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How To Draw A Female Face: Step By Step

How to Draw a Beautiful Girl |

Find and save ideas about Girl drawing easy on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Pretty easy drawings, Easy drawings and Drawings of people. I'm afraid I won't be able to be active as much anymore ; finals are in 2 weeks and I'm already studying like crazy xD probably won't have time to draw as much as usual, but once I'm done with finals I'll be spamming you again. Find this Pin and more on Drawing tips by minhanhtranpham. Girl with cap. Discover recipes. How to Draw a Girl's Face. Drawing a girl's face is a task that may seem simple, but can be fairly complicated. Women generally have more rounded and less " sharp" features than men have,so you'll need to keep that in mind as you sketch .

How To Draw A Girl Step By Step

Every girl wants to be able to draw a beautiful picture of a girl or a girl's face. Some of you may have tried drawing a girl already but it didn't turn out as great as you expected.

How To Draw A Girl Step By Step

The face is the most expressive part of the body. It can be challenging to portray facial expressions on paper. Try drawing a girl with HB pencil step by step. You can then color in your drawing using crayons or colored pencils.

You might not get it perfect on the first try but remember that practice makes perfect. In this lesson we will learn how to draw a Girl step by step.

How many faces can you draw in under 20 minutes? Help answer questions Learn more. Draw a girl's dress and her right hand. I have alot to live up to. I try to envision how the three dimensional shape of the head would interact with a light source, so the first step is to figure out where the light is coming from.

Draw the outline of a Girl's Face. The very first step is quite simple. You need to draw only the oval of the face as well as the shoulder line and the arms.

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As always, you can use little circles for now in place of the joints, which will help you draw a girl properly. Draw lines without pressing too hard on the pencil. In the later steps you will be able to erase them from the drawing. Draw a Girl's Dress. Now draw the girl's neck. Compare the proportions with face and hands so as not to make the neck too thick. It is these little things are often the cause of a failed drawing. Draw a girl's dress and her right hand. Drawing a Girl made easy.

The girl has a short-sleeved dress with raised shoulders. No comments are necessary at this stage - just refer back at my drawing if needed. Before proceeding to the next step, erase the joint circles.

Details to drawing a Girl. It is normal for the beginning stage of the drawing to be messy and not so pretty. Let's continue and you will see that it is a very pretty drawing of a girl! Draw a Girl's Hat in detail. In this step you will draw the girl's hat and face. To do this correctly, it is best that you have some experience with drawing a person's face but if not, we'll draw a very simplistic version of the face.

Outline the contours of the eyes, nose and lips. Try to position the eyes on one level and same in size and shape. Also carefully estimate the level at which to place the lips and the tip of your girl's nose.

Also your tutorial was wonderful and easy to follow. Remember to give the hair some volume by leaving lots of space between the head and the hair. Skip to content Search.

Draw the Girl's Face in detail. First, draw the hair and girl's face in detail: The pattern on her hat must be symmetrical.

You can draw a Rose Flower on top of the hat and paint it with crayons.

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Finish drawing the short sleeves and other parts of the girl's dress. Your drawing of a girl is technically done. Now you only need to add a bit more details at your discretion and color the girl's dress with crayons. How to draw Flowers. How to draw Animals. Pencil drawings of famous people.

How to Draw a Girl Face Every girl wants to be able to draw a beautiful picture of a girl or a girl's face.

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Step 1 Draw the outline of a Girl's Face. Step 2 Draw a Girl's Dress. Step 3 Drawing a Girl made easy. Step 4 Details to drawing a Girl. Step 5 Draw a Girl's Hat in detail. Step 6 Draw the Girl's Face in detail.

Step 7 Draw a Girl. Step 8 The girl looks like a Barbie doll.