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14 May It's normal to feel a bit nervous about making new friends, especially in a city of more than eight million where people don't always know their neighbours or feel like they're part of a community. London life doesn't throw up too many opportunities to turn a friendly chat with a stranger into an actual friendship. 15 Oct As much as we like to deny claims that Londoners are 'unfriendly', it is often rare that we get the urge to strike up conversation with strangers. And this can make it difficult for capital newbies to make friends. Now a new app called 'Excuses to Meet' hopes to solve this problem, by introducing you to people. Make friends in the UK: international penpals, language exchange partners, boyfriends or girlfriends.

How To Find Friends In London Wiki Everything you need to know about visiting, moving to, and living in London. Image Free For this sub without the pics. I am finding it really hard making new friends in London self. TL;DR 37 year-old Canadian expat. Has lived in London for 6. Let me preface this by saying I am not good at making new friends anyway, so I am reaching out to see if the problem is mine, or if it is an issue with London in general. Part of the problem is that it is difficult to see people on a regular basis.

This also means I have to schedule seeing people weeks if not months in advance. This is not fun, and does not really feel like a friendship, which to me, should be effortless and spontaneous. Simply put, if I could find a group of professionals in their late thirties or early forties who would be up for a weekly dinner, this would dramatically improve my quality of life here. A lot of these suggestions miss the point. I meet new people all the timeHow To Find Friends In London the trick is finding the ones that are committed to staying in London and who don't take off every other weekend.

It felt really good to vent my frustrations and to get your feedback and to hear about all the different experiences. For those of you who reached out to me, I will follow up. Ironically, I am busy as well, but if you are committed to London, I am definitely interested in meeting you. Aside from that I am going to make more of an effort to learn British culture and make some British friends.

I am also going to try to get a hobby as it is a more proactive approach and will probably make me feel better in general.

In a similar vein, thinking bob is another platform facilitating new connections through fun and quirky social events. Check out The Sock Moba friendly group of volunteers working with homeless people in the city. Amazingly, 2 people came to a concert with me they knew each other alreadyand we also went to a pub and had a nice chat afterwards for a couple of hours. Thanks for the feedback.

I'm thinking of doing standup comedy classes at City Lit. Maybe see you there? I'm 26, been in London for almost 2 years. My only "friend" here is a former flatmate, we each other probably twice a month on average.

Making friends here is How To Find Friends In London, regardless of what people here you. Same thing with meetup. I've been to a couple of meetups and they were fucking weird. Fortunately, I'll be going home as soon as I'm done with school: I just have to survive til then: Not much to say really.

I've been to a vegan meetup and people were only talking about one thing, plus they all knew each other basically, and were much older than me.

I've tried okcupid as well but the only girls I met were an untalkative German I've no idea why she went out with me a second timeand a crazy-eyed girl who tried to get me drunk while talking about anything non stop. Would you mind talking about it a little bit? I'm tempted to go to one but I can't shake the feeling it would just be too strange and uncomfortable.

How To Find Friends In London

Your comment makes me think I'm right? I've been to two but with friends from work. Both were fun, they are very welcoming to new people and do try to involve everyone. It's worth going to one at least, I think.

You'll know yourself after a drink or two whether it's something you'd enjoy going to regularly. A very strange mix of people ranging from neckbeards who refuse to drink out of anything that isn't their own plastic horn to petite attractive women who are having a terrible night. Find something that interests you and post something on the social club. Unless it is a visit to a darkroom in Uxbridge I reckon someone will be into your kind of stuff.

I did once with a different account.

Maybe its time for you to start a Social Meet Up for activities Chat to budding entrepreneurs, get inspired and enjoy a hard earned drink or two. I totally underestimated how tough it would be to re-establish close and long lasting friendships in London. Perhaps you need to re-think your living situation.

Amazingly, 2 people came to a concert with me they knew each other alreadyand we also went to a pub and had a nice chat afterwards for a couple of hours. I sent a message to one of them after 2 or 3 weeks, they told me How To Find Friends In London were busy and then disappeared. Sounds like you had a decent night and you're doing it right.

Most of the best nights out I have are when people are visiting me here. I bowl in a league and I am not friends with anyone in in the sense that we would meet out of the lanes, but the weekly nod of approval and the occasional bit of piss taking is warmly welcomed.

