My Tax Preparer Stole My Refund. Nashville Hookups!

Refund My My Tax Preparer Stole

A hacker filed my taxes to steal my refund

What do I do when a tax preparer has put their bank account info - TurboTax Support

The police are probably not going to help you with this. There may be enough potential damages here to attract the interest of a Consumer Law/ DTPA attorney, perhaps on a contingency fee basis. You'd do well to make a few phone calls. 4 Mar You should get a stolen tax refund back from the IRS. It just may take awhile. 27 Jan Most tax preparers are honest and don't scam their clients. But some do. Here's how to spot them before they mess with you.

What tax preparer did that? I let an individual who files do mine. I only went through her because my mother did. Now I notice it was a big mistake.

My Tax Preparer Stole My Refund

I've been trying to get someone from IRS on the phone but as you know it's very hard to just get an representive on the phone. She's trying to embelze my money. But I would like for her to be stopped though.

She needs to be stopped. Gee I wonder if she changed the address on the return to her address.

My Tax Preparer Stole My Refund

But the check would have your name on it. No, that's where she made a mistake.

My address is on the return. All my other information on my return is correct.

Your tax return is still being processed: Still Waiting For My IRS Refund after a Month. 2014 Return

She no longer has access to my account. I just printed all the paperwork out. She really needs to be stopped from whatever fraud she is attempting. Good for you for being smarter than she is! There maybe others who have been unfortunate enough to be her victim. I already called them to find out how to file a report.

She used regular Turbo Tax online? Did you pay her? Turbo Tax is not licensed for tax preparers. Or did she just help you in your account? Then it does go through another bank to take the fees see more. She better be lucky I don't know who they are because I would be informing them at this very moment.

My original account was with online TurboTax then she took over it with whatever tax software she uses. There was no other agreement of any. She lied about my refund amount thinking I was not going to check it.

For instance, this year all tax preparers should be up to speed on all the ways the Affordable Care Act provisions might affect clients' tax situation. Suraj Patel, New York University Stern School of Business adjunct professor, said the problem of enforcement and refunding victims of tax preparer fraud is a symptom of a much larger problem. The fictitious deductions inflate the amount of the refund, and the preparer demands a generous percentage — a billing system the IRS says is illegal.

I'm glad I have all text messages still. If she is in any way using TurboTax for any other "clients" TurboTax needs to know. Will ask a Moderator to contact you. I have reported this to just click for source Moderators.

Hopefully you will hear from one of them soon. Both cities are in Highlands County. This message is for anyone in my area that knows this woman or anyone who has filed with her. You need to check your refund info. You are at risk of being her victim or next victim. Tara Thank you for My Tax Preparer Stole My Refund this to our attention. I strongly urge you to follow through on your formal complaint and contact the police. The best action is to follow the instructions from the link provided earlier in cases of security issues: I will be mailing my paperwork off first thing next week.

TurboTaxCheriS Is it guaranteed that my refund will not deposit into an account that doesn't have my name on it or match my refund info??? Banks have fraud-prevention measures to keep this from happening. Contact your bank anyway to give them a heads up about your situation as well. Report the preparer to IRS. People come to TurboTax AnswerXchange for help and answers—we want to let them know that we're here to listen and share our knowledge.

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IRS warns of shady tax preparers stealing refunds and identities - Jan. 27,

Here are five guidelines:. Saved to your computer. Select a file to attach: Ask your question to the community. Most My Tax Preparer Stole My Refund get a response in about a day. Back to search results. What do I do when a tax preparer has put their bank account information in to receive my refund instead of my back account information??? It has already been e-filed. This is a form of theft.

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In Taiwan, pedestrian signal shakes off singlehood just in time for Valentine's Day. They need do their homework to find a reputable preparer. You are at risk of being her victim or next victim. Kilian is one of more thanpaid tax preparers who are virtually unregulated by the IRS.

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