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23 Apr Take heart tho, I have a friend who literally vomits just at the sight or smell of it, nevermind any notion of her actually swallowing it, so your one up there if your wife is not running off heaving up no matter where your semen ends up. (Luckily she has an understanding hubby who accepts her weak stomach. 1 Aug Sarah, my second wife, loves oral sex, both giving and receiving. She sucks me then I fuck her then eat her out. I learned to like cum both mine and others we've shared with. That is why I do think couples should talk openly about their sex life before they get married. My first wife was only interested in. Girlfriend just swallowed during a BJ for the first time a couple days ago and I asked her what she thought and she said she loves giving BJs but doesn't really like the taste of cum. She's really good about making sure I am satisfied and I'm starting to hint at how much I enjoy her swallowing it, but is there.

All Christian sex bloggers eventually get around to the question: You demonstrate love and acceptance on a very primal level that goes beyond words. God himself describes the passion of oral sex better than Http:// ever could. Bonnie Wallace says that semen is the perfect food for a wife. In addition, it also has some great mind-altering effects.

How To Make Wife Swallow Cum

It boosts melatonin, which helps you sleep, and oxytocin, which increases affection and boosts your mood. You know how they say that breast milk is the most perfect food for an infant? Well, semen is a pretty darn close comparison for the perfect sex food for check this out wife. She also gives some helpful tips, so I recommend that wives head over to her place and read the whole article.

Depending on how often you How To Make Wife Swallow Cum sex, a LOT may come out down there. Instead, it works better to drink it like a water fountain, swallowing and drawing more into your mouth at the same time. Granted, there still may be too much to get it all, but it works a lot better this way than the other. Thanks for the reference! Great post and nice to hear from the male perspective. Definitely agree that wives should try to learn to enjoy swallowing during oral sex.

My wife is convinced she cannot let me come in her mouth. She is not into giving blow jobs. Married 39 years on July 2nd. I have prayed for years for her heart to change. Were you hesitant at one time at giving oral sex? What changed for you? I love performing oral sex on her. It is my favorite erotic act and is off the charts arousing. Glad you are on board with this being female.

My wife wants no part of me squirting near her face! Your man must be thrulled out of his mind! Thanks Bonnie for your posting. Glad to hear you are on board with this!

My wife does source want it anywhere near her face or mouth even though I have expressed my desire for me to give her a facial and ultimately swallow. Originally Posted by PervedOut. A letter allows you to take the time to say exactly what you want to say, and it allows her to receive the information when she likes, and then reflect before replying. Ease her into discussion of the 2nd wind phenomenon and be an adult. What a great story, thank you for sharing it.

You must have a lucky man for sure! Thanks for leaving the first comment our blog has ever received! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! Sometimes even catching a breath can be a trick. I love the juices of my wife! However she wants no part of a facial from me. She will How To Make Wife Swallow Cum before I get there. It does burn my throat really bad, and my husband is not offended in the least if I spit it out.

He does not feel rejected. I would question the underlying psychological issues in a man who NEEDS his wife to swallow, why does he feel that way? Cortisol is chemical most commonly produced in response to stress. Any references on how this is supposed to increase affection, or are How To Make Wife Swallow Cum just spouting inaccuracies without checking your sources? I stand by my main thesis for wives: As for cortisol, I was quoting Bonnie. So my first hurdle was simply getting her to suck me.

Her normal blow job would last about two minutes, and then on to other business. I have had my tongue between her legs article source more than an hour on several occasions. Recently, she changed her attitude. She seems to be enjoying sucking me. Then, during one blow job, she started telling me she wanted me to cum in her mouth and she wanted to swallow my cum.

She swallowed every drop. First time after 30 years of marriage. She had attempted to swallow before but let most of my semen drip out before swallowing very little of it. For me, it was a whole new level of acceptance for me. A level I had never felt. We men have a primal need to please and satisfy our lady.

I have always put her pleasure first. I actually wrote about that blow job. You can read about it here: Agree that wives ought to try accepting the semen and swallowing. Many wives find that it is not that big a deal once they try it a few times. Too many wives just reject the idea of swallowing without trying it. We have written at length on this as well. Letting go of the mental block and the fear is a big help to a wife in this area.

At the learn more here least, the wife ought to allow her husband to finish in her mouth. You are a incredible husband. Indeed your wife is very lucky to have u between her legs for an hour. This shows you care and love you wife pleasure. The real joy of ultimate great married love is nothing great than having oral sex with great feelings. Indeed, I do the How To Make Wife Swallow Cum to my wife, I make sure when I smooch my wife sweet thing she at least release her orgasm twice or thrice, after all its all about the grand pleasure she experience.

You husbands do provide to your wife a great powerful substance which makes her strong and strengthen your relationship. Also make sure she also get maximum pleasure as u receive by going down to her. My wife does not want it anywhere near her face or mouth even though I have expressed my desire for me to give her a facial and ultimately swallow.

One of the best gifts a husband can receive is knowing his wife desires him in that way. I so tell my wife how much i love tasting her and how much of a turn on it is!

The sad thing is that many wives delay and refuse to do this for years. Though I can't say I know all of the express details not Catholic, just know some of it, haha. It just might put you at ease.

Nothing turns me on more than a strong assertive woman, as I perceive you are from your comment, that swallows. My wife swallows all the time. I would probably feel less exclusive.

How To Make A Girl Squirt

I do love my husband and want to make him happy, but I guess I must just be extra sensitive to textures or something. If he does, it might be a taste you could acquire. My advice, Clementia, is keep trying. Try the chocolate sauce or something else.

How can I make my wife swallow? - relationship advice

See if it helps. Also, how do the women feel about their husband going down on them after their husband has had an orgasm?

How To Make Wife Swallow Cum

The first time was a bit weird but I got over it quickly when she was bucking on my face in ecstasy. Out of curiosity, does your husband usually come first? Yes, he normally reaches orgasm first. What I love is that I can sometimes make him aroused once again by the mere sight of me dripping in his semen!

My Cum Swallowing Phobia

My wife loves when I cum on her breast, stomach or on the outside of her girl parts. She really enjoys when I lick it up and touch her body; so much that we normally can work in session number 2.

That is amazing to hear.

I had to learn to enjoy the taste of my cum. But like alcohol once you gain the desire for the flavor it becomes intoxicating. Now the thought, smell and flavor of cum just brings the experience of the intimacy to a full charged sexual experience. We finally got to the point that we have to share and assign who gets to enjoy the semen.

This just brings the excitement and enjoyment up one level. But we are in it together. At least you are willing to take it on your face! Gotta love those facials! Hope the swallowing cums easier for you! About five years ago I had a huge orgasm in my wife.