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How to Prevent Arguments With Your Husband or Wife (Tips To Avoid Marriage-Killing Conflicts)

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15 Oct Are you wishing your spouse or significant other treated you with more kindness, love and respect? If so, I have good news and bad news: 1. The good: I have formula that absolutely works when there is any potential for greater kindness in a relationship. 2. The bad: Wishing is not enough. You have to be. Your words can make a difference in the life of your husband. 27 Sep I am always saddened when I hear this, because I also wonder what the wife would think if she knew that her husband was speaking about her that way, and I wonder what she says Here is an idea- when you're out in public, socializing, make sure to say something nice about your wife to other people.

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I never really believed it until my husband and I landed in therapy after four years, two kids and one seismically stressful cross-country move. Turns out you really can't just flip the switch to autopilot source trust love to take care of itself; you have to devote actual time and effort to understanding and appreciating your spouse.

How To Be Nicer To Your Husband

Anyone who is married knows that's not always a simple feat. Here's what relationship research and a touch of game theory tells us about how to become a better spouse. A lot of modern relationship therapy is based on the research of John Gottman, a prolific psychologist famous for videotaping thousands of couples and dissecting their interactions into quantifiable data. One of his most concrete findings was that happier couples had a ratio of five positive interactions to every negative interaction.

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It was true in very different types of relationships, including those in which the people were very independent and even distant or argumentative. These positive interactions don't have to be grand gestures: To resolve conflicts, Gottman says we can learn from game theory—the study of conflict and decision making used in political science, sociology and economics.

It used to be widely accepted that negotiations were mostly zero-sum situations, meaning one party's gain was the other party's loss.

In mathematician John Nash proved there was another, better outcome: I'm reminded of a recent situation in my own marriage—my husband hated the house we bought a couple of years ago and wanted to move to a different neighborhood; I liked the house just fine and didn't want to go anywhere. After much discussion, we realized that what we both really want is to settle in somewhere for the long haul.

Worse, when we are attached to negative experiences like rejection, deprivation and being controlled, we unwittingly seek these things about by virtue of our actions. No important relationship can flourish without a healthy other focus. He was smiling more, showing me link, running my bath, cooking dinner and taking the children off my hands. I want to compassionately encourage you:

If the current house is not a place my husband feels he can settle in, then I can't truly settle in either. So we're moving next month, for both our sakes!

How to Prevent Arguments With Your Husband or Wife (Tips To Avoid Marriage-Killing Conflicts)

Find the Nash equilibrium in your conflict, and you'll both get your needs met. In his research, he has found that couples who stay happy at least during the first seven years pick up on these cues for attention and give it 86 percent of the time. Pairs who ended up divorced did so 33 percent of the time. Baerger, assistant professor of clinical psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

If we consistently turn away, then over time the foundation of the marriage can slowly erode, even in the absence of overt conflict. Observations of couples at home reveal that people who focus on the negative miss many of the positive things that their partners are doing.

How To Be Nicer To Your Husband

Happy spouses, however, ignore the annoyances and focus on the good. More of the good stuff.

One woman argues that those who think so are fantasists Your current password has not been changed. Practice phase one consistently until you feel you have it down, solid. If there is childcare to arrange make take care of those in advance. Instead, try "How do you feel about how your day went?

It's this lesson that I'm going to try to implement right away. The guy I'm married to leaves dirty shirts balled up on the floor, never loads the dishwasher correctly and can be prickly when he hasn't had enough sleep—but he is an amazing husband. He's honest, shares his feelings, hugs and kisses me, and basically acts like I matter. I want to show him how much he matters, too, and that all the other stupid little stuff doesn't.

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