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Tired of slow internet on ADSL? Get the fastest wireless fibre internet in Cape Town. Contact Wibre today, on You are here: Home; /; Services; /; Internet; /; Internet. Internet Solutions – WiFi & Fibre Deals. G-Connect WiFi bundles. Hassle-free and convenient Internet connectivity; Cost effective; The fastest growing WiFi hot-spot network in South Africa. Find out more. Routers. Reliable, wireless Internet connection for your home. 28 Feb HX-Systems is one of the leading wireless Internet providers in the Cape Town area | Internet | IP video | VPN | VOIP for Business & Residential customers.

Systems apart from the competition. Contact our team link networking experts for a well-structured package, or a tailor-made solution for your specific internet needs.

Systems provides Mikrotik training to internal staff, individuals and business professionals Contact us for more info on the Mikrotik training courses we offer: Fibre is undoubtedly the future transportation medium for our ever-growing data needs.

Other added benefits of this medium include:.

Our business services are only shared 3: As well as many other places on a short term basis throughout the country. Just for interest what Internet package do you have - who is your ISP and who provides the line? Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their time to answer travelers' questions.

Systems provides internet and other network-related services. In summary — we take the effort out of getting you connected!

Internet Hookup Cape Town South Africa

With excellent coverage of the Helderberg basin, HX. It is a new technology that is expected to bridge the chasm created by the continuous increase in data demand, and also deliver much higher speeds to its users.

LTE at Home.

In a nutshell, it provides improved coverage, greater stability, and a faster internet experience. With LTE-A in ideal network conditions, users will be able to achieve speeds of up to 50mbps. This is all source on the network coverage and overall network condition as it is a contended service offering.

Location is key to obtain proper results, and it is of cardinal importance to make sure that you are covered by viewing our LTE coverage map. Should your values and goals resonate with ours, please have a look at our advertised vacancies.

Our Super Affordable Fibre Internet Packages

More information regarding job descriptions, required qualifications and application deadlines please see below. February 28, Wireless Internet Company Looking for Technical and System Support, if you think you meet requirements read more send a CV and shoulder photo of yourself to rene hx.

Switch to in under 1 minute Do it now. What is this Fibre-Fuss about? Other added benefits of this medium include: Being less susceptible to interference by other electronic waves Less susceptible to cable theft — which is a reality in South Africa Lighter and thinner than metal cables Able to transmit data digitally Fibre is a Long-term infrastructure So how do we get fibre? Contact us below we will discuss your requirements We will apply for your connection given you are in a serviced area Get connected and SURF!

Besides this, we also offer the following: Quick and easy installation — get connected as fast as 24 hours from phone call Cheaper — no need to dig trenches, need less cabling and manpower and upgrades are easier to execute Can provide fibre-like speeds over click technology Easy to move wireless hardware to different locations as needed Lower risk of cable damage or theft Wireless Services.

Internet Hookup Cape Town South Africa

What to expect from LTE-A? We provide tools to manage and support your own clients. We support you with easy prepared contracts for your customers. You can raise your income with an attractive commission model. Our team will support all your technical questions. Apply to become a HX. We at HX-Systems endeavor to deliver high speed, reliable wireless internet to our customers, backed up by excellent customer service. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent and high quality workmanship which we achieve by placing a high value on teamwork, trust and especially communication.


HX-Systems is customer focused and we strive towards continuous improvement. Wireless Internet Company Looking for Technical and System Support, if you think you meet requirements please send a CV and shoulder photo of yourself to rene hx.

Other added benefits of this medium include:. It would be helpful to get information from someone in the Camps Bay area probably. Our network is also fully owned and managed, giving us full control and allowing you a single point of contact at all times.