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Can a Sexless Marriage Be a Happy Marriage?

Can a sexless marriage be happy? | Daily Mail Online

15 Apr For some people, 10 times a year would be a lot of sex! But also, not everyone is married and what does sexless mean to a couple? No sexual contact? Or just lack of intercourse? Then you get into the debate on sex and intimacy.” Sex and intimacy are not the same thing. You can have intimacy but no sex. 22 Nov Can a long-term union be happy without sex? One year-old mom says yes. She anonymously shares all the not-so-dirty details of why not getting busy led to her wedded bliss. 23 Apr For married couples in the United States, failure to have sex with a spouse who wants affection is considered desertion and can still be valid grounds for divorce in states where fault is assigned to one party or the other. (All states have no-fault status, but some continue to include fault status as well.

Being held hostage in a sexless marriage is, to some, nothing short of torture.

Sex is not only physically pleasurable; it is also an avenue for intimacy and emotional—and sometimes, mental and spiritual —connection. It is a stress reliever when a relationships is strong, but it can be the cause of tremendous stress when a relationship is not.

In some places around the world, a wife doesn't have the legal right to refuse sex to her husband. For married couples in the United States, failure to have sex with a spouse who wants affection is considered desertion and can still be valid grounds for divorce in states where fault is assigned to one party or the other.

All states have no-fault status, but some continue to include fault status as well. While "fault" doesn't impact financial go here child custody agreements, it can be used to expedite divorce proceedings. Donnelly identified childbirth and affairs as the two leading causes of the cessation of sex between a husband and wife:.


There are other causes that lead one or both spouses to lose the desire to be physically intimate with their mate. Hurt feelings that never healed may turn into resentment, and not having sex may be a way to "get back at" or feel a sense of power over the other. Working too hard at a new job may drain a person of his or her energy to the point where there is no interest in sexual connection.

When couples find themselves in this spot, the choices are limited—couples therapy ; suffering in silence; an extramarital affair; or divorce. More couples may be choosing open marriages, in which the spouses agree that being sexual with someone outside the marriage is okay.

In her book, Marriage Confidential: Today, divorce is a far more accepted option than having multiple sex partners. But for those who get along reasonably well, or are co- parenting young children, or who want to stay together for financial reasons, an open marriage may be a compromise. As New York University professor Judith Stacey, the author of Unhitchedsees it, fidelity more a function of honesty rather than strictly of sexual exclusivity.

She believes that authenticity and respect are much more important qualities in a healthy marriage than sex. A completely sexless marriage is the ultimate "Friendzone" that young men complain about when a girl is their "best friend" and rebuffs any attempt at a romantic involvement.

If that is the state your marriage is in, and you want to stay together for whatever reason, then perhaps an open marriage will work because the other partner simply does not CARE if you have sex with others. I've been giving "swinger" advice for a good number of years and open marriages tend to overlap into swinger discussion even though the two a very different things.

Long run, based on these interactions is that an open marriage is usually going to end up badly. Not always, but somewhere in there, the one who is being refused sex is going to find someone who wants them sexually and offers them emotional comfort as well. That partner often will leave the original spouse. It happens enough in couples were the open marriage is more about kink and less about lack of sex. In one where its from a sexless marriage its basically a death sentence to the original marriage.

Not that I'm sure thats a bad thing in a sexless marriage. I can't say my sample size is large but I've known one such couple personally, and several via forums and ALL ended up divorced.

In swinging we have a truism, you don't fix a bad marriage with swinging, that will fail, you enhance a good one. Open marriages are Can You Be Happy In A Sexless Marriage that as well only worse since its not a "together" activity like swinging but a "don't wait up for me" one.

I come from a divorced family where my mom had affairs and slept around. My dad was emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually distance from us. It really effected me to where I'm still in counseling. I was Can You Be Happy In A Sexless Marriage up Catholic and I'm strongly against open marriages. I'm a Pagan though. I've studied Paganism for a while and the only thing that I don't like about it is its sexual freedom.

Funny how life works, I know many who claim to be Catholic, Christian, and Mormon, who are ok with consensual non-monogamy. I agree with you that there are several individuals that claim to Can You Be Happy In A Sexless Marriage Catholic, Christian, and Moman who are ok with consensual non monogamy.

