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Take A Break From The Manosphere – Return Of Kings

14 Nov rage-quitter so my grandmother just told me a joke Why do women wear panties with flowers on them? I dunno 'cause flowers are pretty cool? In loving memory of all the faces that were buried there i just like omg grandMA NO Grandma yes RIP TO MY SIDE HOES httpstco6sExvnGGgV Meme · Grandma. 13 Apr Women see a celebrity with a younger woman and exclaim “its because he can't handle a real woman like me.” Feminists regurgitate .. Besides my kid's mom, I had women in Cali, Hawaii, the south, south asia, australia, alaska, and my home state amongst a few other places. She pissed me off, so I gave. onedirtymommy: “ skimpymoms: “ When I got home, I found mom asleep on the couch. .. funny Calvin and Hobbes glasses I love the mom in the last frame .. this can fry most few hundred dollar phones but what i can build from electronics place? al fry every electronic in your car and house dying of laughter cyborg am.

Punching to the Right and Left ". It always amazes me how so many people are delusional in following cryptos like Aaron Genus, Richard Spencer and other senior members of the Alt-Right. These members are either promoting disgusting habits of smoking weed, or try to justify pornography for the means of the perverted.

It is such a shame how follows remain stubborn in their attempt to defend these particular men. However, he is just another degenerate influence young man who gets so high on weed that he falls down his stairs, gets stitches and posts it on his Snapchat story. Skalgarir — Pelvis thrusting. A 17 year old black NS? If he is a real NS, he should be either promoting Blaxit, the Hotep movement, or both.

Better yet, to join them!

I have close friend as such, very macho, military, stuck in policy-and procedure mode, divorced, repeating the cycle. And I mean whatever. They witnessed to this themselves. I went on holiday for 3 weeks.

And their brother jews can be close by in Madagascar. I feel the same Scott. You can tell article source looking at them.

It is a sorry state indeed. Amber, are you a member of Heathen Women? You sound like you are a wonderful daughter. Your Dad did a great job raising you. He is successful on that merit alone. Tell him OKC loves his brilliant daughter. I have to run.

Check ya later, tator. This is wasteful hand-holding. The world will be free when the world wakes up to the jew. The kid just once attention and probably has a lust for Aryan men.

You guys are giving him WAY too much credit. Trash talking the other half of your race is clearly suicidal.

Man in Demand Rollo Tomassi Lecture Audio Finally Available Now

He could have been contrived the whole time, but I thought in the beginning he was genuine, just not my taste since he seemed to me to be too out of control of his emotions. I can tolerate a little here and there, but too much sarcasm really makes me question authenticity. Please click for source saying, by in the beginning, him being genuine — I am referring to his short Renegade career.

Judging by Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Can Mommys Framed Movie prior to Renegade youtube vids, he was a total degenerate. Amber, I have no idea who you are. You could be 70 years old for all I know! Regardless, from your feminine perspective, what will it take to red-pill white women, of child-bearing age, on race? This, in turn, fuels White female misandry and contempt. Okay, that being said, I think you making excuses for our women when you say that the reason our women are contemptful is because of men being wimps and refusal to deal with the JWO.

I feel like this is somewhat of a cop out. What does this say about White men themselves? That they are now incapable of protecting their own women and children from the colored hordes and endless kike predations? I would also like to sincerely thank Kyle and Sinead for providing a censorship-free platform here and at the Tribune. SF is a kosher platform. It always has been with Duke protected from criticism there.

There are legitimate pro-Whites on SF but the place is crawling with trolls. Not enough trolls to legitimise Anglin and Spencer though.

They tried but there was enough resistance to destroy that push. The numbers on there are way down on a couple of years ago. How do you know the numbers are down?

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Stormfront is seen as WN 1. Goyette, I want all white female input, and especially that of white females of link age.

I mean, blacks have more testosterone than whites. Do you think Black Pigeon was right in his viral video, in which he said that women have no group-loyalty, but only seek out the strongest mate, regardless of race? Obviously I hope not! They want to make us look like psychotic, foaming at the mouth Hollywood Nazis, so that anything we say will be disregarded.

Maybe we should create an alternative term for all of theirs. The whole really making me sick to my stomach. My Jewdar is off the hook as the kids say. An interesting encounter on a show with Spencer on: I have no interest in calling in. The msm, and all arms of the jewish owned anti-white propaganda machine need to keep narrating both sides of the conversation, as soon as they lose control of the interrogation process, or the narrative, their cheap, chinese communist slave labor sweater unravels string by string, all too easily.

Goyette — Richard Spencer is most likely a shill and shabbos goy, but putting the echos around him without any proof, looks paranoid. Richard is a documented crypto-kike. There certainly is proof of him being a shill though. Where IS Renegade trying to go? What do you think?

Hearing from Greater thought was wonderful and uplifting. I hope to hear more from our young folk in the future. I have been pushing for my 18 year old son to call in and contribute, because I believe he has much to offer to our cause.

I used to think I could turn it around, but these last two months, the switch is finally all the way flipped. Oh yeah it works just fine. In saying, by in the beginning, him being genuine — I am referring to his short Renegade career. Sitting at home, alone in the house, i feel actually kind of peacefull, typing this up. So, what is the best gift for a red pill man to give, besides the obvious Big O?

They are our cause. I have the following book in my library: They were displaced by immigrants from Siberia. Read about it here: Of course they do not mention that KLINE is a jewish subversive who came from the military with a mission. How easy it is to infiltrate lead White Nationalism.

Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Can Mommys Framed Movie

Notify of new replies to this comment. Aaron the pelvic thrusting homosexual isralite degenerate cockslider. Amber, so what does it take to reach them? My opening line is to talk about numbers.

Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Can Mommys Framed Movie

Look in the mirror! Do you want your beauty to go away forever? I will have to think more about this. Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Can Mommys Framed Movie father was very loving, very supportive, and had black friends — I never once thought of him as racist — but something forced him to verbally warn me.

Ghost Man O; War. Anglin mentioned that his target demographic is teens. The strategy he uses like the other subversives is pretty simple. He makes some very good points at least some of the time. Then he throws in crap like White sharia. The effect is that he will lose a lot of supporters but still retain a core group.

A lot of people that reject Anglin for White sharia or other click the following article reject everything he says which is pro-White as well.

Like a poster said in another comment section they throw out the baby with the bathwater. People judge the source of the information first and that heavily influences how they view the information. E-Motions… Energy in motion. When you control peoples emotions, you control them. I think this is what happened with Vegainator. I think that what Veg meant and the way he said it are 2 different things.

What he was trying to say is that the leaders in the movement have to exercise some authority to stop our people from doing destructive things to our race. He said women and men need to be controlled to an extent. Women are contemptful of weakness in men. Even women who claim to be feminists. There is a catch for men and women in modern society though. Nobody is keen on being the outcast of their society. I used to be a poster on there.

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