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Translate Online dating. See 2 authoritative translations of Online dating in Spanish with audio pronunciations. 4 Sep when you are dating a woman or a man as in a relationship. what is the correct word to use for that usage? In dictionary it says fechar? but my spanish mom from work used another word for it but i forgot the word. what is. the correct term'. 25 Nov Iam seeing someone (dating)? | SpanishDict Answers.

Date in Spanish : How to say date, go on a date, dating, & dates

Date in Spanish has many different meanings. All very important things to know when needing to use Spanish in your normal daily routines.

How To Say Dating In Spanish

Here are some examples of how to say date in Spanish as well as how it is used in a sentence. These are great to remember and keep with you as you travel or live in a Spanish speaking country.

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Can you tell me the date of our next meeting? These are all referencing a single calendar date, but what if you wanted to make say datesmore than one?

You would simply change the ending to have an s included. Much like you would do in the English language.

How To Say Dating In Spanish

So if you wanted to say dates in Spanish you would use the Spanish word fechas. I want to go but I need to know the dates.

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When are the dates that you are available? I will meet you on those dates. Now that you understand how to say the word date in Spanish and also how to say the word dates in Spanish, what if you really want to use the word date in the form of a relationship or going out to dinner with someone you like?

The word actually changes quite a bit here. Here are some examples of the Spanish word cita used in some sentences. Do you want to go on a date with me?

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Here, you would actually not use the word cita but rather the verb Salirwhich means to go with or depart. Sounds strange, I know, but this is how it goes with Spanish. We have been dating for three years now. Dating her is really difficult.

Well I hope this gave some great quick Spanish vocab references in your quest for knowing the word date in Spanish and also how to reference dating in Spanish. Be sure to check out my other articles such as how to say why in Spanishhow to say hungry in Spanishand how to say where are you in Spanish.

Ya viene mi pareja. Don't give up on dating! Mariana es mi esposa. So if you wanted to say dates in Spanish you would use the Spanish word fechas.

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