How To Know If Your A Good Looking Guy. Cleveland Hookup!

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Are you HOT, cute, sorta cute, or not so cute? After all what makes a guy good- looking? Is it Their looks, personality or these combined? Take this quiz and find out! Do you men ever ponder if you are good-looking are not? Do you stay awake at night, thinking what will people say tomorrow about your looks? Do you stand in. -girls constantly ask if u have a gf -when u say no, they'll tell you that you look good and need to go get a gf immediately (usually offering themselves) -if your good lookin and single, girls will always be asking if ur gay for guys, all you need to be good lukin is muscles. get huge and girls will be all over ya!. 25 Feb Curious if you are single because of how you look? Or if you are dating an ugly guy/gal only because you value personalities? What better way to cap off ugly week than letting the readers know whether or not they are uggos. ◅ Previous 1/ 5 Next ▻. 1. Do you have adult braces? If you are over 15, and.

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How To Know If Your A Good Looking Guy

Im not talking about physical shape but whether your facial features are at all visually appealing or not, i mean, i can tell between one girl from the other, but if your a guy how can you tell? Last edited by mmbenani; at If it makes you feel more comfortable here's a recent picture of me: I did not read your post, so quit bitching my reply to you makes no sense. A leper walked into a bar and sat down.

The bartender glanced over and promptly threw up all over himself and the floor. The leper looked hurt and said, "Hey, I know I'm not exactly handsome, but I do have feelings and you could be a little sensitive about them.

That guy sitting next to you keeps dipping his crackers in your neck. Look at yourself in the mirror. Imagine if you saw a stranger with same facial features.

Look in the mirror. Compare your face to a models face. Look for strong features, jaw line, cheek bones, alignment etc Take a look at your body, are you flabby? If so, go on a diet. Mastering Yourself Makes You Fearless. If you find girls constantly checking you out then its probably a yes. If you can go up to a girl on the street and ask her out, with her saying yes, than you are good looking.

Originally Posted by aleeboy. Most girls if alone will try to get out of it regardless of how you look. Yours is one of those rare cases where "having game" is more important than anything.

This works on superficial girls Have you tried asking women out, out of the blue? You would be absolutely surprised how FEW women will say "yes.

How To Know If Your A Good Looking Guy

But not ask out. IMO, you HAVE to have at least like a minute of conversation in so the person will consider you as a non-potentially creepy dude before pretty much any woman will seriously consider it talking about strangers from the street here, not some girl in class or whatever. Seriously I've done it a number of times and I can tell you from experience that it's how it works.

6 Reasons You Are More Attractive Than You Think

Me about 4 months ago, got a little bigger but you get the idea. I know i look young, don't hate. Originally Posted by jempalmer.

If you have to ask then you are not good looking. I didn't really think much of it to be honest. Now I'm hearing about some discussions some girls were having about goodlooking guys and that my name came up. A woman doesn't come home one night. The next day she tells her husband she slept over at a girlfriend's place.

Just wondering how does it feel to know u are good looking to some people? The truth can hurt and many people don't risk asking me what I think about things. If you're balding, it might be best to cut or shave your hair short, so that the difference between the see more areas is less noticeable. Most girls don't care that much about looks, certainly not to the extent us males do about theirs. Strippers walk up to me in strip clubs when I used to go, and I convinced myself that they only target dudes who look desperate for their attention.

Her husband calls 10 of her best friends. None know anything about it. A man doesn't come home one night. The next day he tells his wife he slept over at a friend's place. His wife calls 10 of the husband's best friends.


OP r u serious Originally Posted by mmbenani. Disregard females, acquire currency.

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Originally Posted by getbigin28days. Cynical Optimist, Extreme Moderate. Originally Posted by pureshok. Girls go out of their way to tell you. People assume you have a gf etc. Originally Posted by Clesueur. Originally Posted by GoutDeMiel.

Actually me and my friends will take every opportunity to make fun out of each other. Shooting at Florida school. People get nervous around people they are attracted to. Wash your hair often.

So true - you know you're hawt when gays hit on you serious. I have gay guys and fat girls hit on me often and my wife just stands there and laughs at me. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.