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12 Jun I'll never be in a long distance relationship EVER again,” I told myself as I laid in a pool of my own tears and sweat because I hadn't gotten out of bed in that little whisper in the back of your head that says you are imminently doomed to live a loveless life and have no meaningful connection with a SO ever. 15 Sep You hear it all the time: a long-distance relationship in college will never work. And if you think it will, in those rare, diamond-in-the-rough cases, you say, "That's gotta be tough." This is especially true in Greek Life, where relationships can be as fickle as those in the celebrity world. Mix a packed dancefloor. Girls. Facts. Female Undergrads 51% Male Undergrads 49% Birth Control Available? No: Following Roman Catholic doctrine, as well as the spirit of the Augustinian Hookups or Relationships? Most freshmen tend to be involved in long-distance relationships at first, but this all usually changes by second semester.

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My long-distance girlfriend recently joined a sorority and with that comes a lot of parties and other events. I understand that parties are a regular part of college and greek life. My only concern was about other people and their actions, but she has reassured me that she is with her friends and is aware of her surroundings.

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And this is true because she told me after one party that a drunk guy approached her, persisting even after being turned down, but her friends stood up for her and help defuse the situation. However there is now a date party around the corner. That it would be an awkward situation and a situation that others might misinterpret.

Email this to a friend. Take TSM with you. In her free time, she likes to read, write, dance, bake, and listen to a wide variety of music.

So what do I tell her? Is this normal for people in relationships? I don't want to tell her yes or no, but I know that if I voice any concern or uneasiness she will not go. Is that fair to her?

Hookup A Sorority Girl Long Distance

In my experience, yes it is. At my school, more often than not you attend a date-party with a friend. Some people use it as a way to hook up, but those people are almost always single. The point of a date-party is to bring a "date" and socialize. You should tell her how you feel, but equally importantly you should stress that you want her to take full advantage of Greek life. Long distance can be hard and confusing, but she is her own person it doesn't seem like there's any reason to not trust her.

Completely agree with this assessment. My school was pretty Southern and Hookup A Sorority Girl Long Distance, and this is how basically all of my friends described their sorority date functions, OP. Talk to her about your feelings to make sure that you're both on the same page, but date functions are not group orgies Thanks for the example, that explains a lot. I will definitely tell her how I feel about it, but if I voice any concerns too strongly she'll not go instead of deciding for herself.

Of course there have been and will be many more regular parties that don't require a date, so skipping one wouldn't be a major loss. Think to yourself, if you were a single guy and a source with a far away boyfriend whom you've never met wanted you to be her date at a party, are you not going to try to tap that? Hell yeah you would. As far as what you can do Unless you're going to be a total nice guy you can't agree to let your girl go through with this.

Go with your gut.

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You're uncomfortable with it, tell her that. If she still wants to go through with it then you have to ask yourself if it's worth it for you to keep fighting for her. I'm pulling for you man but I won't lie, if she insists on bringing a date, things don't look good for you. Greek party events where a date are encouraged are usually don't have alcohol involved. Those that do are just considered parties You don't need a "date" for a party.

Any time she goes out she will article source consuming alcohol at parties underage for bars and most likely will be dancing with guys or girls whom her BF does not know.

She's not cheating by doing any of this and if it makes OP uncomfortable sure. But if OP hasn't talked to her about his feeling in regards to what she does at parties then he has a whole other issue on hand.

Same as in my above response. It's not her actions that I am worried about. She does not drink. At regular partiers she socializes and always has at least one close friend with her. I'm trying to gain perspective on what the dynamic of this type of party is like. My assumption is that she wouldn't have her close friends and that grinding and all that is a greater focus than just socializing.

I'm not worried that she would be tempted by this, I'm worried about how other people might act and that she might not have friends with her.

It may have gotten lost because I wrote so much in my post, but she doesn't drink, I am friends with a handful of her friends, i have met the guy, and I know that I can trust her. I'm wondering source about what these types of parties are like. Do people stay with their date or mix and mingle?

I am not worried about her being tempted, I'm worried about other people and possibility that she doesn't have her friends around. If shes in a sorority she will have her sisters around. Its probably hosted with a counterpart male greek organization.

Or was it like you said just the name of it that caused your reluctance?

Good read but the organization was awkward. Emotional absence paired with physical distance is the perfect ingredient for brewing a breakup. WSU Phi Tau 6 years ago. Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. I was worried and scared that I was just being desperate and people would think I was absolutely crazy, but I just took the chance and it really ended up working out for us.

Either way if you still feel uneasy then just ask her about the party if she knows the type of party it is she should have some idea of what's going to happen at it. And you could also just call her at the end of the night ask how it went making sure she got home alright and just that you like her.

Don't be over bearing but "hey how was your night?

Hookup A Sorority Girl Long Distance

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