Can You Be Happy In A Sexless Marriage

There individuals are buying into a lie and are NOT truly christians, catholics and mormans. They are claiming the religion but not living it or practicing it. I agree with you but also the bible says to not have sex at all unless you are married and ALL religions ignore this LOL! People just pick and choose so my own personal opinion on religion is this "If you cannot be all in and follow the entire bible then why bother at all?

I could never commit to that either. Fornication goes on all the time in every faith and people just ignore it. Those people who march around bashing gays, how many of them waited to have sex until after marriage? You know the answer. Just a case of choosing to hate homosexuality and accepting fornication. There is no such thing as True Christians, Catholics, Can You Be Happy In A Sexless Marriage. You can read a bible and love God from home and in your own heart.

Be a GOOD person. That is all we need to do. You can claim to be anything. However, practicing it is something else. I have always practiced it. So, I am in the minority and that is a shame. I respect your comment. It's because we know men aren't beholden to us. And anyway, there are plenty of men who lose interest in sex in relationships.

I appreciate the idea of sex, but I feel about it like I feel about working out: I would not give that up to be in a relationship. My husband has done none of these, although refraining from sex is abuse in a way.

I know quite a few examples I lived one, it sucked. I think the friendzone thing is more when a guy has Can You Be Happy In A Sexless Marriage female friends. If he isn't attracted, it isn't an issue. In that regard I'd say they're no diff from women who like a guy friend in 'that way' but it isn't being reciprocated. So maybe the friendzone thing isn't sexist so much as just one of the perils of being a sexual human being. I live in a sexless marriage. As of today I haven't had sex in at least the last 8 months - and it's not on me I'm up for it at nearly any given moment.

My husband has a testosterone deficiency and PTSD and has zero interest in sex. As a result - we are polyamorous, though click the following article actively. My own anxiety issues, distance from the nearest city and obligations as a parent have left me largely unable to Can You Be Happy In A Sexless Marriage it - but that door is open for both of us should we choose to use it.

There are a great many people who don't like our lifestyle They don't have to like it. Why, then, is it sexist? I don't know if it is sexist or not, but it sure is annoying. The reason being that it puts the individual referred to in a box with fixed traits. People don't like to be labeled, because most people don't fit completely into these labels.

One of the most horrible responses I remember receiving when I talked about something or did something was "so, you are one of those".

The friend zone thing is also annoying for another reason: There is something about it that expresses negativity about the connection with the person one is calling the friend zone.

Can a sexless marriage be happy?

It is like saying there is something inadequate about her company. It also seems to tend towards an implied demand.

But the fact is that even couples who are unable to have full intercourse for medical reasons can nonetheless give each other sexual satisfaction in other ways — whereas a marriage based merely on hugging and kissing, however loving it may be, is a celibate relationship. Sometimes, all you need to do is communicate. I have a child in college and several others to follow.

I was the one that let sex fall to the wayside in my previous relationship. Now Can You Be Happy In A Sexless Marriage the present relationship I am getting really tired of being the only one trying to keep sex into the relationship. The present guy has no time or interest. He only shows interest in me when he is drunk and I am not having sex with a drunk. Things do not work. The truth is the truth. Friendzone means you are her TOOL, fulfilling all the needs a woman has that are not sexual.

You are not her lover, but you are providing everything she needs while she waits for the right penis, with the right face, the right job, the right social connections, the right money. Until then, you are just a placeholder. Some of them are just di ks without one. There IS a friendzone, where the male is a resource, nothing more, who will never 'earn' the privilege of her desire BUT she will also never say so.

Can You Be Happy In A Sexless Marriage

As someone who is a swinger, perhaps you are not the best person to give advice on open marriages. They dont work for you, ok, but here's the wonderful catch of humanity: Not everyone is the same.

As someone who ran a polyamory "open marriage" group for several years I can tell you with confidence there are s of couples, about that I know personally, who make non-monogamy work for them. They come from all spectrums too, from young couples to families with children and older retired adults. Non-monogamy allows them to share a deep love with their partner, and yet also have love for another person. May not work for everyone, but clearly, it article source well for them, and for some have been working well for decades.

Can Couples Survive a Sexless Marriage?

It seems like you're equating a bad marriage with open marriage - any bad marriage is going to fail if you add another person including new children because the relationship itself has already failed.