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What to say to a friend who is down in the dumps. By Erin Kyna, Erin Kyna Life Coaching. We've all been there – on the receiving end of someone's well intended, but painfully inappropriate comments. “You'll get over it”, “Calm down”, “You'll be fine”, “Go punch an indoor plant” (seriously – it happened). As awkward as it. 1 Mar What do you say to someone who’s depressed? “Sometimes people will say, ‘Oh, you’re depressed? Below is a list of helpful things to tell someone battling depression, followed by what not to say, courtesy of the Depression Alliance. 9 May Or your usually stoic buddy broke down about his girlfriend dumping him. Interacting with someone who's sad and hurting can be awkward; you want to be there for them, show your empathy, and strengthen your relationship, but it's hard to know how to act and what to say. A lot of us end up sitting there.

When Someone You Know has Depression. It is most tempting, when you find out someone is depressed, to attempt to immediately fix the problem. However, until the depressed person has given you permission to be their therapist as a friend or professionalthe following responses are more likely to help. I am not going to leave you.

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How to Help Someone Who is Depressed. Grouchy, angry, irritable and depressed: Looking for help on this… My neighbor, who is 79 and weighs about 90lbs wet, has a daughter about 50 who is depressed all of the time.

Practice breathing exercises and read about the power of forgiveness. Sometimes the smallest gestures go a long way, Dalack explains. Just throw it in the freezer if you want.

Her daughter sleeps and read article so much that her muscles no longer cooperate to even get her out of bed to go to the restroom or to stand herself up. Looking for any guidance… Her mom says she is on anti-depressant not sure what kindbut it appears to me its not working. Just want a way to wake her daughter up and want to start helping herself. Can someone please help me and tell me what to do.

Hey…am touched by this and it really saddens. That might be how you feel right now. But life is just like that.

What To Say To Someone Who Is Down

I have to go back to school in 2 days and I am NOT happy about it. I want to meet Skrillex. I just wish he was my age again. He was born on Source 15, and I was born on June 10, I am a 9th grader at East Junior High.

So all you gotta do is prove What To Say To Someone Who Is Down wrong and STAY. I feel like when my mom approaches me and asks me something… I automatically explode…It sets me offtune. And Learn more here later feel terrible. She is an amazing woman. Along with her wonderful, suffering girlfriend. My son has finally told us he had been feeling this way for years and has been keeping it all inside….

It was so cool. My daughter is depressed and I found good and useful statements to help her. Other than that I agree with everything: Sometimes just being there and waiting with them for the storm to pass can help to. Space can be important but not too much space. Will think of more later.

How do I help from here? Just want link way to wake her daughter up and want to start helping herself. But this list of best things… simply asking someone for a hug means your needy and who want that around! Register now I forgot my password. Reply Thank you for saying that.

It is lonely and painful. With my boyfriend and I both fighting depression, we usually know what to do. Though I still look up ways to make him feel better. He stays by my side and constantly tells me he loves me and cares for me.

It shows that even over camera, ooVoo, or Skype you can still be there to help your love with his struggles with sadness. The best thing that helped me overcome my depression was my best friend.

7 Of The Most Helpful Things You Can Say To Someone With Depression

Thank you for writing such true and powerful words. I even have strong suicidal thoughts. I read this and it is just that simple, a hug or kind word. I love it when my wife hugs me or even just a gentle touch. When my 13 year old Daughter says are you Continue reading daddy, it fills my heart to the point of exploding with joy.

My two sons when they play their musical instruments, or pass a milestone in their lives, just fills me. A hug from a good friend or even a stranger gets the job done.

I hope this sight is still active. Just looking at this list may be cry remembering when the first person I told said these things to me. I am really grateful that someone was there for me who cared as much as they did.

Show me you care, in my darkest hours what I need is physical contact, a hug, a touch, simple physical reassurances that I am not alone.

What To Say To Someone Who Is Down

Repeat process from time to time. We have to think daily about what is it that makes us happy and creative and enjoy our lives: Suicide is a long term-solution to a short-term problem. Not say anything at all. People get so flustered by the best things to say article source really all I want is someone to hold my hand and just let me talk. I also like hugs.

What can I do for you? I love it whenever someone gives me a hug. My best friend had been in a depression herself and she knows how it feels, and she knows that I have it also. Whenever she sees me, she runs at me and gives me a huge hug.

Why is it the list of best things is one page… but the list of worse things to say is pages long… the people around me say they cant say anything to me anymore, and the list of worst things to say REALLY are the worse things to say, I got tons floating just click for source my head…. But this list of best things… simply asking someone for a hug means your needy and who want that around!

A phonecall at middle of nightfrom a depressed friend: At the end we can only laugh: Hey qt, just sending you some happy thoughts to help you along. Hope you get them — a txt from my husband when he knew i was having a bad day. I think the person named Carey above has a dream husband. Random affection is really nice as well.

He loves and accepts you anyway. When I tell him to shut up, he holds my hand and stays with me. Sometimes, my girlfriend will end up getting really pissed off at me no matter what I say or do. Does she maybe have borderline personality disorder? What To Say To Someone Who Is Down does hurt, but hang in there, she really does love you.

Irritability is a huge symptom of depression. Then screenshot the paragraph. She says that things like that mean everything.

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Keep your head up and see her through the hard times. Wow you really have mastered the art of little things. Little things thathat women enjoyment you will go very far in life. And be happy with it. So, my daughter has suffered from escalating depression since a teen. I do understand and appreciate what is happening to her — enough that I knew intuitively not to make judgements about the way she feels about some things, no matter how unreasonable they seem to me, enough not to try and convince her she is wrong in how she perceives the world.

I have never considered platitudes appropriate. She rages at me no matter the discussion or situation, and I bite my tongue to keep my mouth shut over the contradictions and distortions…then find myself lost when she demands some response.

I accept that I have not handled everything correctly in her life I was sick for many yearsbut I have always strived to care and provide for her, have always done everything I could to show my love. Our relationship is deteriorating, I am deteriorating under the almost constant judgement and yelling about how wrong I am, even when I try to correct my actions or speech, even when I try to apologize and assure her I accept the accusations no matter how misguided.

What am I supposed to do? I am in the same boat. My girlfriend and I live on opposite ends of the earth. But I am finding it so hard to find ways to comfort her when we cannot see one another. She gets very irritated with me because I do not know what to do or say to What To Say To Someone Who Is Down her in her times of need. She does have borderline personality disorder as well.

Can anyone give me suggestions? Hi, I am currently struggling and looking for strength to hang in. My partner is depressed and she stopped taking her meds read more ago. Everything gets questioned but other days are fantastic!! What I want to ask you is, should I also say what your husband said for you?? I want to but am afraid to sometimes. Knowing your own darknesses can help you help others. Some people actually do understand what a person is going through.

I was still there for them and said Http:// understand what they were going through even though I never went through it.