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5 Reasons To Go Bald With a Beard

Why You Seriously Need a Beard with a Bald Head

Shaved Head with Beard: Gone are the days when men felt shy with a bald head as now is the time to spice up the things with great styles. A scientific fact says that facial hair grow pretty well in comparison to the hair on the head and this is the key that you can use to unlock one after one amazing bald and beard styles. Going bald with a beard is a hot trend nowadays! In fact, studies show that women love bald men with beards! Maybe it has something to do with the masculine ruggedness of a guy with a shaved head and beard combination. Whatever the reason, if you plan on going with a bald head, be sure to go bald and bearded. 28 Dec Dude, the trend has changed as always! Nowadays, being bald means more masculinity and it's been reportedly said that huge ratio of men and women really like a beardo with a bald head! Yeah man, you better feel proud and confident after reading this dynamic and assisting article. If you're reading this.

Shaved Head with Beard: Gone are the days when men felt shy with a bald head as now is the time to spice up the things with great styles. A scientific fact says that facial hair grow pretty well in comparison to the hair on the head and this is the key that you can use to unlock one after one amazing bald and beard styles. Additionally, you can introduce variations in the beard styles for the bald head by experimenting with the moustache and the chinstrap.

You are free to be as much as creative you can possibly be with the bald and beard styles.

Men With Bald Heads And Beards

The boldness highlighted by the beard styles for bald headed men is really awesome, and what is more, these beard styles are for men of all ages. If you are already experiencing a receding hair line or is already bald, see more are a plethora of choices on how to grow a beard with a bald Men With Bald Heads And Beards.

Step 1 — The first and foremost thing would be to shave off your head completely before choosing a beard style that could be perfectly suited to your baldness and the shape of your face and head. You will also need to change your grooming habits so as to match the baldness. Step 2 — The next thing you have to do is to stop the beard from growing too long to handle the style.

Here you will need a plan for the whole month, during which you have to shave off your head every week so as not to allow any patch of hair to remain and to keep a check on the beard growth so that you are able to handle the style efficiently. Step 3 — The best thing would be to allow your facial hair to grow naturally, at least for a month and a half, till you feel uncomfortable due to the itching. You will also need to trim your facial hair once a week right along the line of your lips.

Step 5 — After about 6 weeks you will find it easier to Men With Bald Heads And Beards your beard to the desired style. We have jotted hair 20 cool beard styles for bald men that can make any man stand out in the crowd, only in a positive sense. When you are almost bald with some hair still left, this is a little perplexing stage because neither you are fully bald nor you have enough hair to make any hairstyle.

5 Reasons To Go Bald With a Beard

So in this case, you can add a charm to your personality by keeping a light beard. Believe Men With Bald Heads And Beards or not, it is inarguably a great partial bald beard styles. The American actor is completely bald but his light beard makes him look a complete heartthrob!

The beard is trimmed in a rounded form and paired with a trimmed moustache but there is absolutely no connection between the beard and the moustache and so it is incredible among the other bald head beard styles.

Verdi beard is a style which is basically focused around to keep the moustache distinct from the beard and is inspired from the Giuseppe Verdi an Italian opera read more. This beard style demands a little patience, probably a couple of months, when your beard grows up to a certain length. You need to start combing your beard hair, but do not comb it very neat to sustain the shaggy look.

Good if you have a bald head otherwise get it shaved to make the most out of it. Men who do not have much volume in their facial hair can keep the bald head and beard with thin strands. You can almost count the hair in the beard and contrasting white and black strands highlights the perfectness of the look.

For some bald with a beard styles you can instantly spot the difference at just one look. One such style is the curly dark beard with bald head that is sure to suit on every man. If you have a long beard then you have so many options to experiment with it.

Like you can many the two ponies from the beard hair and clip it with fancy accessories and bands.

Men With Bald Heads And Beards

The bald head make the style even more attractive. Try to recall a wizard. What picture comes to your mind first? A man with a magic wand, a conical cap and a long beard. So you can also wear a wizard look — only you do not need to wear the conical cap as the bald head will complement the wizard look.

Modern bald head guys like to keep the length of the beard short and well in shape. To add a charm in the regular ball beard style, you can keep a light moustache with a single strap under the lips.

This style is an ideal among the beard styles for bald guys who love to look casual and formal both at the same time. Bald head and a ginger beard is one of the most popular bald with beard styles these days. A full moustache gives it a finished look and the beard hair can be of any length between article source and medium.

If you wish to pair your bald look with a full beard then keep it neat to give to convey a formal tone. Also you need to groom it and trim it regularly to sustain the beauty of the look. A non-groomed beard may look all the more messy. Scruffiness is a characteristic feature of a rough and tough man.

If you are the one rough-tough guy, shave your head and grab scissors to trim your beard to give an attractive scruffy look. Man you are sure going to rock with the Men With Bald Heads And Beards look! This bald head beard style is absolutely unparallel. You can have an exclusive die-for look by a partially bald head and beard which is sharply trimmed at the cheeks and around the broad under lips strap while short strands left free from the chin.

A moustache which sharply twisted ends adds magic to this look. A classic look can be worn by shaving the head completely as all the magic lies in the beard and the moustache. Shave out the beard from the sides and keep it thicker at the jaw line. A disconnected moustache with short and sharp twisted ends and a thick strap under the lips will make it one of the perfect look for formal or business occasions.

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An absolute wow look! A chinstrap and a bald head can be a great combination if they are worn in a way that they go well together.

All my uncles were bald and, as a boy, I was always mesmerised by the way the light danced on their smooth bonces! Do you shape your beard as early as stubble or do you not shave anything cheeks and neck until you like the length and then shape it yourself or do you have someone shape it? Good thinking — you can always transition from a full beard. This decent yet sexy looking soul patch can surely find you a match.

You cannot do much experiment on such styles so you should better know whether the style you are thinking will suit your face or not. If you choose a designer chinstrap like thin under the ears and thick on the jaw line with a sharp round, then make sure to keep the moustache pencil-thin and connected. When talked about click head with beard style, how can one miss to bring in the goatee?

Bald with Beard : Best Beard Styles for Men with Bald Heads

Coolest of the cool styles, the goatee has no match when it comes to complement a bald head. Among the variations, one is to make a pointed beard. Bald head and a beard style go well but if the beard is pointed it adds a star to the style.

Shave the head and grow the beard to a medium length. With the help of the scissors cut the hair under the chin to give it a pointed shape and you get an easy to keep and maintain bald —beard style. This is a villain-inspired style for those who want to exhibit source as a tough guy.

Also if you do not want to set boundaries to here growth of your beard, let them grow freely to a length and pair it with a shaved head and a big moustache. Great style to try a different look! Have you planned which beard are you going to pair with your shaved head? One thing before you fantasize about your next look, make sure that you do not suffer with bald patches in beard. Though the cause of the beard bald spots is still unknown but after some medications it can be treated.

If you have bald patch on beard, then see a doctor first and once he assures that he has successfully treated it, you can definitely go ahead Men With Bald Heads And Beards incredible bald with beard styles!

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So people get input from lots of places. That sexiness goes up several notches when you decide to grow a beard. They will respect you more if you respect yourself more. The shape of a guys face can also make source big difference. Bald head and a ginger beard is one of the most popular bald with beard styles these days.

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