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13 Jan I was introduced to my husband through my mother. He is a distant family friends of mine and she somehow convinced me that he is the right guy for me. 15 Apr I recall a time when I would also drive my husband crazy with my neurotic behavior; swinging from a hopeful “I am convinced that I have got something to share with this Fortunately, it is possible to overcome signs of inferiority complex sufficiently to experience greater freedom, happiness and peace. 9 Jul In this kind of compromise, you acknowledge the partner's inferiority compared to you or to other people, and this is very painful and insulting for both of you. This is often a Later on, I was discussing my ex-husband with my current husband and he asked me why I ever even told my ex that I loved him.

Discussion in ' Married Life ' started by coolhaiOct 31, Log in or Sign up. How to Build Positivity in Married Life? Oct 31, 1. Hi All, I had been a silent member reading others most of the time.

Kudos to all who reply and those who are bravely facing difficult times. With lot of courage I am writing this. I will start from scratch. I am working for a small firm earning Rs. Hubby earning more than that. Yes, a little fat. I had seen slimmer days. Have a sweet son of 3 years. My relationship with husband has been the usual. I have to repect whole clan of my in-laws who are basically from my MIL's side.

Hardly anyone ever from my FIL's side. So no more SIL trouble. Usual scene of MIL having trained husand to dislike my family everyone of them and been abusive towards not in front of them - mind u when fighting. Now that I have been introduced to similar people I think my story is no different. Now, my probelm is that my husband does not like to introduce me to his colleagues. He behaves as if he is ashamed of me. FOr 14 months after my son turned one we were in the same company.

Apart from his boss's boss and HR manager and whole of my team, no one knew that I am his wife. Yes, he was a big manager read article.

My husband has an inferiority complex and is abusive. Please help.

From my perpective it would have been an ego clash if I had been better placed than him!!! Anyway, during those 14 months he never introduced me to any of his office friends. Few who knew me did know that I was working there and used to make it a point to say hello whenever they would visit my building.

Did I mention that we were in separate buildings which were 1 kilometer apart? But he never made a conscious effort intorduce me to anyone. More so, he would tell me not to come to my building's canteen if he were coming there to have lunch. Or if were coming to my floor he would call me first to tell to remain on seat so that we don't cross roads.

Also, the day I joined I was waiiting for my access card to be made and he came in after a lunch out with his friends.

How To Deal With Inferiority Complex Husband

One of them click at this page me. Like recently, this past Friday, we went to a wedding. SO I was catering to him while he had snacks and all. While I picked up my plate of bhalla-chat he said we need to greet the groom-bride.

SO I left my plate helf way through. Then at dinner I was first catering to child while he was having dinner. Then I started mine. Incidently, while being derved I was look over to my son and I was served more than I wanted. But thinking that my husband likes pasta I thought he will share with me.

He was actually offended that my plate was pile up. We left there shortly. I don't know How To Deal With Inferiority Complex Husband but my husband has some sort of inferiority complex where I am concerned inspite of the fact that I am earning good. Somehow he ashamed of me.

I get nervous and jittery. And do blunder like I may spill a glass or drop cutlery. Meghaa Feb 15, at 6: Clueless satchitanandaNov 11,in forum: Snippets of Life Non-Fiction. MIL is slapping me. Oct 31, 2. Dear coolhai, Like your name states, please actually be 'cool' and learn to appreciate your self. Yes, you are a good person and doing a lot, workingearning so well and looking after a 3-year old as well!!

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Sorry to say, but your hubby sounds like a jerk. He needs to recognize that you have feelings and are getting hurt each time he behaves like this. You probably need to sit down and discuss this issue with him, tell him you do not like it and is there a reason for such behaviour. Seems like you have not discussed this matter. But before that, I reiterate, appreciate your own self! Others will probably give you more suggestions. All the best, and do keep us posted on how things turn out.

His inferiority complex cannot make him hurt you, and it would be a crime to take it in any way. And may I add: Yes, it was a mistake.

Oct 31, 3. HI Dear, I know it sounds depressing.

How To Deal With Inferiority Complex Husband

You would need to first slowly communicate in depth with your husband. It will take time not in one go. There maybe a reason though your MIL maybe poisoning his mind but in read more end you are the one who has to spend the rest of your life with him till you get old.

That is your descision now. He is your life partner, was he always like this from the begning? It is your descision whether to live like this which will affect your relationship as well your child's life. Nov 2, 4. Dear Coolhai, You say you are good looking, earing money, looking after the house, your husband and your child. So why are you low on self esteem? You should be proud of yourself. Learn to love yourself. Learn to stand up for yourself and believe in yourself.

You are doing a good job as a mother and a working woman. Believe you are some1 special. Believe it with all your heart. Your husband doesnt want to acknoweldge that you are a wonder woman.

Why should you hide your status as his wife? Sit down with him and have a frank and open talk with him.

I agree with Galen. Anonymous April 17, at 6: Now, I experience no embarrassment to share on my blog that I once experienced bad swings.

Dont let him avoid the talk. Press him down and get it out in the open. Take care and believe in yourself. JayaJNov 2, Nov 3, 5. MahajanpragatiNov 3, Nov 4, 6. Hi, I agree with MahajanPragati. Don't take it to heart. What happens is some husbands always have a fear that their wives r not behaving properly in public. In reality,u r behaving properly,but not as per his rules.

So,make ur own rules. We r conditioned somuch that we unconsciously react to our husbands wishes or orders.

3 Steps to Deal with Inferiority Complex

The problem is, we try to obey our husbands so much,but they don't realise the fact. It might be mistaken for weakness or odd behaviour. I m facing same probs. So I would suggest that: If u r in a group and ur husband calls u,tell him to wait.