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Im 16 years old and I met this amazing guy. He's 20 years old and is studying business. He is already making a commitment that when he turns 21 in a couple months he will not drink around me. He wont even text me if he gets drunk. He is not going to pressure me into anything that I don't want and he. It ended badly bc we were in two totally different spots in life also it had a weird dynamic of like him taking care of me bc I was basically a child so he'd drive me places and make sure I . From your perspective it's not too bad, but shit that 20 year old must have no game if they have to go for 16 year olds. I agree that five years isn't a big difference in the scheme of everything, but the gap between 20 and 25 is pretty significant. Context matters. A 16 year old dating an 11 year old would be creepy. Yes, you're both adults, but she isn't done maturing. She'll probably change a lot over the next couple years.

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There's an old joke rule of thumb; you can date someone younger than you if they're at least half your age plus seven. How much of a difference could a year or few months make in your case, since you're 16?

Could be huge, could be negligible, no one can answer that, not even you or the 20 year old.

Go with your instincts. Although since you asked Ha, you could ask why am I on reddit! 16 Year Old Boy Hookup 20 Year Old see what's changed or still the same. Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to be a kid these days. I would have hated social media, for example. Simple curiosity I guess. Stay as long as you like, the subreddit isn't for teenagers only.

I'd come back here too if I was your age to keep up with the times. Like I said, I'm old but yeah when I was a kid no senior would date a freshmen. I never heard of parents that would allow it, anyway. Well I only know one senior who actually dates a freshmen but a lot of the freshmen girls that come to the older kid parties are pretty slutty so there's a lot of hookups.

That saying, it 16 Year Old Boy Hookup 20 Year Old be a little weird on the maturity level. You can say that you're as mature as possible but I can promise you that what you are at 16 is not what you're going to be like at I used to think I was as mature as I was gonna get at age 14, even my friends and parents thought so and told me.

I'm 16 now, and I realized how much of an age gap 2 years can be when we're developing. That being said, a lot can happen in 4 years. So the fact that a 20 year old is dating a 16 year old I don't know, it gives off a weird click the following article. Like the dude hasn't fully grown out of his teenage years.

I'm 16 and I wouldn't date a 20 year old.


I'd seriously wonder why a 20 year old would want to date a 16 year old if I were you. Are still stuck in that teenagery state of mind, 2. Are somehow socially or emotionally stunted to where people in their own age group aren't interested in them, or 3.

How bad is a 20 year old guy anda 16 year old girl?

Seriously, you might be on the same physical level as them, but socially and emotionally you really aren't. You're, what, a sophomore or junior in high school? They're a sophomore or junior in college.

16 Year Old Boy Hookup 20 Year Old

You likely live with your parents, they likely live at least semi on their own. You probably don't even have your after 9's, they're almost able to legally drink in America. Most young adults can't wait to get away from click the following article teenager state of being, high school, etc. I would seriously examine your partner's motives behind being with you.

If it's illegal then it's not a good thing tbh I was in a relationship w a 20 yr old at It ended badly bc we were in two totally different spots in life also it had a weird dynamic of like him taking care of me bc I was basically a child so he'd drive me places and make sure I was okay and support me.

The age of consent laws are more complicated 16 Year Old Boy Hookup 20 Year Old just being You should read up on them your reigon. I had a relationship with a 21 year old when I was 16 he had the maturity of a damn 16 year old but whatever, that's another storyparents 16 Year Old Boy Hookup 20 Year Old approve of it and he wasn't allowed over any more after they found out that we were sexually active, but friends didn't care and actually thought it was kinda cool. AOC here is 16 so don't worry.

I think that's fine, really. I go by the 4 year rule; if you're over 4 years apart, it's weird. You guys are 4 years apart, so you're cutting it kinda close, but I think it's fine. I honestly don't know. I just take my age minus theirs and if the absolute value of that is more than 4, it's weird. Well, judging by the fact you've got 4 points and I don't have any, I'd say I'm the one with the weird method. To express my point with logical extremes, i think we can agree that a 60 year old with a 64 year old is nothing strange, but that a 14 year old dating a 10 year old is very odd.

Well, I mean, it's a matter of maturity. Most 10 year olds haven't hit puberty yet and wouldn't be interested in that in the first place. Yes, the maturity difference is too much. You really need to question why a 20 year old would want to be dating a 16 year old. You ever heard of the "Half your age plus 7" rule?

That's what I go by, but if you two don't find it weird, then carry on, I don't feel like other people should be judging others. I'd say it depends on the two people. I go to uni and hang out with older people. The diff in maturity varies. Some have more 16 Year Old Boy Hookup 20 Year Old experience than others or are simply not ready to grow up.

Some are only more mature about certain things. The 20 something yr olds I have hung out with pretty much see me as a child. And for the most part I agree, there's a much I need to learn and experience myself. A lot can happen in those yrs between teenager and adult hood. Honestly I think it is okay if you are happy.

A 30 year old and a 34 year old together wouldn't be weird for example. I only think it's weird because of the law. Depending on where you are I can't say, but it's not uncommon, just not normal. But if it works for you, and the law allows, it can't really be THAT weird.

If the Romeo and Juliet laws apply to where you live you can legally have a sexual relationship with them, but if not you can still legally have a romantic relationship with them. Look, 4 years apart isn't that much.

A 38 year old and 42 year old could be in a great marriage. I think its weird. Just make sure its legal, and this will depend on what the age of majority is in your area and the sex and relationship laws around it. And be careful with nude pictures as if your SO is over the age of majority they can face large charges for being in possession of child pornography. From your perspective it's not too bad, but shit that 20 year old must have no game if they have to go for 16 year olds. I'm 18 and already hate 16 year old me and basically every other 16 year old, I can't imagine in another 2 years how I'd feel.

Age is irrelevant in almost all thing, its maturity and common-sense that matters. The sharp increase at the right smashes down the rest of the curve, so its true nature is a bit obscured, but from the lowest percentile up, this is roughly an exponential function. The users' flightiness is still there, but no longer is it a dedicated forum for randy young guys and lovelorn girls.

College is WAY different than high school, so it's not just the age difference but the social difference.

It's weird, and maybe illegal depending on where you live. But if it's not, I'm not here to judge. Its probably weird from the POV of some people. Fuck what people think tho, that doesn't matter. Personally, I'm 19 and would on date 16 year old that's really cool.

16 Year Old Boy Hookup 20 Year Old

Like she'd have to be super dope and mature for her age. Mainly because drama at 16 is hella different than drama at 20 and I'm not here deal with the type of drama 16 yr olds.

Honestly just because other find it weird doesn't mean you should care. If you like them its fine.

Kooksisbro11Oct 13, Isaac 42 and Tracy 17 Woody Allen's penchant for younger women aside, his character's relationship with a year-old girl is weird and disconcerting. Follow 13 Did you have a set age when you wanted to start having kids?

I'm not going to write whether i find it weird or not as i would rather not deter you from dating them. I would only say do stuff that you want to do and don't be talked into doing stuff you do not want to do. Do whatever you want.