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Dota 2 - D2T #3

I failed to ready up because I was in a web browser and did not hear the sound. Now Dota 2 reborn says i have to wait 24 hours before matchmaking again. When I start up dota 2 it says just the normal 5 minutes and then when I go back to reborn it says; time remaining: yesterday. Lol bugs. 3 Feb Bans are a form of punishment given out to players who violate certain regulations. The exact mechanics behind banning have not been disclosed by Valve, and are changed frequently to address community concerns regarding matchmaking. This page reflects what is currently known based on community. 5 Oct I have no abandons. I did not fail to ready up. ┐(´•_•`)┌ Please help! http://

Dota 2 Page du magasin. I have accepted each game and 4 have subsequently failed to load. I see no way I can control this, sometimes the game loads sometimes it doesn't yet You are prevent from matching for I did not decline a match in these matches, I've maybe declined 2 out of nearly and that's only if something comes up right as the finding server option comes up. Why am I being punished, especially so harshly for something beyond my control?

Dota 2 - D2T #3

If it happens again what would be the punishment? Bookman Afficher le profil Voir les messages. If your comp cant run the game correctly theeennn Im not sure why you're complaining about the game? You want us to buy you a new comp?

This is a serious problem. I have accepted and connected to every. On the third time today i've been prevented from matchmaking for 24 hours. I have 17 hours left.

He also writes for the both the newsroom and the game hubs. Guessing this other account is your too where you go on an intentional feeding frenzy: Because complaining about a bug that he can't resolve on his own deserves this? The most common causes of this issue are:

I have offered the community so much of my money just to be treated like this? I thought declines were prefered over in game abandons? I've never had this punishment before. Chronos Afficher le profil Voir les messages. There's a couple of reasons. One is probably the more obvious one: Depending on his MMR, each queue can be anywhere from 3 to 7 minutes, and when a game is declined he just made 9 other people wait again. If his game fails to load, they're also once again sent back to queue.

For him it's no problem, but for others it can be frustrating. Imagine if there wasn't a penalty. The same person who declines or fails to load will keep on joining queue and they may continue to fail to join a game.

Since matchmaking determines matches partially based on when people being searching for games, the same people who failed to play a game due to that one person may all be matched together again because they were sent back to queue relatively at the same time.

I know of a case where a person couldn't play a game for an hour because he kept on getting matched with the same person who failed to load at the beginning of the game.

Afficher la version mobile du site. Continued use may cause your IP to be blocked indefinitely. I know of a case where a person couldn't play a game for an hour because he kept on getting matched with the same person who failed to load at the beginning of the game. I tried my best to comeback and what I get was reports and 2 LP games and banned from matchmaking 12 hours; and this shitty guy still playing ranked game for fuck sake!

You can probably imagine how angry that person got. Putting a delay makes it so those who will accept matches and load normally can avoid those who decline and fail to load. The second problem is due to people who boost their MMR. Because of the fact that people who begin to search games at the same time are more likely to be matched into the same game, there were people who decided to exploit this behavior.

You Are Prevented From Matchmaking Dota 2

They would have alternative accounts and their main accounts do the search at the same time. If the "accept" game appears on both accounts at the same time, then they would accept, otherwise would decline and try it again. If they get into the same game, they would accept. When the game loads, they check to see if their alt accounts were on the opposite team.

Valve Announces DOTA 2 Matchmaking Changes

If not they would shut down the game and fail to load and repeat the process over again. If the fake accounts were on the opposite team, they would then play and proceed to feed the fake accounts' heroes to their main accounts' heroes.

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So then there was the problem of random feeding in a game due to fake accounts and people who wanted to "be good" without actually being good. That ruined games for many people because the only way they can avoid click here games were by abandoning or wasting their time playing the matches.

The penalty was added to avoid these two problems. Unless you're talking about some weird bug that appeared then idk why it's happening. In response to chronos. As far as i'm aware still being relatively new there never used to be this punishment at least in my first few hundred games. If its new that's fine though the scale of it seems wrong.

You Are Prevented From Matchmaking Dota 2

When article source fail to connect again i don't decline, it just simply doesn't load the game tends to take longer to return to the finding a match screen, this alone would set a group of people apart from someone who didn't connect usually.

All of my games have been public games so i'm not sure if people are trying to cheat their way to more You Are Prevented From Matchmaking Dota 2. I don't believe this is possible, again relatively new and not played ranked matches to know how this works so i could be wrong.

While I accept that there maybe should be some form of a buffer to prevent 9 people waiting for the same 10th every time, is 24 hours a good fix?

Surely a 3 minute delay especially in public games or say 15 minutes maximum would fix this. These 4 failures were NOT back to back, they were spread out across a day. What will happen if it fails to connect in a weeks time for now? I would understand this if I had declined matches or abandoned them intentionally, but this is beyond my control. I am banned for playing against bots, which is were i would often go if I have lag as to not disadvantage a team of real people.

Chemicalbacon Afficher le profil Voir les messages. What a great suggestion. If your computer has failed to load 4 games in one day you deserve your ban because you are making 9 other people wait up to mins depending on mmr to play another game. Dany Frog Afficher le profil Voir les messages. Dwarvenhobble Afficher le profil Voir les messages. Dylan Afficher le profil Voir les messages.

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