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The On Kissed Cheek Me Girl

Outasight kissed me on the cheek!

This girl kissed me on the cheek infront of the whole class..I'm a girl too..does she like me?

7 Dec This girl hopes you just go for it. I think it's something I would overthink for a week. It could be sweet, but I would also question why they just kissed me on the cheek if it went well. I would probably try to convince myself the person was trying to be sweet. I would kiss a first date on the cheek at the end of the. 4 Aug That is, exactly, how my last serious girlfriend initiated our relationship. The end result? We have been married for over 16 years and have 3 children so, that kiss on the cheek really sent the message that she liked me, loud and clear! We met a. 2 Jul I'm 25 and always been single because I'm shy, and I met a girl who is 22 and she is shy as well.. we have known each other for 3 months and gone out to dinner and movies 6 times and during all those times we never broke that physical barrier of touching or kissing. She told me in a text message that she.

Okay so I have been friends with a girl a few weeks, I really like her and I have no idea what she thinks of me. I've been texting her but I am never given signals about how she feels. Last night a big group of people were drinking and I'm not sure if she got with another guy, but she was acting weird all night.

And when she was about to go home she ran over to me and kissed me on the cheek close to my lips, she didn't anything and just left.

She kissed me on the cheek? Does she like me?

I know we were both drunk but still. What does this all mean? I usually only kiss my crushes on the cheek but my best friend does it to all her guy friends.

Cherokee October 8, You'd rather know right? Martin Okpal September 22, Contact with her will show a bit of intimacy without coming on too strong. Plz am a girl of 20 years nd i dnt enjoy kissing infect i hate it.

So id suggest to ask her to hang out sometime, just the two of you and see how it goes. You can straightforwardly ask her too if you want about her current feelings for you. It means she kissed you on the cheek while drunk. I've kissed guys on the cheek while sober.

Leafy May 2, YAZZ April 8, So I am a freshman in high school. Haha, love is awesome.

It's more of a friendly gesture though. You won't find out if she likes you unless you ask. It's mostly a kind of a friendly gesture or a sign of appreciation for something you've done or simply just because she felt like it.

Girl Kissed Me On The Cheek

Also close this question. What does it mean when a girl kisses your cheek? What Girls Said 2.

Does a kiss on a cheek from a friend mean something? - Off-Topic Discussion - GameSpot

She is either a really good friend, or she likes you. What Guys Said 3. It means she wants me to get a pimple on my cheek.

Outasight kissed me on the cheek!

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Girl Kissed Me On The Cheek