstyle.

I love a man in a crisp suit, but this makeover instantly makes him looks years younger. Yul immediately deals with the douchey clubgoer harassing Da-jung, announcing himself as her husband. But Yul adorably allows it, even sticking his jaw forward to give her a clear shot. He urges her to give it a go, but Da-jung hesitates and drops her fist, and they both break into a smile.

The The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 gape in shock to see Dad dressed so casually when he walks in the door. Learn more here tells his kids to hurry to bed and takes refuge in the bathroom, where he laughs at his wardrobe.

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Her heart already lies somewhere else. She invites him to join them for breakfast, but In-ho declines to keep their professional boundaries in place. Madam Na carefully tries to appeal to her husband again, only to be rebuffed yet again. Worried that Joon-ki might find out about her run-in with the prime minister, she and her gossipy friends sit down with Da-jung at a cafe.

Da-jung assures them that the prime minister is tight-lipped as they come, and then asks why they were at the hotel in the first place. Da-jung finds that hard to believe since Hye-joo is too pretty and smart to chase after a married man, and Madam Na takes offense: In his office, Yul thinks back to his conversation with Joon-ki, who had scoffed at the warning not to mess with Da-jung.

He wonders why there are so many people out there worried for her welfare, which prompts Yul ask what he means by that.

The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10

She suggests that Yul officially register his marriage to Da-jung now, since Joon-ki will likely use that against him. Hye-joo firmly refutes that idea, saying that she plans to return the The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 to Madam Na in kind. She asks if See more came all the way here just to warn her, and then drops the hint that Yul is out of the office.

Yul returns home later that evening to see Da-jung carrying a sleeping Man-se on her back out in the patio. The sight brings a smile to his face and they both tuck the little one into bed. He looks around at the pile of completed frog dolls and notices that their legs and arms are different. Da-jung panics, but they both sit down to fix the dolls before the morning, and it cracks me up that Yul is the better sewer between them.

Then Da-jung asks The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 his assignment is going well. Yul nods, saying that he found a solution. Da-jung asks if he knows if their real th day since their wedding is this Saturday. Yul scoffs at that and gruffly leaves her to finish on her own. He turns back to call out to her again, and she asks if he has something here say.

He says he will later. Da-jung is all set to sell her frog dolls at the bazaar, and she thanks Hee-chul for his help for saving her skin before. She puts on a smile for Madam Na and her crew, who drop off their completed dolls they outsourced the work, of course.

Heh and giggle at the ridiculous idea that they have to actually work at the bazaar. He promises to treat her out if she sells them all, and Da-jung brightens. Editor Go does little to uplift her downtrodden spirits, and Da-jung sighs deeply at the mountain in front of her. Turns out that Madam Na had instructed the other rich wives not to buy the dolls.

Previews just make me mad. The reconciliation on their part was better and feels "normal" and natural. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Them being friends seem to be the lesses of two evils. It makes me feel good and I want more of that for the future.

Feeling smug, she purposely knocks into Da-jung so that the bag of dolls falls to the ground. After a few more jabs, one woman kicks the bag into the pouring rain. Da-jung stuffs the dolls back in, which is how In-ho finds her. He packs in the rest for her.

And as a very shallow counterpart to your thoughtful comment He is so sweet and earnest in taking care of and being there for Dj! The comment from the scene with Chief Kang handing him the pics and saying something about being angry if it were his wife and the PM says what's the point if her heart is already with someone else. Oh well, don't wanna conclude it yet but still. Did Joon Ki know that his sister was having an affair with Kang Soo?

At the same time, Yul is busy at his office… looking up fancy restaurants and scouring the internet on romantic places for a th day of marriage. In-ho takes Da-jung out to gorge on Subway sandwiches to lift her spirits. He does his best to keep his voice light, asking himself why he confessed his feelings when they could have just remained friends.

He offers to be whatever is most comfortable for Da-jung until this contract marriage is over.

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And then Da-jung gets the good news that someone has bought all the dolls. Yul smiles to hear that the buyer will remain anonymous and tells his driver to keep it a secret from Da-jung. You can see how proud Yul is of himself as Da-jung wonders about who her kind and warm-hearted donor might be, unlike someone else she knows. Yul laughs in response and says they should go out to dinner that weekend to fulfill his promise to take her out, and he has something important to say.

Da-jung lights up at that and says it has to be somewhere delicious and expensive. Hye-joo tenses at the standoff with the international harbor project, but slaps on a friendly face for Joon-ki. Her sudden amiable link towards him pings his suspicion radar, and he shifts uncomfortably when she scoots a chair next to him and brings up old memories.

She asks if his offer about giving up on his revenge if she comes to his side is still good. With that, Hye-joo takes her leave and Joon-ki chases her down to the hallway. He asks if she set this situation up on purpose, and Hye-joo counters that it was nothing compared to what he orchestrated at the hotel to ultimately ruin Yul.

Then Madam Na rounds the corner and slaps her husband across the face. Da-jung sits at home imagining what important thing Yul might have to say to her.

Back at the estate, Da-jung praises Woo-ri on his wonderful The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 voice, to which Na-ra gripes that the piano oppa is tons better and wants to know everything about him. Meanwhile, In-ho shares dinner with Dad at the hospital and explains that both of his parents died early, so mainly his hyung raised him.

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A nurse explains that a man took him out for a walk, and In-ho scours the grounds in search. He finally finds his hyung….

Joon-ki demands to know if the reason why In-ho is working under Yul is because of his hyung Soo. Yul and Da-jung arrive at the restaurant and Da-jung happily skips ahead, saying that no one will recognize him in his tweed jacket. You mean The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10 one always trying to get you two together?

So you can imagine his surprise when the MC announces that the prime minister is up next to sing to his wife The Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 10. For my wife who has both cried and laughed often because of me, I will sing this song for you. Who knew that this man had such a wonderful singing voice? His reaction or lack thereof to the snowball fight photos is telling, as In-ho reads him like a litmus test of any feelings for Da-jung.

Did Yul already presume that his first wife then loved someone else? Or was that too, a misunderstanding? Your email address will not be published. He looks years younger with the change of hair style. All I could think when they walked into the club in those clothes was "I'm too young for a heart attack. Are you my soul mate??!?! I knew when I saw the preview last week that the "be my woman" confession was probably imagined but still this is so much more better.

Loved that Nam Da Jung's imagination goes haywire imagining all kinds of things about the dinner, but still she knows Kwon Yul enough to know what he would and would not do. Although, to be fair Bless him and his shipper heart. At least Yool has people around who know how to romance women.