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Good communication requires certain rules and guidelines, which are simple in one sense and extremely difficult in another. 31 Mar Guidelines for establishing communication with your reticent husband. It's a question asked by countless wives: How can I get my husband to share his feelings? Roland Warren is president of the National Get Closer to Your Husband What you can do to improve your relationship without talking about it. 17 Sep The 10 Commandments of Clean Communication. 1. Avoid judgment words and loaded terms. “You're acting so childish right now.” “Oh boo-hoo. I'm tired of your perpetual 'poor me' attitude.” “Maybe if you were more of a man, you'd be able to handle this.” “You'd probably feel better if you got off your fat.

Are you having trouble talking about your feelings with someone you love? Does your partner run the other way any time you bring up your feelings? If so, this may be good news for you: According to recent research, talking about your feelings is not the only—or even necessarily the best—way for couples to maintain healthy, happy and successful relationships. I have written a lot about how hard it can be to talk about feelings.

As I wrote in my last postif you have difficulty communicating your feelings, you're not alone. Here are 6 ways to improve emotional communication and deepen your relationship, without ever even mentioning "the F Word" feelings:.

You may think talking about a TV show or even the weather is far from connecting emotionally, but these supposedly insignificant details are actually more likely to improve your close emotional ties to your partner than a so-called "deep" discussion of your feelings. In those tiny details, Sullivan believed, could be found clues to read article a person is. I wrote about this in an earlier postand in my book, Daydreaming: Unlock the Creative Power of Your Mind.

I know it sounds like old-school advice, but every marriage expert said the same thing: Reward good behavior—the sexier the better. How can we help you?

Bored when your partner recounts the details of a plumbing problem or the movie he or she watched last night? Maybe it really feels like too much information. You may feel like asking for tiny details will seem rude, intrusive, or critical.

A recent study published in Psychological Science found that we feel closer to others when we can talk about experiences we have in common.

I have found, for example, that couples having relationship difficulties can take a first step to repairing a rupture by talking about their children, especially if they can be encouraged to speak of pleasant moments or cute incidents.

Of course, since many conflicts occur around the rearing of families, you will have to be careful not to bring up moments that will trigger further discord.

But even if something you say does Ways To Better Communicate With Your Spouse a conflict, you can find a shared moment by recognizing that you were both trying to figure out the best solution for a child that you love. These shared experiences do not have to be in words. A second study reported in Psychological Science showed that words are not necessary for the shared feelings to improve a relationship. Just doing something at the same time—riding bikes, watching a movie, or eating dessert, intensifies both pleasant and unpleasant experiences.

If visit web page picture is worth a thousand words, a tiny action can be worth even more. Or if one or both of you are not the hand-holding type, simply stand so that some small part of your body makes contact, even if only for a few seconds.

These are times when talking about the experience can actually destroy the moment of intimacy. Just share it in silence. Knowing that you are being heard is one of the experiences most likely to cement a feeling of connection to another.

Ways To Better Communicate With Your Spouse

Interestingly, active listening can also involve interruptions for clarification or even disagreements. If you interrupt, be sure to ask permission. Then ask something that is clearly related to clarifying what your partner is telling you. If you disagree with the overall concept or with their handling of a situation, wait until they have finished talking before you express disagreement. But if you are not sure that they have accurately described something, you can ask for more clarification—without accusing them of lyingof course.

Go back to numbers 1 and 2 on this list.

Improve your marriage by learning effective ways to speak to your hubby

Simply spending time together doing unimportant and supposedly meaningless activities—reading the paper, listening to music, watching TV, or doing laundry—is far more important to the health of a relationship than talking about feelings.

It may even be more important than talking at all. Psychological Science December vol. Driver and John M. Family Process Volume 43, Issue 3, pages —, September Article first published online: It's true that talking about feelings is seldom fruitful bcoz nobody has the patience to ask where it's stemming from. But if we have the patience and mindfulness to just share our experiences, we might as well have enough willingness to ask "why" if our partner is feeling in a certain way Nobody actually cares to listen.

Are you having problems with your lover?

Text messages, letters and emails can be misinterpreted. If so, this may be good news for you: For example, Gina and I could be downstairs enjoying normal conversation. Success is possible if we're willing to apply some intentional principles. Go to mobile site.

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Psychology can help bring our private beliefs into the public forum. Betrayed by Your Best Friend? What Makes an Intimate Relationship Intimate? Are You a Target of Blame for a Narcissist?

Ways To Better Communicate With Your Spouse