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How to Approach a Woman You’ve Never Met Before

Walking up to a girl you've never spoken to before is like taking a dip in icy water. It makes you nervous. Your heart starts beating faster than you can count. And your stomach inches closer to your tongue with each step you take. But as a guy, knowing how to approach a girl is one of the most important things to know in the . 9 Nov Hey guys,. So sad to report, myself and my girlfriend recently broke up. Sad but true, Which means I'm back in the dating game. So I wrote this blog as a reminder to myself and others out there that there are plenty more fish in the sea. And this is another way to attract them. If you are looking for a girlfriend. Once you start talking to the girl, you can begin to ask her things about herself so you get to know her a bit. The truth is that, when it comes to making friends, it's more important to be interested than to be interesting. Instead of worrying about impressing her with all of your funny jokes or cool stories, focus on showing a real.

Way to propose an unknown girl. Normally, an unknown girl would hesitate to talk to an unknown boy. In such a case accepting a proposal for friendship would be a difficult proposition for her. For a friendship, a girl always wants confidence, security and trust in the boy. To gain confidence, security and trust she must know the boy intimately. She must understand the boy, his attitude, taste, interest and views.

A good approach comes down to having the right body language. After a few failed attempts, you will then have no problem approaching an unknown girl. Continue to look at her now and then, and once in a while, lock your gaze at her for a small fraction of a second and look away again. Once you have your foundation set, it gets so much easier to make friends along the way. Another way for your friendship to grow is for you and your friend to help each other out when you need some extra support.

In this aspect a girl is always selective. If she finds all those attributes in the boy, then she would feel an attraction towards the boy that develops a friendship with him. Therefore, to approach an unknown girl you have to be very careful. Collect information about the girl, about social profile of her parents and family.

This initial job is very delicate but very important. If information is favourable, then proceed in the mission, cautiously.

How To Impress A Unknown Girl On Road

Find out opportune time, convenient place and proper resource. Get confidence to meet the girl and talk.

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Straight Ways Be Straightforward. Be Cool and Confident. Ask her directly showing some guts.

Once you and the girl start talking a bit more, you can let her know about yourself so you both start to really get to know each other. Share Tweet Pin It. This means that they forget to smile and make the conversation pleasant.

Ask her whether she would like to be Friends with you. Mostly any girl would say a NO or reject in their manner. Consider yourself as a girl here, if some stranger comes to you and proposes will you accept? So you need to be special. Try this in different ways and situations. Use Facebook source her Friends to get more closer to her.

Keep following her, making sure she notices you.

It's way easier than it appears to be

Make your face familiar to her. Whatever you do, it should be in Limits.


You can find her Best Friend and tell her this. Or something like leaving Flowers on her Door everyday or a How To Impress A Unknown Girl On Road.

This things do work. Try it and see at least once. Flirting in the different way is the Quickest way to approach a girl. Now her reply, depends on the type of Character read article belongs to, which will decide your further step. Girls are sensitive but some aggressive too. Ok back to her reply. You got her attention! Now you have to extend this scene some far which should end up in a Friendship then a relationship.

Ok, what if her reply is something different? Replies can differ, but thing to notice is her Facial Expression. Some may get angry or act violently. You should deal it with full confidence.

The Long Way Know about her, her Address, her Family and then approach her with a Marriage proposal if you both are of eligible age.

Know about her first.

How To Impress A Unknown Girl On Road

She may have a Boy-Friend. She may have someone better than you in her mind and may continue just as a Friend. Never propose someone before knowing them properly. Do not Propose to an Unknown Girl. Become friends with her.

Ask her to be your girlfriend. Get to know each other. Live happily ever after.