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if I follow the advice here and wink back for all I know I could be winking to a lb transvestite wrestler. I always thank them for the wink-just polite. If I get one from a shadow, then I look at the profile and THEN ask them for a photo so I know who I am talking to. Most are very sweet about sending pics if you. 23 Nov I'm new to online dating and Lately I've been receiving quite a few winks from men and I'm not sure how to respond. should I wink back or send an email? What do you recommend? Thanks, Been Winked At. Dear Been,. Overall, my recommended strategy regarding responding to men from. 7 Mar Should I Wink at a Guy I Find Attractive? Do Guys Like Winks on Match? How Should I Respond to a Guy's Wink on Match? These questions are addressed in this post.

Responding to Wink on Match.

Is it a real expression of interest? Don't Be a Jackas A subject line like "good to hear from you," or just "hey there" works fine. It could just be a problem with Match not showing something correctly.

Results 1 to 10 of Join Date Mar Gender: Responding to Wink on Match I tried a search, but couldn't find anything really on point. How do you guys respond to winks on match.

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Or are you more subdued, since they have already shown interest and you haven't? I can never decide whether to reply with the type of e-mail I would have sent her to start things off, or whether it's better to just say "thanks," and let her continue to pursue.

Join Date Jan Gender: Location California Posts I do get these as well and I'm sure there have to be some smoother ways of handling it. Anyone have some good suggestions? Join Date Sep Gender: With these sites women have all the power. Women outnumber men by a huge amount. I bet a lot of women just around winking at everyone and give it a scatter gun approach.

They might have selected 20 people to wink at and article source they can be choosey about who responds.

Pretty difficult one really because you really need to make yourself stand out whilst not giving them even more power. If How To Respond To A Wink On Match just a wink I'd probably do nothing.

How To Respond To A Wink On Match

If they sent you a message it'd be a different story, but a wink is a bit of a lazy way of them expressing interest imo. I get these and usually respond with an email with subject heading "wink? But all you could muster up was a wink?

I bet you can write a entertaining email if you tried Join Date Jul Gender: I usually start with the subject line of "Thanks for the Wink " This way they know right when they see the email in they're inbox that it's from someone who they winked at and will real it quickly. Also, because they winked at you they are already interested in you. Age 46 Posts Originally Posted by SocraticMethod.

I tried a search, but couldn't find anything really on point. Originally Posted by Folsom.

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The number one question I get from guys on this forum is "what's a good opener. What kind of vibe is she putting out there? What kind of vibe are YOU putting out there? It's all about calibration.

If you are an attractive successful man in your 30s you can get away with a lot more than a 40yo dude who lives with two roomies and has a beer gut.

The same thing applies to a wink - you MUST calibrate your response. Spend some time thinking about this, because the wrong response will end the interaction right there, and the correct response sets the stage for every move which follows.

Join Date Aug Gender: Getting a wink is How To Respond To A Wink On Match a good sign, and I believe that you are actually in a position of power when you have received a wink: I find that being genuine works pretty well, as they can really take their pick online.

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A subject line like "good to hear from you," or just "hey there" works fine. Then I do a simple "one-line hook," which is really just one or two sentences, related to something they talk about in their profile, with a direct question about that thing: After that, you can dig deeper into potential conversation threads.

Looking forward to your email Some Great Lines Online Dating: You might want to be a bit more open to taking chances with those guys. Post several additional images so they are able to see other views of how you look. Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe.

Join Date Dec Gender: But I realized I was wasting my time. Second issue is that hotter women who message me tend to be flakes.

I think you are better off not putting much effort into the women who conact you, more effort in you contacting or approaching in real like women you are attracted to. Join Date May Gender: Age 36 Posts You guys are over-thinking the process. The whole "should I chase, will it lower my value blah blah blah" is a waste of head space. Girls are being chased all the time. So much so that, they expect to be chased. It's not a lowering of your value if you chase her.

It's part of the ageless process.

But there's a difference between wanting her and needing her. And that's the line most guys cross. If you are truly attractive and a big part of that comes from mindsetshe will find it hard to reject you.

How To Respond To A Wink On Match

So just email her. All you need to do is to understand that she'll get a lot of emails with "hey" in the subject line or some variation of thatand a message that goes something along this line: Will you please be my friend? Find out what the thousands of men in your country is doing and be different from that.

Same thing with your profile, pictures, lifestyle. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The time now is