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Dark – Season 1, Episode 4: “Double Lives” | Father Son Holy Gore

SMILF is an American comedy television series starring, created, written, and directed by Frankie Shaw. It is based on her short film of the same title. The series premiered on Showtime on November 5, The name SMILF stands for " Single Mother I'd Like to Fuck" (MILF). Rosie O'Donnell co-stars as Tutu, the mother of. The Hook Up has ratings and reviews. Mo said: daisy up your ass stars., Christy said: stars The Hook Up is one of those bo. 20 Dec 27 major questions we want answered on the second season of 'Dark' The first season finale of Netflix's first original German series "Dark" likely left a majority of at-home viewers with their minds simultaneously blown and full of questions. We've already done a comprehensive.

The season one finale of "Dark" left a lot of mysteries on the table. The first season finale of Netflix's first original German series "Dark" likely left a majority of at-home viewers with their minds simultaneously blown and full of questions.

The problem is, she doesn't want to be. He punches the living daylights out of Steve, accidentally hitting a police officer in the process. As laid out by co-creators Baran bo Odar, a Swiss filmmaker, and German screenwriter Jantje Friese, its moods and hues are much more in line with the original French version of The Returned. Back at here burger joint, Benny welcomes a woman who introduces herself as Connie from Social Services. He plays the nefarious Dr.

We've already done a comprehensive breakdown of everything we know about the mysterious Noah and Claudiabut now let's turn to unanswered questions. Netflix has officially announced a second season of "Dark" will be made, so we hope some of these mysteries are further explored on the next set of episodes. Mikkel is still a very mysterious figure continue reading "Dark.

But how did he come to create that map of the caves? And how did he learn the exact moment of his disappearance? Jonas saw his father, Michael the adult-Mikkel three times over the ten episodes. Each time it appeared to be a vision or dream, and his father was covered in streaks of black liquid.

It might have been paint, since Mikkel seems to have become an artist, but what is the purpose of this symbolism? When Jonas and Mikkel were running through the forest, Jonas fell down and lost sight of Mikkel. Where did he go?

Hookup In The Dark Series 1

Did he run back to the caves? Or did someone like Helge grab him and bring him back into the caves? If that's the case, why would Helge have let him go once inside the cave?

Steve and his cronies have been spray-painting slut-shaming tags all over town. Unfortunately, Anna wants it to remain a hook up. He plays the nefarious Dr. Anna was a fantastic character as well. The two are about to have their first kiss when Dustin bursts in and kills the mood.

Why not bring him to the bunker? Noah seems to subscribe to a brand of religion and philosophical belief called Hermeticism, which is connected to The Emerald Tablet. But does that mean he built the door? Or did he begin subscribing to Hermetic beliefs after discovering the door and portal? We don't know much about Noah, other than that he wants to control time travel, kidnaps and kills young boys, and appears Hookup In The Dark Series 1.

But what if he only appears ageless due to his use of the cave portal? What if he has yet to be born as ofand he's from the future? Or is he immortal? That certainly sounds like Noah. And if that's the case, then Noah is Ulrich's grandfather and Mikkel's great-grandfather. At one point, we see the young Tronte Nielson pull up his shirt sleeve and reveal a series of brutal burns on his arms — probably the result of someone putting out cigarettes on him. Who was inflicting this physical abuse? Or was it from his father, Noah?

Is that perhaps why Agnes would lie about him being dead? While discussing the importance of the number 33 in relation to time loops, Jonas says that 33 was the age at which the Antichrist began his rule.

Noah looks around 33, and given his connection the story of Faust about a source selling his soul to the Devilhe might literally be the Antichrist.

We only saw Noah and Helge work together to kidnap young boys between the ages of 10 and Why didn't Noah take Elisabeth, Charlotte's daughter? Is there an unknown connection between the victims? After we see Noah scrubbing blood from the bunker floor, he goes to the wall and writes "9.

What is the significance of these dates?

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And why did Helge see them on the wall when he was a young boy in ? What powers does the bunker possess in addition to time travel?

When Elisabeth went missing for several hours, she returned home and told her mother, Charlotte the police chief that she had met a man named Noah.

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He gave her a gold pocket watch with the inscription "For Charlotte. The watch looked old, but Charlotte never explained whether or not she recognized it. What was Noah doing with it? Why did he speak to Elisabeth but not kidnap her? Did the clock maker, H. Tannhaus, make that watch in ?

Hookup In The Dark Series 1

Both times Bartosz gets into Noah's car, their conversations are vague and cut short. What exactly did Noah say to Bartosz to bring him to his side of the war? What's the end game between them? Some people think Noah and Bartosz are the same person. But they have different colored eyes, and very different personalities. Are they connected anyways?

By the end of the first season, we know Claudia began questioning the physics of time and space inand then somehow by or she was engaged in a war with Noah for control Hookup In The Dark Series 1 time travel. Hookup In The Dark Series 1 what happened between her discovery of Gretchen in the caves and ? Also — how did the poodle get through the cave portal?

Was she brought through by someone else? Or is there a second wormhole we don't know about? The author of the book, Tannhaus, link the book only sold or so copies. How did Helge wind up with one, and why give it to Claudia?

Was Noah perhaps intentionally bringing Claudia into his war for time travel? We first saw the young-Aleksander whose real name is Boris Niewald running through the forest in He had a black ski-mask on, and his shoulder was wounded. The sound of visit web page and helicopters was following him. Why was he running? Was he a criminal? Is there a chance he's fromand was sent article source to on Claudia's orders in order to meet and protect her daughter, Regina?

He seemed very confident that he could walk into Claudia's office in and get a job using a fake passport. There's definitely more to him that we need to know. We still don't know why Claudia is helping maintain the time loop or why she gave H.

Tannhaus the instructions for building the wormhole-creating machine. Where did she get that, anyways? What does she want? Why does Noah think she belongs to "the shadow"?

Noah's notebook appears full of important information, times, and dates relating to the time loop. But we also see it with adult-Jonas in the hotel and Claudia gives a copy with the half the pages torn out to Tronte and Peter in Is there more than one? Or is this all the same notebook but just at different points in the time loop similar to how Mikkel's suicide note existed in two places at the same time.

Helge and Jonas touched through a wormhole in the bunker, and seemingly both were moved to different years. Helge woke up in the bunker in — so how did he get back to ? We're guessing Noah found him and being their partnership right then, but it'd be Hookup In The Dark Series 1 to see confirmation of this in future more info. We know Peter is Helge's son — but where's his mother?

When if ever was Helge married? Given the importance of family connections, this omission from the show must be intentional. Do we already know her name, but not her connection to Helge? We last saw Ulrich in a jail cell.

27 major questions we want answered on the second season of 'Dark'

Hookup In The Dark Series 1 all but admitted to the attempted murder of Helge, and the police think he's also responsible for the two mutilated bodies they found the same day Helge went missing. Will he go on trial in ? Could he be permanently imprisoned in the past? Or will he somehow be set free? When Jonas jumped to on the finale, he was in the forest right by the nuclear power plant. The clearly exploded or underwent a Chernobyl-esque event — but did it destroy the town too?

Why does it look like a war-zone now? From Charlotte to Martha and more, where is everyone in ? Who were the "Mad Max"-looking people who picked up Jonas? Could the woman be the kid of someone Jonas knew? Perhaps Martha and Bartosz? Or Magnus and Franziska?

Everything is connected and the future affects the past and vice versa. Is it really possible for Noah or Claudia to change this? As Tannhaus puts it: