My Boyfriend Is Doubting Our Relationship. Hookup To Relationship!

Is My Doubting Our Relationship Boyfriend

How Do You Know Someone Is "The One"?

I feel like my boyfriend is doubting our relationship right now.

25 May “I'm not sure.” I heard this phrase repeated countless times by my ex-boyfriend over the two or so years during our relationship when we were discussing marriage. I would be perfectly happy never hearing these words in sequence again in my life. Even when someone utters them in a wholly different. 13 Jan Before women move forward in their relationships with their boyfriend, the man may sometimes have doubts about being together. Accepting this fear, instead of trying to convince him otherwise, and allowing him to come to his senses allows you both to move on with your relationship. 11 Mar Today, a reader tells us that her boyfriend has always had serious doubts. What should she do next? Here's our reader's question My boyfriend and I have been living together for almost three years. We have an amazing relationship. But last week, he said that he loves me but doesn't know if he wants to.

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Mod's interference is minimum, everything is allowed except for what is listed in the rules here. I think my boyfriend is doubting our relationship and turned batshit crazy self. We've been together for 2 and a half year and despite not actually living together, he has been spending most nights at my place, so we're together fairly often.

We've always had a great relationship, we almost never fight and everything is almost always fine. Until a few months ago when he, out of the blue, asked me when we My Boyfriend Is Doubting Our Relationship cuddling why do I love him. I mean, we're not people you'd see and think "hmm these two would click at this page great together".

We're a lot different. I don't want to sound full of himself, but I always had a lot of friends, sports guy, girls would swoon over me left and right ever since I can remember. He's more of an introverted type and got a lot of shit in his life for being gay. Click always felt like he's not the guy someone would fall over but I think he's pretty and I really couldn't ask for a better guy.

I love him and I don't care if he thinks his nose is strane or he's balding or he's a little overweight. I would never "fix" any of it as he claims or look for some other guy. Everytime he complains about himself I make sure I tell him he's beautiful. So, he's not the guy who likes to talk about feelings. Whenever he's angry at someone I almost need to strap him down and oblige him to tell me because otherwise he'll just bury it.

So I found him asking that very strange and it stuck with my memory. Ever since I've found him awake in bed in the middle of the night, overlooking photos. He asked me the same question a few times more and I don't get why. But ok, I was going to let it all slide, until he went batshit crazy the other day. He was power bottoming me.

It causes doubt, and fear. He said that though he had once written to me that I was the "light and love of his life," he hadn't been able to pen similar sentiments to her. I don't do well with that, so I searched for one.

I swear I had never seen the guy more commited in bed. He was so commited I was afraid my downstairs neighbor would make a complaint or we would literally break the bed.

It was like there was something in his eye. He was pinning me down and suddently he slapped me check this out the face. I legit got embarassed for it and could feel my face getting red, but shrugh off as he trying something new and let it slide. I was getting more umcomfortable, like I can't explain. He seemed, I don't know, angry? I finished after a while and he didn't stop My Boyfriend Is Doubting Our Relationship me down to help him finish too.

I was getting more umcomfortable, my arms were tired and he was still on my lap for a while, and I swear he was enjoying seeing me try to release my arms.

Anyway, he finished on me and got out of bed, something he never does. I asked why and he said "I don't your cum inside of me", like he was, I don't know, disgusted. He never complained about this and we always cuddled after sex. So I was a little hurt and followed him, asking what was the problem. And I swear, he went batshit crazy. I'm stronger and taller than him, but I swear I got afraid for a moment.

I was right behind him and just at the right moment he stopped, cornering me on the wall. He was dead serious. My heart raced so hard, I felt that rush of blood to my legs. I was afraid of misinterpret one of his moves and hit him in defense. My face was burning so hard.

He had a menacing look on his face. He's the sweetest guy ever, anyone who has ever met him and saw him like that would say he was possessed or something like that. He then asks, angrily, "why do you think I have to put up with your shit inside me?