5 Ways To Make New Friends in London - The Collective

If you find yourself in N10 give me a shout. Always happy to go for a pint with a potential internet strangler. Only be worried about N10 if you are allergic to double buggies, artisan cheese and the occasional furtive sighting of Peter Capaldi buying bog roll. The booking time with friends thing - totally get it, people are busy, and far apart 45 mins on the northern line for How To Find Friends In London bbq? Unless you live next door. I find I How To Find Friends In London friends all around London now, some closer than others and it's easier to meet up with those that are closer though they are just as likely to say I'm off to The Shire to visit my parents as the next international, seriously, the locals have family too, it's not limited to expats.

But I find that when making plans, you make many in advance, and you appreciate them all the more when you meet up. It's part of the way of life, the only casual meetings I ever have are accidental or after work with work people. I don't think I am alone in this, it's a Big city thing. Drinking is a big thing here, but you don't need to be a drunk, so go out for that after work drink and get to know your local colleagues.

Its much easier to talk and be open and honest after a glass of wine that it is t-total at a mixer. Sport, I hate organised sports, and it was fundamentally the hardest thing ever to try and give a shit about something. I picked rugby, not the popular choice but it depends on your crowd.

Either way, pick something so you don't come across as a bizarro and learn the rules, keep up to date with what's going on with the major clubs just listen to the sports section of Radio 4 today programme, it's like 10 minutes and tells you everything you need to know to keep up with a conversation. Ultimately you may fall in with a non sporty crowd and it won't be an issue but it just really really helps this web page you won't be relegated as that guy that gets picked last for the sports team, cause that's a thing.

There are loads of good local meet up groups on meetup. If you don't want strangers, then work is your biggest social sphere, dive into it and drown for a bit. If they are too young, then you are going to have to make time, and that means sports clubs, the gym, a hobby, meet ups, dinner clubs, there are so many it's hard to do them all, and some will totally suck.

Get others to introduce you - sometimes one person can lead to many, it's just a matter of being around them when they meet others. But you need to be willing to make the effort to hang on until you meet people you feel are in the right sphere for you.

Sounds cynical, but can be very effective, if hard to pull off without being a creeper. Everyone I know here is British, and they How To Find Friends In London i'm a friggin alien, but at least one that gives a shit, and we have a good time, at dinner, or a bbq, or a pub meet up or maybe just for a movie.

But they are locals, and pretty cool - but you have to make the effort otherwise you'll always be the outsider. I'm not saying become a social butterfly that is steeped in the lore and the norms of the English, but be aware, dive in and stop being 'apart', they will not come to you, you need to go to them. One thing that really helped me with that was to start making plans in advance.

Normally, during the week I'd be trying to organize something for that weekend, but I noticed everybody already had plans.

So I started to arrange meetings even going to the pubat least 2 weeks before sometimes, ever more than a month before. I've struggled in London for over a decade. I make acquaintances where I work and we How To Find Friends In London out but once I move on to another job, we seldom see each other any more.

Making friends in a new city

Like someone else said, between kids and work, middle age is lonely. Thank god I don't have to date or try to find a partner here! The one thing that has helped me was finding a somewhat niche hobby. There are a few like minded people that I get along with and we hang out outside of club activities. But you have to find something you enjoy and that has a participant base in the UK. I make plan months in advance to catch up with friends. My best mate lives a 10 minute walk around the corner, I see him every 2 months or so.

Harder in your 30's? I'm 37, I tend to meet one or How To Find Friends In London new awesome peeps every month or so. I love londonsocialclub and I've made a lot of good friends from there, but I've found Meetup. I'm in my twenties, I drink, and even I didn't really make friends during my first year here. If you're not into team sports there are a million other things you could try.

Also, forgive the source advice coming from someone so much younger than you, but one thing I've realised is that that spontaneous quality of friendship that you crave doesn't just happen. You've got to kick-start it by making plans, texting people first, etc. It takes work and it takes time.

How To Find Friends In London

Even with the friends I've made now, we still have to organise times to catch up weeks in advance via Facebook because people are read article busy. It's the nature of life in London. Go ahead and organise that dinner - if you don't, who will? Seriously though, you don't drink, you don't party, you don't like sport, you don't get any of our cultural references after six and a half years You are right about sport.

Maybe that is an issue. But I did party for years with a bunch of expats and a lot of them have gone. Now when I go out, it is with new people who are that much younger.

Join a Class

Makes me feel weird. Also, keep in mind that as an expat, you hang around other expats, and so don't get a chance to learn the local culture.