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How to snap Jehovah's Witnesses out of it with 1 bible verse (837)

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Anointed Talk is a place for the Anointed of Jehovah's Witnesses to talk to each other and for others of us to get a chance to talk to you. And why .. “These appeals persuade not through the give-and-take of argument and debate, but through the manipulation of symbols and of our most basic human emotions.” Do Not Be a. A religious Debate between Jehovah's Witness Preacher Ronald Obidos now Seventh Day Adventist Church Minister vs Bro. License. One thing I have cut my 10years of being a long hair because of the Ang Dating Daan show. Hook up salford. Just as the Jehovah's Witnesses, , May 27 TO GODMar 18, You're a Matured fellow and I accord it to you that you understand the concept of the phrase PRIVACY/FOR JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ONLY Meanwhile Am still Btw putting strickly does not stop me from being in this thread, this is a social forum, open for ALL to comment intended to stimulate healthy debate. If you want a.

We have been told that no one else is listening to you. Yet visit web page what avail is this special insight? Does the Governing Body care what the Anointed have to say? Do they ask for the opinion and spiritual insight of the anointed?

Sadly, we are getting reports from Anointed JWs, indicating they are being disrespected, ridiculed and made fun of.

They tell us that they are even being discouraged from partaking of the memorial. That they do not respect insights of those claiming to be anointed?

Are the anointed who express a different point of view labeled an Apostate? Is what we are hearing true? Is this the norm or just unusual examples coming our way? Why is the Watchtower writing department adding more writers that are not anointed? Are the Anointed a perceived threat to the power structure that must be diminished? Is the JW power structure trying to minimize and belittle their influence? Is this really all just about power and who is in control?

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We are not Ang Hookup Daan Debate Jehovah Witnesses to incite the Anointed to rise up and rebel and fight the system. Yet we understand that if anyone expresses a difference of opinion, whether anointed or not, they are in danger of being labeled an apostate.

So, how then can the anointed be in any position to provide spiritual insights. So then of what value are the anointed in the JW Organization? It only seems to make sense that elders and leaders in the JW organization would desire, in humility, to look to the anointed for spiritual guidance.

What do you think? What is really going on. Let us know what you think. This is a Ang Hookup Daan Debate Jehovah Witnesses to talk. We want to hear from everyone, but especially from the anointed ones, whether presently JWs or whether you have been driven out of the organization. Please enlighten us and tell us the truth of what is happening. Here you can talk to each other and help each other out. Many will rove about, and the true knowledge will become abundant. But what about today? For instance, anointed Witnesses of Jehovah have been blessed with insight, enabling them to understand that Jesus Christ became heavenly King in the year Perhaps you all could share where and when you were sealed with holy spirit.

Just click for source you felt, what physical manifestations there were [if any], and what was going through your minds. True Truthseeker — I would like to share my thoughts by or before the weekend.

In the meantime, let me say that some mistake strong emotions as evidence they were sealed with the Holy Spirit. There is no doubt that strong emotions of devotion and love for Jesus and the Heavenly Father should be in those who are filled with the spirit.

Ang Hookup Daan Debate Jehovah Witnesses

I think this link will be of great help on the subject. True Truthseeker Peace to you also. I would love to comment also but My family is locked in long emails the last 5 days. It is a pivotal point as my family is speaking out about my leaving the JW, their father and I are taking a beating.

I am very busy responding to family members from all sides. Maybe this is by Divine providence. I will join the conversation when our family struggle is over. Ang Hookup Daan Debate Jehovah Witnesses you might not agree with me, but you dont have to.

Not the brothers or sisters. I can say this with conviction and Can truly put my life any my lineage on the line, that we really are trying to seek truth, the way the apostles of old did it. Mind you it was actually more difficult for them since the whole bible was not written in their time.

Eventhough they had visible evidence that the holy spirit was there, it was still a hard road to follow. In my old congregation if you told any faithful brother or sister you were on the websites, depending on that person is, You could have an elder give you reproach for being online looking.

