Army Gays Army Hookup Fraud In Ghana They Speak When They Should Listen. Dating Hookup Sites!

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Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money | Page 3 | Consumer Information

13 Dec Army to the Logistic Commander in charge of of the leave request who is presently on an Intervention in AUSTRALIA after turning down to send money we still talk but then if comes back up again now I'm getting asked to send my credit card info over because there is a bonus they can get in what not. It can save time and money. So where does the online dating scams fall into this ? There are some scammers out there on the other side waiting just for you. They are looking at the profiles of gay males that are ages 40 and up. Most Internet scammers operate and are concentrated in countries like Australia, Russia, the. 15 Jul And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? . I'm talking to a guy named Kelvin who's gay in the army and is on base in Phoenix yet his google hangout screennane is Richard Lucas. Don't use your.

By now we are all familiar in some way with the internet and how it all works. With today's lifestyles becoming more and more hectic the effort to get out there and meet people seems too much of an effort.

Army Gays Army Hookup Fraud In Ghana They Speak When They Should Listen

More and more people are now gathering at the proverbial "watering hole" in internet dating site chat rooms. While the development of these datings sites started out as a great convienience it has now become dangerous in many ways. Not continue reading do we have pedophiles looking for our children but we have a new breed of rapist, an emotional rapist, otherwise known as a dating scammer. Someone who uses your emotions to get to your money.

Unfortunately we have different catagories for these internet leeches, one being an individual who not only does it for fun but those who do it for business.

This has become a very notorious money making business in underprivileged countries like Nigera for example. It's one the most popular countries along with Russia, Ghana and the Ukrain. In some of these areas the scammers work for the local mafia and are set up in cafes, homes etc.

Getting involved with a scammer such as can be very dangerous because they know what they are doing and tap into your vulnerabilities creating a trust where you are willing to give up your information such as bank account numbers and personal info.

Who would be stupid enough to do this? Well it really isn't stupidity. We are all vulnerable in some way, we all want to be trusting and we are all looking for that something special and these guys and gals KNOW it. It doesn't matter if they are working a scammer cell or individually. I went on a dating site and I met someone but after link few chats I just got this feeling that things weren't adding up.

Don’t Get Hooked in: Online Dating Scams

I did some checking and found some sites about scammers and also joined a group on Yahoo about scammers. I had gotten quite a bit of info and when I next talked to this man, and I'll assume it was a man, I exposed him but only after I played with him for awhile just to see how far he'd go, WOW, he had the role down pat.

The stuff I learned was so mind boggling that I just have to share it. I 'm pretty savy about the internet but was totally clueless as to how deep this deceit goes in the internet dating scams. Please remember that it doesn't have to be an out of country scammer but someone right here taking advantage of someones emotional state. We are all vulnerable in some way and these people will learn more here the weakness.

It's how they make their living. Also just because there is a picture it doesn't mean that is the real person you are talking to. You could be talking to a woman thinking it's a man and vice versa. After all they have no real intention of meeting you. They just want your money. There are online modeling agencies that these people steal their images from.

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They also will steal images from other dating sites and will go as far as including pics of children from these modeling sites claiming them to be their children. Another way to grab your sympathy. At the time I was researching this and playing with "my guy" there was a lawsuit in process because some one had stolen another mans pic from one dating site and used it to exthort money from someone else on another dating site.

So you see nobody is safe from these people.

Anatomy of a Military Dating Scam

They prey on your emotions and though most of us will say it can't happen to me Some of these people are quite a bit more subtle and the signs are harder to see so Just beware of any online relationship.

They even set up bogus websites for their fake companies. That way they can make themselves look legit. My guy did and the address was legit but not for his company, but an accounting firm in London.

I thought, this is gonna be very interesting. Look at the spelling Most out of country scammers never capitalize their I when speacking of themselves.

The speech is broken and doesn't fit their profile or picfor example. Although it's no crime to have an accent and I'm not saying all broken speech is a sign of a scammer, but when the picture and profile posted is of an obvious Italian CEO and the language is way off base Most will say they are Native American Like my guy did and when I questioned him about what tribe he said oh no tribe originaly from America but moved to UK First red flag for me.

