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Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) - official video

7 Nov Chord Kunci Gitar Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra). Intro: Am G (10x) Am G Am now and then I think of when. G Am G Am G we were together.. Am G like when you said you felt so. Am G Am G Am G happy you could die Am G Am G told myself that you were right for me. Am G Am G. Lihat lirik lagu oleh: Gotye judul: Somebody That I Used to Know (Feat. Kimbra). Pastikan anda sudah melihat video musiknya. Somebody That I Used To Know Lyrics: Now and then I think of when we were together / Like when you said you felt so happy you could die / Told myself that you were right for me / But felt so lonely in your company.

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Mix - Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (Lyrics)

click at this page General Comment To me, this song is about clinging onto an illusion of the perfect person, the 'person that you used to know'.

After discovering that you had in fact put them on a pedastal, and that they never were that perfect person, you are still unable to let them go because your illusions clash with reality and it is a never ending struggle between accepting who they are- and who you thought they were.

I think that might be why there is such a huge play on body parts in the video clip There was an error. I think that you have made a great point He wanted so badly for this girl to be his everything, although she wasn't and the relationship wasn't meant to be. Who gets caught up with someone whom he feels "so lonely" in her company and is glad when it is over?

He starts to paint himself and her in the same colors, trying so desperately for this to work and for her to be what he wants her to be. It seems like during the relationship, she was tired of being put on that pedestal and tired of being expected to be his perfect someone. She "found that we could not make sense" and didn't want to deal with the pain and sadness Lirik Lagu Somebody I Used To Know trying to be perfect for him any longer.

I think the colors coming off of her at the end of the song is here breaking out of his perfect girl mold Flag tonilw on January 11, I personally think you nailed it. Flag Shark93fin on February 21, I really don't know how you managed to get that impression.

There was nothing in the song that mentioned anyone being on a pedestal or would imply that they were idealized into some perfect form. Nor, was there any mention about any kind of clash between illusion and reality. Actually there is an illusion with the music video. They are being painted to give the illusion they blend in to an abstract background.

So I agree with missxt. I think you completely nailed the story behind the song. Flag Reeny on March 12, Flag btchybratinella on March 20, I really can't argue with your interpretation so I'll just add to it. The line "told myself you were right for me" is the prime example of his delusion along with his association of love as an aching feeling instead of that feeling just being a bad vibe for him. The second verse sounds like his feelings Lirik Lagu Somebody I Used To Know the end of the relationship just before the breakup occurred.

The addiction to sadness shows how negative feelings have become so common place in this relationship that it is hard to separate it from the two people involved.


The last three lines of this verse is just his break from delusion and him finally finding some relief in the end of the relationship til. The chorus of course is his post breakup feelings and how things were handled. This is where the song can go for a great twist by having the person singing this part doing it as a solemn sort of begging or as a quiet pain in that they are hurt by the fact that they are hardly even a foot note in the other person's life.

It is the closest to what I tried to express, but I think that your words put it across a lot better. I think it's describing the cyclic patterns of these kinds of relationships where one person is hurt from a previous relationship and then takes it out on the new gf. Flag Ignis on July 19, It's really a briliant little line that sounds throwaway, but I think it isn't.

The Lirik Lagu Somebody I Used To Know verse is great in showing how the pain and sacrifice in the relationship didn't just belong to the first person assuming that this is being done as a duet. It demonstrates the same signs of delusion, compromise, and sacrifice that the first two verses illustrate and the eventual realization how it isn't meant to work out.

This third verse can also explain the current coupling as a result from a previous one. How he made her believe that she had done something wrong and how he was still clinging to the idea of another person from his past that he sees her as. The chorus of course is the same but it can be done in a slightly different way. Instead of singing it in a quiet and saddened way, the person can sing it as a mad, painful rant as if he's trying to defend himself in an intense argument.

After meeting years ago, New Zealand native Kimbra and Belgian-Australian artist Gotye finally got the chance to record a duet. I'll admit that I didn't scour all of the replies, but I did not see thus far anybody mentioning a few points. They both have a certain manner of "hiding" to do from one another; these passionate emotions are dangerous and vulnerable. Providing services for the deaf and hearing impaired Typeform is a lifesaver. Release Date July 5,

Flag hourof10 on April 13, Are you guys seriously this in love with this comment? This song isn't about the 'perfect person. He's bemoaning the fact that even though they both spoke about how they would remain friends after the break up she's an entirely different person, somebody that he used to know Flag kidcarls on May 13, I agree with the replies who disagree with you. There is no lyrical evidence whatsoever that the girl was put on a pedestal.

