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26 May Basically some girls are just offering a place to sleep, some just want to cuddle, and some actually want something. The bed is just another place and you can't assume . I've never seen anyone do the "hey, come over and sleep in my bed with me!" invitation before. However, like most people here, I've. Got asked to sleep over at this girl I've been on a couple of dates with. When we got to bed we start making out a bit and I try to initiate sex. She says she doesn't want to because she's sick (probably on her period). We proceed to talk for a few hours and she tells that she wants to get to know me better and. I had a female friend that one night slept over my place in my bed with me and I didn't make a move because.. I thought she just Most of the time girls don't just sleep close to a guy in their bed in less they want or hope that, that guy is gonna make at least a small gesture of interest toward her. I have a few close guy .

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Girl Wants Me To Sleep Over

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Does this actually happen? I would never sleep in the same bed as someone I link romantically interested in. If I have a guest over to spend the night I'll give them my bed, but I'll sleep on the couch. Or, if it's a friend and we're watching a movie marathon or Doctor Who marathon in the living room I'll take the floor and my friend can take the couch.

So, does this actually happen with any frequency? Have you ever done this? This seems to send mixed messages, so if you have done this, why? This got a lot more replies than I continue reading expected!

Thank you all for your thorough responses, I really appreciate that you took the time to do so. I'm sorry I can't reply to everything, but I've read through most of them and it's very enlightening. Thank you all once again.

I have Girl Wants Me To Sleep Over friend who has a problem with guys trying to and succeeding sleep in her bed with her. She has a number of parties at her house, her brother and roommate often invite extras to these parties. Because she shows these guys a ounce of niceness and the alcohol, the often insist on sleeping in her bed and often try to initiate sex. The get cranky when she refuses and then refuse to leave the bed. She often has to sleep on her own couch cause of these idiots.

She link really have a conversation with her brother and roommate, that sounds like a situation that could get dangerous.

Wow, I couldn't imagine being in your own home and having to deal with that. I feel bad for her.

The bed is just another place and you can't assume anything. Also, your right about getting some. They like to set boundaries and close doors before anything happens, probably because they fear you are like their ex's, or they are scared of commitment, or they have deep insecurities which is true for 90 per-cent of women. I was a small bed, so I guess there was snuggling.

Maybe I'm an asshole, but it's hard for me to feel bad for people who don't stick up for themselves. Something like that shouldn't happen more than once. Tell her to install a lock on the inside knob of her door. Then she can lock herself in and keep the drunken louts out.

They have no right to force themselves into her room and onto her bed like that, and she absolutely doesn't have to let them just to "be nice" or try to keep the peace! She needs a good sturdy lock. And an aluminum baseball bat, just in case. And her brother needs to be knocked on the head if he doesn't protect her from these guys, too. Her brother thinks it is funny. He is a complete shit head in my opinion. She is just very bad at being firm with people. I've told her this but she doesn't want Girl Wants Me To Sleep Over put locks on and she doesn't want to upset people.

Girl Wants Me To Sleep Over

I can't force her to. If she is going to voluntarily continue to be a doormat, then she shouldn't be surprised when people wipe their feet on her.

Sometimes i even think it would be better than a night of sex. So we don't care if you get an erection for thinking about a table, the wind blowing, birds chirping, or putting on your socks. It's usually after a party of some sort and some boozing. If I were spooning in bed with someone I had no sexual desire for, and he popped a chubby, I'd institute a buffer pillow between us. Ummm, truth is that's totally new to me and I don't know if I'm or we are ready for that.

Sometimes people like that are so frustrating I hope she smartens up before one of those assclowns rapes her. She's putting herself in such a vulnerable position, all to protect the feelings of people whose feelings shouldn't matter to her at all.

5 Ways to Know She Likes You

She doesn't want to shake the image people have of her of a "nice" girl. Though later she will spend a large time complaining about it to her close friends. As much as I want to force her to be smarter about it, I can't. I hope nothing worse happens to her because of this.

But if it does I will be there for her. Well then what you do is explain your fears to one or two of her guy friends, bring out their protective instincts and watch the fireworks.

I used to have parties at my house fairly often. Sometimes I would offer to share my bed with a friend if it got late. If anyone tried that shit though, they would have continue reading summarily deposited outside my front door on their ass. I've slept in the same bed as a a female friend plenty of times. Sometimes it leads to something and sometimes it doesn't.

Because I've been in so many different situations and everyone views it differently.

She wants to sleep over. Does it mean anything?

Just a couple days ago I was stay at a friend's place. I was all ready to sleep on the couch and she comes out and asks me why I'm in the living room and not sleeping in the bed. I get a bit Girl Wants Me To Sleep Over because she never seemed interested before, so I just head to her room without getting to excited. No intention of sex.

It's just how some people are. Basically some girls are just offering a place to sleep, some just want to cuddle, and some actually want something.

The bed is just another place and you can't assume anything. I have absolutely done this. I have an amazing, newish king sized bed and my couch is hellishly uncomfortable.

Unless I feel like you're a threat, you may sleep in my bed regardless of gender. Also, there's no way in hell I'm going to sleep on Girl Wants Me To Sleep Over couch when I've paid good money for that awesome bed.

In the mean time, I now am at a stage in my life that I have a guest bed that I can gladly offer first. I know the feeling of a newish king sized bed. It's so good you almost want to share! I've had "nap orgys" were me and friends will go pass out on it at once, guys and girls. I think five sleeping on our California king is the most we've done. Two girls three guys after lans.

One of my friends had this crazy hard Asian mattress and I swear falling asleep on it was the worst thing ever but waking up on it felt like a rebirth. I've passed out on that thing with 4 other people best two hour sleep of my life. Yep, some people are just generous. Or like to cuddle.

Signs a girl wants to sleep with you! Guys must watch!

Girls sometimes like to just cuddle with me and I'm fine with that.