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24 Oct Most of us likely know that semen is high in protein, but did you know it can help sore throats and even diabetes? Granted, an over-the-counter medication, syrup or vitamin may do the trick, but swallowing a man's salty discharge (as it's been described to me) can kill two birds with one stone: pleasuring. This has to be the most creative BJ line ever. Men of YA take note. You may be able to use this later on in life. Its priceless! If his sperm can travel all that way and then figure out a way to get inside your uterus it deserves a chance to play with your eggs. THE KID IT PRODUCES COULD RULE THE WORLD. Pain discomfort hoarseness can make social interaction difficult for many. Does Sperm Help Tonsillitis Symptoms Allergy Sore Throat or depressed immune system) the fungus can multiply and cause symptoms. Green poop how long does take to work for tonsillitis mebendazole mg indicaciones de la Is safe for.

I searched for a remedy for a sore throat. This is what I found. You're a philosopher, economist, sociologist, historian, journalist, and revolutionary socialist. I heard he's actually a professional scientist.

Does Semen cure sore throats?

Semen is quite a cocktail of hormones, plus i heard the zinc in semen does help with colds. Also there's the psychological effect, which is probably meaningful. Ya know, I have been having a lil' tickle in the back of my throat today.

Is your boyfriend busy? Only part of the joke. Is it a novelty account if it's my only account? Hrm, although there is a bit of novelty behind being able to anonymously be who I want to continue reading. Surely that was covered by the first suggestion? The only important part is that Emehlenb be in a position to benefit from a myth about blowjobs curing sore throats.

That links to an article that says it is a cure but when you click the 'cure' link it takes you to another article on the same site that says it is a myth.

Take it Does Sperm Help A Sore Throat me - it works.

Anyone out there with ready access to semen should consider themselves lucky. I know I do. The amount of nutrients in semen is so minescule that it can't even be counted, the author of that article has no idea what they are talking about. They're doing an experiment to see which will make a comment first.

They've been wearing those clothes for the past 3 weeks. Wait, don't go yet! Explain it to me! Really, I'm beginning to understand why children have a weakened immune system if you think wearing the same clothes 2 Does Sperm Help A Sore Throat in a row is dirty. Or maybe Belgium is one of the dirtiest places in the universe, or you guys are too clean. Or maybe its just me and the people I work with.

I won't wear a shirt two days in a row, I'll wear it twice in a week without a wash no problem but I don't want someone seeing me wearing the same shirt two days in a row, they'll judge me too much.

I found and translated the comment below, http: I'm more afraid for your ass than your throat. Better follow it up with some comeon ice cream. I'm actually quite late on the reply However, it's important to understand that, even though cold substances generally provide a more 'soothing' feeling, it's actually worst for sore throats! It will provide momentary soothing, but then cause mucus to thicken article source form in the throat, making it worst!

The best way to come about it, is lots and lots of warm liquid.

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Things like warm tea will help soothe the throat and kill some of the bacteria with honey, purely for taste though. You don't need to exclusively drink warm beverages though; drinking plenty of water will also help the healing process. In short, drink a lot. It helps to wash down the germs, and you will remove it from your system by urination. If you ever have a throat so sore you are just in agony, there is a cure, but it is a devil's bargain.

Just a few grains of an herb called horehound. But the price you pay is the taste. It is a most revolting taste that never weakens, and lasts just as long as the medicinal effects. Hours and hours of relief and wishing you could set Does Sperm Help A Sore Throat tongue on fire to stop that damned taste!

Even if you wish to trade the pain back to get rid of that horrific taste, you cannot. Your throat feels great, and you want to die. Lucifer himself must have thought this one up. If you just use click at this page actual herb, yeah it's gonna be royal hell getting that taste to go away.

I prefer the candy yep they make hard candy with itworks the same, tastes better, and the taste goes away faster. After a few years of eating it, I actually came to like the taste of it.

Pain discomfort hoarseness can make social interaction difficult for many. As the victim of teenage and childhood sexual abuse, there are certain things that are just off the table. Also consult Ur doctor for proper medicines. Click for an Example.

You can find it in quite a few stores even WalMart used to carry it. Anyone knows any other comics like this? I believe I've seen quite a bit of them before, but I'm not sure what the artists name is.? It looks like it's by a French cartoonist Dany. I don't know for sure, but it looks like his work and multiple others have said Dany as well. It fits his style. It appears to be by Daniel Henrotin Dany whose official site can be found here.

I looked up some of the text based on the little french I speak and found this image which seems to have go here original text.

The comic is pretty similar to the english version. Oh, hey, you don't seem to be very well this morning? J'ai terriblement mal a la gorge, d'ailleurs je crois que je vais rentrez chez moi I have a terribly sore throat, in fact I think I may go back home Je fais un bonne petite pipe a mon mari!

Does Sperm Help A Sore Throat

J'avale tout et hop! I have an infallible cure for that! I give a good ol' blowjob to my husband! Swallow it all, and presto!

Laryngitis Swelling of voice box Causes Ayurvedic Treatment. You cough up some pretty nasty chunks. None of them were french. Men of YA take note. Try fisherman's friend that strong sweet in the supermarketit will help you better than sperm.

You should try it! Your "cure" works great! You did a great job: The only weird part imho is "good small pipe", which I would have translated "good ol' BJ" personally. Not sure if 'pipe' works for blowjob in english the same way it does in french slang, but I could be wrong. I'll edit it to make it a little less awkward.

Haha thanks for the credit: You did a great job with the first sentence then! It's exactly Does Sperm Help A Sore Throat it means. Very good job translating while keeping it close to source, it's actually quite hard to do. And I'm a native french speaker, so I must commend you for your command of my ridiculously hard to learn, full of slang language. It might have been in another language.

I think that's the case because the text more info the pictures very well. If you really want to fix it. Get some warm water and put in a teaspoon of salt. Gargle it to the point of choking slightly. Saved me from getting throat surgery. Without this procedure, you could die! I just had some salt and water, I'm good! More like 4 days, it tastes absolutely terrible but it works.

You cough up some pretty nasty chunks. I tried this by suggestion of my dad. Puked all over the dishes he just washed.

Never tried it again. My friend, she said one time "You know how you sometimes get an itch in the back of your throat and you wish you had a dick to suck to scratch it? As a married woman, I can attest to the power of semen for a sore throat.

Does Sperm Help A Sore Throat

Swallowing helps prevent preeclampsia in pregnant women as well. On my phone and can't find the article, but it's out there. I have been seeing a lot of these comics. Could someone post a link as to where you might find these?

How to Fix a Sore Throat within 2 Minutes! WITHOUT Pills, Herbs or Drugs

If it's strep throat she just transferred that bacteria to his dick and now he has strep. If you're just talking about bacteria alone, it's better to stick your bareback dick in an ass than a mouth.

Not that all bacteria is bad, but random science facts are fun. But I can't imagine someone just searching for any sort of cure for a sore throat and then simply stumbling across this.