I honestly don't think he's obligated or something like that, I was just shocked he got up so quickly instead of cuddling with me, so I just mumbled "I don't". I really didn't know what to say. He then asked what I wanted, then. I swear I felt like a small child. I couldn't articulate a sentence anymore. I said as best as I could "why don't you just come to bed? It was like he was trying hard not to throw it on the wall. Instead he shoved into my still dirty of cum stomach and that shit hurt and told me to look for someone to cuddle with me.

He was awfully close in a not good way, but he proceeded to take another step in my direction, within inches of my face and ask "why the fuck are you with me?

I felt a lump on my throat. I couldn't say anything anymore as hard as I tried. He said "tought so", turned his back and went to the bathroom more info get slammed the door so hard I was afraid the hinges would fall or something would fall off the walls. I considered going into the bathroom, but decided to leave him. I just stood there for a good five minutes before sitting down, completely just click for source up and shaking.

I never tought of being afraid of him. I can basically carry him on my back and he's not skinny. I didn't know what to think and wasn't ready for another round of whatever the hell this was, so I texted a friend and asked if he wanted to get some drinks. We agreed on a place, and I waited a good My Boyfriend Is Doubting Our Relationship minutes to try and take a shower, but my boyfriend didn't give any sign of leaving the bathroom, so I washed a bit on the guest bathroom sink and got ready to leave.

I told him I was leaving and asked if he needed anything from the street.

My Boyfriend Is Doubting Our Relationship

I wasn't not going to leave the house without looking him in the eye and saying that I love him, so I entered the bathroom. I could hear the water falling, but there was no steam. When I looked at him, he was on the bathtub, his lips were blue and he was fucking sobbing.

It was a very cold day, so I asked him what the hell he tought he was doing. He said through sobs that he couldn't turn on the heated water.

He was awfully close in a not good way, but he proceeded to take another step in my direction, within inches of my face and ask "why the fuck are you with me? The theory is always easier than the application. Thank you for your reply.

I kinda dried him just so he wouldnt get water all over my place, and led him to my bed. I asked him what was wrong and all he could say was sorry between sobs. I turned on the heater on my bedroom and, and he put his head on my chest, and there we laid. Street clothed me, his wet self and my wet covers.

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I waited until he fell asleep and slept too. I woke up hours later with my friend calling me. My boyfriend wasn't on the bed anymore. My friend thanked me for stooding up to him and I told him I had an emergency and couldn't call before.

At the end of the call, my boyfriend was nowhere to be found. Not in my apartment, not on the gym, not anywhere on the apartment complex. I called him but his cellphone was still at my house.

He sent "sorry" to me before leaving, apparently. I messaged his friends and no one knew about him. I had to go to work, so I went thinking he would surprise me or be home after work, but nope. I his parents which I don't think is perfectly ok with him being gay and his sisters, but no one know about him.

I couldn't get myself to work today, so I spent the day going to places I know he likes, but he isn't anywhere. My Boyfriend Is Doubting Our Relationship police won't file a report because "your see more just fought you and is sorry, he'll come up later" yes, they refused to say boyfriend.

I don't know what to do anymore. I don't know if he just left and is hidden somewhere, I don't know if need any help. I feel like I'm going crazy. After reading this I wanted to ask does your boyfriend have any history of depression or suicidal thoughts?

My Boyfriend Is Doubting Our Relationship

I only ask because you said that he was in the tub with the freezing water on and that he said he was sorry to you while sobbing. My boyfriend suffers from depression so I am always checking up on him to make sure he is ok and he knows my phone is always on so he can call or text me whenever he wants.

If your bf does suffer from these things I would go back to the police and warn them that he could be a danger to himself if they don't do something further to help look for him. If however he does not suffer from or deal with any mental health issues you can only keep looking and hope he comes back soon enough. I am sure you covered all the bases on where he might be but have you tried his job?

Maybe the people he works with can tell you when they last saw him if he has come by recently at all?

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I would also keep checking in with his friends and family to see if they heard from him or not. Maybe they didn't hear or see anything of him the last time you checked in with them but never know if he came to one of them after that. Also what about social media?