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How To Have Sex With Your Best Female Friend..

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19 Oct Having a best guy friend is one of the coolest relationships you can ever have. It's like having a brother who is always there, who is kind, supportive and just plain fun to be with. But, what's a girl to do when the once-platonic relationship bumps into some seriously confusing moments? Surely you have both. You might think this is cool; after all, it's your best friend, so why shouldn't you just casually hook up with them? When it comes to strangers, you simply don't know whether the night was good, bad or indifferent; and you certainly don't get the chance to relive your shame when you see them again the next day for coffee . 27 Jan Friends hooking up happens and there's nothing wrong with it, but it's important to know that familiarity plus sex does not always equal love. A range of outcomes can occur, some more difficult than others. Ask yourself if you're really ready for them. And make sure to talk to your friend about it first. It will help.

This new person is, like, Paul-Rudd-attractive. They are hot but nonthreatening at the same time. They don't give me butterflies in my stomach or anything, but I wouldn't be mad if I saw them naked. I'm drunk with them but somehow I don't feel horny? Is this actually going to turn into a friendship? I don't think either of us were really getting sexual vibe, but it was a fun time.

We're basically Harry and Sally at this point.


My friends tease me about them, but I just like hanging out. I wouldn't care if they started dating someone else. Why would I get jealous? They can do whatever they want.

I actually care about this friendship, which is weird, because I always made fun of guys and girls who were "just friends. Like, if I did want to bone them. Wait, now it's like we're in a Nicki Minaj video. We're all flirty and sexy.

What To Do When You Hook Up With Your Best Friend

Wait, are they flirty? Are they being flirty or do we just have "that kind" of friendship? Sometimes I think about them in the shower. As a friend though.

What To Do When You Hook Up With Your Best Friend

As a shower friend. Maybe it's the vodka or maybe it's the fact that I haven't had sex in months or maybe it's the fact that sometimes when we watch a movie together we cuddle, but I'm just going for it now. Haha, oh, click, I've just made my life weird forever. Let's hang out in a group setting. It's been a week and we've barely talked, and now a bunch of us are headed to the movies.

Should I even acknowledge them? Thank god we're both choosing to ignore it, like a splinter or the last season of How I Met Your Mother. They're acting kind of quiet but otherwise normal. We're just going to act like this never happened and we're just two friends that hang out as friends and have been inside each other as friends.

Shit, how did I wind up at their apartment again? Well, that was definitely not a one-time deal. Might as well make it a sex thing. At this point, it's like you're standing at the top of the water slide. I spent all that time waiting in line, so why chicken out now? That was kind of weird, but it was also sex?

Guy friends can often be hypersensitive to you getting attached at all, and misinterpret you popping up as something to do with more than just being friends. You might feel differently, or future partners might not be comfortable about having their significant others' sex buddies in close proximity. They don't give me butterflies in my stomach or anything, but I wouldn't be mad if I saw them naked. I think maybe I felt bad for him, and wanted him to feel better.

Like, that was enjoyable, but I did not expect them to be so into butt play. I kind of feel like I just found out my brother was really into butt play. Must not ask if this is "A Thing.

How To Have Sex With Your Best Female Friend..

How do you tell someone you only think they're kind of cool? Great, now we have to have the second weirdest sex talk of my life. I guess the good news is they also think I'm cool enough to bang but not cool enough to date forever. Well that went surprisingly well. Now all I have to do is not get emotionally invested.

The 20 Complex Stages of Hooking Up With a Friend

Aaaaaaaand I'm emotionally invested. I don't like them that much, but I think I'd be annoyed if they dated someone else. I've started texting them every day … like I'd do with someone I was actually dating. It's like I just elected myself the mayor of Weirdtown. We both need to back off. I feel so incestuous. We need to just go back to being friends, STAT.

If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. I think he just sees it as a moment of weakness. They are hot but nonthreatening at the same time. If you and your friend are in the same friend group, you might try to keep it a secret if it was a one-time deal and you want to move past it. How he acts around his boys.

That won't be hard, right? They're dating someone else now but I'm not even mad. It's just like, whatever. Wait, I hope they don't tell our other friends about what happened. Parties are gonna be awkward. At least every time we're both single, there's an unspoken agreement that we'll make out forever and ever. It's like a support group where everyone kisses each other.

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