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4 Nov It could be a friend, a brother, an acquaintance, a total stranger you meet randomly at a bar, or all of the above, but at one point or another, you will meet someone who has dipped his chip in the same bowl of queso as you. If you have already met one of your Eskimo brothers, you know exactly what I mean. 22 Mar On Reddit, people who have married or dated their ex's brother or sister have been sharing their stories. There are . “I went on a couple of dates with a guy, he turned out to be enough of a dick that I didn't want to date him anymore but we had the same group of friends and saw each other often enough. Am I the only one that thinks its a little weird being with somebody with the same name as your sibling? Considering my brother's name is John, and it's one of the more common names out there, combined with the fact that I've been dating for many years now, it was bound to happen sooner or later that I'd date someone .

Never thought of that. I guess I would but if a girl had the same name as my mom I guess it may be kind of awkward. Well wouldn't the dating and relationshipoccur first? It wouldn't be like "Hey the relationship came this far but marriage is where I draw the line because of your name, I didn't consider any any iof thsbeforehand.

It just suddenly dawned on me. Marriage wouldn't even be a factor becauseif the name were a problem the relationship would end before it could even escalate to the point of marriage. I don't know why anyone would start any relationship with anyone if marriage isn't alreadybeing considered. Other than a tendency to favor erratic behavior. I dated a woman with the same first name as my mom for about 3 months, to top it off, she was about 10 years older than me. more info

My best friend though has gone out with 3 seperate girls who all have his sisters name. There is no awkwardness between any of us and the three of us frequently go out to dinner together. Everybody seems fine with it, although I've noticed he definitely calls his wife "honey" and stuff like that more than her actual name. However, four ex girlfriends all had the same first name. Sheena Follow Forum Posts:

But then again, I address my older sister by "ate", which translates to "older sister". I almost never call her by her actual name. My best friend though has gone out with 3 seperate girls who all have his sisters name.

People Who Married Or Dated Their Ex's Sibling Reveal How It Turned Out

I joke around telling him he subconciously wants his sister. People have nicknames for reasons. Some people in myfamily have gone by names that are not at all similar to their real name since they were like four or five.

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And in some cases. It'd be no problem if she had the same click here as one of my siblings. It'd be a little awkward if she had the same name as my mom, but I'd get over it. I wouldn't mind too much I guess. I'd just use a different nickname for him so I wouldn't confuse him with my dad or brother. If she really loved me she'd change her name.

Plus, I have 6 brothers as well as a father, so I feel like I would be cutting out a large chunk of people if I had this requirement. Well I don't refer to my mom by her name. Mentally, the name is only slightly connected to her. I connect other girls with the name first before I think of my mom. I don't see how it would be a problem.

Hookup Someone With The Same Name As Your Brother

It would be a little weird though considering I'm named after my dad. It would be two generations in a row with the same names: Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. My wife and my mom share the same middle name, if that counts.

Hookup Someone With The Same Name As Your Brother

Pirate Follow Forum Posts: If I had plans to marry them in the first place, I can't say it'd bother me much. KidCudi37 Follow Forum Posts: But at the end of the day a names just a name. I could create a nickname for her if it really bothered me.: Probably not, but I do know someone who wants to marry someone with his exact same name. It may get slightly confusing, but I don't see any reason why not. Teenaged Follow Forum Posts: In my case it would be my fathers name since I dont have a brother.

NoobisMaxcimus Follow Forum Posts: It's just too weird. I have posted this exact thread with the same answer I am about to I could never been in Yeah, my long-time girlfriend has the same name as my older sister.

Its really not a big deal Sheena Follow Forum Posts: I really don't think it'd bother me Aside from it being strange you know friends and family would ridicule you at every turn. You could always give her a new name, if her real name bothers yo that much.

No, but i think you should have a serious poll. That would just be too weird.

What if you're a guy and your girlfriend has the same name as your dad? BlakcCrow Follow Forum Posts: Its not THAT weird. I think that the name is sort of the last barrier to entry of all things.


If the girl was awesome I wouldn't let a name ruin it but it would be a little weird. I would've spelled it "Odin's Hammer" and transformed into a Norse God. Sure, my sister is really hot. Everiez Follow Forum Posts: As long as it's mutual love and commit to achive happy life together. As long as I love her I don't see why her name would be a problem.

Email this to a friend. Ron now, thanks Key and Peele. DoctorKrieger 3 years ago.

Ceraby Follow Forum Posts: JadeNic Follow Forum Posts: I don't really see the reasoning behind it being weird. It is just a name. But I've never heard of anyone named "Zina" before, I would've guessed it was short for Christina. I hardly doubt I'll find another girl named Shanaynayequa.

The-Apostle Follow Forum Posts: My parents share their names with my aunt and uncle. Will2Live Follow Forum Posts: SeraphimGoddess Follow Forum Posts: That'd just be icing on the cake. Bourbons3 Follow Forum Posts: It's not really a good enough reason to put me off marrying them I don't see the problem. I've already dated someone with the same name as my dad. Karl Follow Forum Posts: I don't see why not.

There's lots of names that repeat and simply breaking it off with someone because they have your parents name sounds retarded to me. So I vote yes I would still marry them. Bring back the main forum list.