But this site is different. You must recall these are the Orginial Bible students from when C. T Russell made discoveries. Of course, we Love all our brethren, even C. But we love Jesus, and Jehovah more.

They often express a desire to be treated with greater courtesy by those they visit, lament the fact that they are only doing what they believe is right and that others should therefore let them do whatever they want to them as potential converts, express a desire to be allowed to treat potential converts any way they like, etc. I have found most witnesses lose their faith if they actually listen or discuss the Bible with persons that actually know it. Sadly, we are getting reports from Anointed JWs, indicating they are being disrespected, ridiculed and made fun of.

For when the accurate knowledge of the scriptures and holy spirit is upon you and given to you. Even growing up as a children, we all know things that are given to us by our parents. But this gift if from our heavely father. But storisea, you have to read in here and contact these individuals who are talking on this message board.

Ang Hookup Daan Debate Jehovah Witnesses

You must pray to jehovah through christ, you must ask Our Lord if this is truth. Storisea can talk to us Wednesday on the Bible Study phone hook-up. All info is on this web-site. Defence, Denial, Acceptance are some of the steps I went through myself.

Defending the Faith: Answering Jehovah Witnesses

After that will come a sense of contentment with trials. This is where sometime we shrink back. I am enjoying listen to your comments and others as I read them out loud to let them go in my head click. Take care Michael and talk to you soon. I have A lot to say let me get to another computer amd I will address some things myself.

I was a jw since birth. Reply to Storisea; Thank you for commenting on my experiences with J. Why not ask your current C. In our Ang Hookup Daan Debate Jehovah Witnesses family my nieces were both shunned and put out of the home;One became a hooker and both have drug addiction issues to this day.

Also I agree point 2 and 3 are referring to something very specific to the nation of Israel. Being able to understand what I read in the Bible with clarity. If you come on you will notice that the Bible is the study material. John for some reason your comment got lost but I found it in other files. Where is the courtesy in that?

Their is just no room for aid to problem teens. You got onto me for getting my feelings hurt because of the scorn heaped upon me by fellow brothers and sisters when I started partaking.

Anointed Talk

But after a while you realize they are not anointed to that call;are not your brothers anyway,so I just resigned and continued my own Ang Hookup Daan Debate Jehovah Witnesses. One of the most important scriptures I discovered was 1 John 2: Since I am unshackled from the W.

I have been able to learn many wonderful truths from the Bible and come to know much more about how loving and merciful and kind Jehovah and Jesus really are.

This group of Bible Students in the short time I have been fellowshipping with them has shown remarkable insight into the scriptures and have reached out to me with their hearts and time to welcome and give comfort. God knows ,I needed it because I have been so lonely for Christian association with fellow worshipers of Jehovah and especially who have the all-consuming belief I have of the heavenly call.

Thanks again all for listening and responding good or bad to my comments. John for some reason your click to see more got lost but I found it in other files. Hello and thanks for commenting. Hi John It is nice to read that some one love scripture 1 John 2: John it is hard enough to fight invisible Satan and his demons, but when you get all J.

Hi George, I will call John and let him know he has a post. John can you say some words of encouragement for some dear ones that have had their family turn against them very harshly. What about your experience that helped you be so positive. Anything you say will comfort a few people that are on this site. Trust me the prayers and words are needed for quite a few. One poster named Jubal on this site has been knocked down flat since an elder relative used the most profane and discouraging speech toward him.

This elder was not known to the family he was born of an affair. When Jubal found out years ago he drove a thousand miles to welcome him. Most or all of the relatives including the JW ones distanced themselves from him including Jubal elder brother. Now this man has vellified the only person that came to his aid and behaved as a Christian Ang Hookup Daan Debate Jehovah Witnesses 25 years ago when he was a young man looking for his father.

I will call John now to have him read your post to him. In The love of Christ, Jacqueline. The bible says put no trust in nobles why John??? Bad associations spoil useful habits. My dear Storisea, I read article appreciate all your comments. So you must be searching. Having been a JW for almost 30 years before I chose to leave, I understand so much of what you have said.