The only part that you quote to defend your interpretation is 'person that you used to know' -- this saying does not have to imply that one thought that their loved one was 'more perfect before than now.

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First, they didn't really color the heart and the 'voice' which body part does this refer to?? They just colored it randomly to fit in with the mosaic. I'm pretty sure this 'mosaic' was meant to symbolize something much more deep than mere contradictions that one has in their mind.

Why do the actors in the video have to blend into the background? Couldn't they just have had a blank background then? Your interpretation would still work if they merely had a blank background, but the video creators decided to blend the see more in the background, for metaphorical reason I'm sure.

Lirik Lagu Somebody I Used To Know

Flag mercownzya on July 08, Wow you got right on it, that's exceptionally perception, from one whom has been through that and was able to concur that somebody. I Love this song, it speaks of my current relationship. Flag loretta on April 16, General Comment Kimbra's whole part in this song starting from "Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over" does so much for me. It takes the idea that the lead singer has been victimized and completely turns it on it's end.

Lirik Lagu Somebody I Used To Know

After Kimbra's verse I feel like I can really hear Gotye becoming more defensive and questioning his side of the story. He isn't just a victim, he has to defend his actions which gives the song so much more depth than if it was just another singer complaining about how his ex ruined him.

I totally agree, that was the turning point in the song. I love it, it is such a great song. Flag prettypinecone on August 08, The song is clever in the way that it sets the audience up to feel sympathetic towards Gotye, but then this realisation that he screwed up shifts out empathy Lirik Lagu Somebody I Used To Know Kimbra. I love that Kimbra's response to Gotye's defense is just as powerful without words.

Flag westwick on August 08, Remember that her reply isn't necessarily the truth, it's just her side of the story. Maybe they are equally blameless, or equally to blame, but it's not clear that she in fact is right. It sounds like they both did things wrong, and out of that we get a really good song out of it. Although I do agree it's clever that her perspective differs from that of the other verses and the chorus, very nice.

Flag foodandliquor on September 05, I agree with you, he is more defensive and it seems to me like he was crying inside, he wants her back, but he don't want to change his mind and admit he has his fault too. He always repeat again his "song" when she is trying to tell him something or explain and he uses it everytime he fells danger.

As when he is singing the chorus for the second time, she is singing only the voice without text, like it is all he hears, when she is talking, because he wants to prove he is the only right one. The second thing I would like to add is, that he is like bound to his background - wall - and he is maybe to proud to make a responsive step.

But inside he would like to we can call it heartLirik Lagu Somebody I Used To Know the bound to his statements won't let him let's call it brain. For all the time song lasts, he doesn't move even a little. Flag Kalimka on March 31, I agree with what you pointed out FoodandLiquor. Kimbra's words back to Gotye have everyone suddenly feeling empathy towards Kimbra but I do feel there may be more to the story too.

For example the idea "he felt lonely in her company" leads me to think she would neglect him or that she wouldn't talk to him. But then you hear her saying "I don't want to live that way, reading into every word that you say" and you start to wonder if she's shutting down not talking because she's sick of Gotye accusing her or his blaming her for he did whatever he did to her. Anyhow it does sound as if both people were to blame with Gotye being more guilty at fault than Kimbra was.

You more info some good points too Kalimka ; Flag chillpill on April 02, Elcheeserpuff was right on, I believe with the meaning. He was hurt so much before, that when he was in the relationship with Kimbra that he wasn't even right, and then she told him what he told her "you said that you could let it go, and I wouldn't catch you hanging on to somebody that you use to know" and then he gets more aggressive with her.

He was directing the last part to her, "You didn't have to cut me off" You didn't have to do what the other girl did to me too. You can see his facial continue reading when she started singing, it was more of your point is not making sense, you didn't have to leave me like that.

Then when he started to sing the chorus towards her, his face goes into more of a 'that's not a good enough reason'or 'you didn't have to do it in that way' face.

Its wrong how she changed her number, and had her friends pick up her stuff, she just left him, and wanted nothing to do with him, she just made it see, like she forgot him like it was easy. And its not the fact that he still loves her, that's bothering him, its the fact that she moved on like he didn't mean anything to her and then Kimbra did the same thing. Flag piper on April 11, Flag kitty on March 28, Song Meaning I think this song is two perspectives.

A man thinking about an old relationship. He fell in love with her, even thought it wasn't perfect. He knew that, but tried to convince see more otherwise. Later, we discover that things didn't work out.