The discription for their matches is wide open. There are no specifics. All body types, religions, nationalities etc are accepted. They will have a sob story either divorced from a viscious spouse who took their child away or wife and children, killed in a car accident, orphaned etc.

They will proclaim their love for you within a few chats which they always request to be away from the dating site. If you do it you can't expose them to the site autorities.

They know this, after all their main objective is to win your trust so you will send them money. Soliciting money is prohibited on these sites. They will tell you they are contractors, engineers etc. After you Army Gays Army Hookup Fraud In Ghana They Speak When They Should Listen talked and they have told you how you are the one they were always looking for and get you to reciprocate the feelings they will then begin telling you about losing their wallet, going to the hospital where the doctor is holding their passport until they get paid.

And of course they can't cash their ckecks because the banks there don't deal with American banks. Please send me some money link I click the following article come home.

I will go so far as to write about an experience I had that left me quite baffled. I think he is click best scammer Ever in Nigeria beware of him pls. I met someone on OK cupid. He never asked me for money but he did ask me to receive money to my bank and then send it to him Western Union.

No major company is going to abandon their employees in a foreign country. There is also an embassy in every country they can go to.

I mentioned this to "my guy" to see what his response would be and he said the embassy said they wouldn't help him. He got angry with me because I said I didn't have any money to send which in turn he tried to tell me I didn't love him lol lol lol Never told him I did in the first place lol lol.

They get really agitated if you ask a lot of questions.

Army Gays Army Hookup Fraud In Ghana They Speak When They Should Listen

They'll try to get you to just talk about love and how they will take care of you if only they can get home. Sometimes you may be talking to someone totally different.

If it's a "scamming cell", it's not uncommon for someone else to "work" anothers mark. I had noticed a distinct difference in the writing and language use on several occasions while chatting with "my guy". You'll often have times when they seem to have gone off line for a little while and then they are back saying, "I had business call" or "the internet is bad here".

The real reason is they are talking to more than one mark online at a time. I'm sure there are many more ways they have come up with by now to scam people. They have to because more and more people are onto them but the basics are the same. I know not all people are scammers on those sites. I know I wasn't, but I was in a position that I could have easily fallen prey had I not been willing to listen to my gut. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. He has sent me his passport can l find out if he is real. I'm on my 2nd scammer, both named James, even now as I write this. All the red flags The first link was supposedly from Hungary, this one is supposedly born in TX, spent only years in Turkey but spent all his life in CA.

Both immediately start in calling me dear, honey, sweetie, love, etc. Yes, the first one asked for money because a shipment he sent from CA to Vancouver needed additional customs taxes paid on it, blah, blah.

Needless to say I didn't pay and to my wonder, he stopped communicating with me. Probably moved on to his next victim. As of now, I'm just playing click the second one. I've already said a scammer had asked for money and if that's his intention, get off this ride right now. Continue reading came back asking why I would think he was "cat-fishing" me.

Funny, that's not what I said. I now know what to look for so I can string them along and let them lose valuable time with me. I almost fell victim to same romance scam.

Hopefully none of the folks here flew him there. More and more lately we get victims of military scams so this article has helped many who come to us to see the truth, Thank you! And it a Gmail. Paul, MN attempted to scam me.

I have sent thousands already and was getting ready to send more. I was saved by Karens secret investigator and her team Wymoo.

They saved my valuable money. Their professional background check investigators can determine if the person or company is real and legitimate. I had first experience with scammer by a good looking gentlemen claiming to be doctor in Afghanistan.

Super serious bad spelling. Never gave money mostly have gotten emotions twisted. Your article contained information was wonderful, relevant, fresh and great advice.

All the best to you! I here gotten on one of those date sites and all 4 supposed claimed females had almost the same identical sob stories! Some were a little changed uo but still the same1st one claimed that she was from Uk and had recently moved to Nigeria for a better life and good job there but when go here got there they robbed her and took all her credentials passport money ect.

Nobody move sto Nigeria for a better life!