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These events read chronologically backwards. Wednesday — Pile of Goodness — Blue, red, super moon. Had to make myself stop.

Tuesday — Garage Makeover View from the carport. Monday — Lots The abandoned click that my piano students and I pushed down the street, around the corner, and down the street.

This causes a drawn out morning for me, but some one-on-one time with each kid. Adam — bowl of canned peaches, Curt — bowl of cereal, J. Adam and Curt — frozen burritos, baby carrots, and Trisket crackers. Anything tastes good if you are hungry enough.

Explore A Poem, Female Feet, and more!

I am glad my boys are usually hungry enough. It turned out okay. Wednesday — Drawing to a Close — Papa on the right went into the hospital a week ago with pneumonia. After finding many other serious health issues and experiencing a rapid decline, he was moved into hospice today.

You know, we all wonder what the end of life will be like for ourselves and our loved ones. The truth is that it is different for everyone. Papa is very loved and and will always be loved.

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He is a trooper! I am so impressed with Gram, who has been strong through some click hard decisions. It has been so impressive to see his 4 good looking, smart, successful, supportive children gather together. Find something that the loved one and family will be comfortable in and make the go here so that the patient can get comfortable sooner than later.

There have been many thoughtful words said, prayers uttered, and kind acts done to support and lift our family during this tender time.

Monday — Perspective — Trump — Kids — Photos. We walked around her current neighborhood this morning, which happens to be the neighborhood Dunc and I lived in for over 6 years as newley weds and young parents. This school is where Kay started kindergarten! That was 20 years ago. The school has been completely leveled and built anew, but carries the same name and location, thus the memories…which are mostly good. I am tempted to take out the ties and start over.

Friday — See the resemblance? Christmas time coincides with the beginning of orange season here in the Valley of the Sun. I am the oldest.

Are Carole And Adam Hookup 2018 Memes Spongebob Vs Fire Logo

From left to right if oldest of the eleven is 1 and youngest is see more 8, 1, 6, 10 with chubby adorable Nils on her lap. Wednesday — President Monsona man of the people, a man of God. He was 90 years old. It seems that I order very early each month because I love and need the products so I wait impatiently for the beginning of the month to arrive so I can place an order.

Tuesday — Back in the swing of things — Baptisms at the temple with my younger boys and nieces and nephews. So cool that priests can baptize in the temple now! I even threw a few things away. I am sad for her and her kids. Interestingly, have decided to not be involved in her complicated life right now. It is hard not to help, but in her current case, my continued assistance would be enabling her too much. My mom with her pack of homegrown oranges is winner of our firewood search. We signed up just 4 hours before we drove over to fill the slot we chose.

We are so blessed to be close to a packaging location. A small 5 or 6 year old volunteer prayed over the pallet with us all.

It was an articulate, stirring prayer of gratitude and concern for those in need all around the world.

Getting away with your spouse rejuvenates a marriage relationship — Dunc and I went on a trip he planned the whole thing to Palm Springs, California. We will miss you both until we meet again in Heaven. Come back again real soon.

Thursday — True Principle: Getting away with your spouse rejuvenates a marriage relationship — Dunc and I went on a trip he planned the whole thing to Palm Springs, California. I have learned, experienced and been blessed so very very much! Tuesday — A Bunch of Nothing — Eating leftovers — Forgetting about the messes — Enjoying each other while relaxing on the day after Christmas. Simpler, sweeter, more satisfying.

Here is his first email to us. Friday — What is a midlife crisis?

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Tuesday — How many Grandkids do you visit web page They have 56 grandkids now and more to come. A few years ago, Mom and Dad had them all line up in order of entering our family. The t-shirts have their number on it. My kids are 2,3,7,14 and There have been 5 or more added since then.

Oh how we love each one. Last year my mom and dad had the goal of taking each out to ice cream on their birthday for some individual time with Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandma and Grandpa love their grandkids, each and everyone as individuals. That gift is a while down the road, but I am going to be an awesome grandma. I have great examples to follow. I just spoke to her tonight. At 96 she is spunky with a wonderful memory. She was the one, besides my parents and siblings, that I missed the most while I was on my mission.

Once upon a time he met her.

He gave his heart and she gave too. Our love can weather any storm. Well, life enfolds not as you plan it. Yes, there were bumps along the way. They should live forever always. And all their lofty dreams come true.

Highly energetic post, I enjoyed that bit. I am so confused! I am sad for her and her kids.

The sweetest memories of their lifetime Will be their love that grew and grew. Friday — Talk to your Kids — Did you know we are fighting a battle against Satan?

And one of his most effective tools is pornography, a wide spread epidemic all around the world. I wish we had talked to our kids about the birds and the bees earlier and more frequently. Curiosity is a driving factor in young children to search out inappropriate see more. I wish we had protected our family with filters sooner.

We now have 2 forms of filters that are helping guard us from the enemy. I still have improved so much in this area. So, when our kids are at home — or their friends, for that matter, their searches and content are filtered. We have so many wonderful memories visiting them there.

Are Carole And Adam Hookup 2018 Memes Spongebob Vs Fire Logo

A new era begins, they are moving to be closer to us! It is smaller, which is a good thing, and fits their style. They were so polite and fun to talk to. They give service and a message of peace everywhere they go.

Thank you Elders and Sisters! What do I do? This an amazing resource for deeper historical and doctrinal understanding. I felt so much better after talking it out and after following his advise to read 2 Nephi 4. I had a spiritual experience as I sought forgiveness and charity. Yea, why should I give way to temptations, that the evil one have place in my heart to destroy check this out peace and afflict my soul?

Why am I angry because of mine enemy? No longer droop in sin. Rejoice, O my heart, and give place no more for the enemy of my soul. Do not slacken my strength because of mine afflictions. O Lord, I will praise thee forever; yea, my soul will rejoice in thee, my God, and the rock of my salvation. Wilt thou deliver me out of the hands of mine enemies?