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11 Mar Haha, so I should have known better but I got taken for \. I made a profile from my phone in the afternoon, browsed the site, favorited girls I. 7 Feb Cougar Life, the site “where experienced women meet younger men,” just launched a spot that shows women of a certain age—35 to 45—prepping for a night out and hitting the strobe-lit dance floor with twenty-something guys. The phrase “going down with you” throbs on the techno-pop soundtrack. And in. 15 Jun Something is sexy about being the first girl to introduce your man to a kinky sex position, or being his first “real” girlfriend. If you need more convincing, check out all these bombshell babes that tried the cougar life and loved it. 1. Paris Hilton. Just Jared. Princess Paris always needed the newest Juicy track.

They all have the same excuse. They are from Florida, or Texas or California but are currently out of the states. Then they give you their number and tell you text only as their connection is bad for phone conversation. The ones that do call sound like tribal elders and not even ladies. CougarLife is a scam site Hell, go out to a club. Not some fake trying to scam you over the internet. I guess when it comes to finding women to shag youre never gonna be satisfied but I still feel cougarlife could do better.

I was more impressed In Things About Moving To Before Talk justcougars. Not quite happened but still enjoying some naughty chats with a few filthy ladies in desperate need of some slap n tickle ;- Not all bad!

I don't know if I am just one lucky guy but I met a cougar last week and had hell of a time. This is the second cougar site I've been using. So much phishing that I wonder if maybe the site itself is complicit.

Lots of nudges from "ladies" too beautiful to be true who want to start conversations about an NSA no strings attached relationship off the site. Eventually they want you to go to an independent vetting site to make sure you aren't an Who Is The Cougar Life Girl, where you will give out information like your social security number and credit card info. Identitiy theft, here is an origin point! Someday there might be a Better Business Bureau for websites, but Who Is The Cougar Life Girl then this is how we fight back against click here theft.

This one is pretty awesome and so is justcougars. I like the idea that I can put in a little effort on a couple of good sites during the week and then at the weekend I get my hookup reward lol! Have literally no freaking idea what I used to do to get action from older women, god bless the internet!! Cougar Life seems to be one of the better sites. I have used it in the past and actualy met up with someone so it works! It is some work though and it ain't easy at all.

If you ain't got any patience and link only looking for a one night stand u can try sites like Cougars69 because there are really dozens of dozens of naughty women.

But with a little patience Cougar Life works too. This is a scam!! Do not fall for it I paid for this site a year ago, in that time the site has gon from bad to worse. Save your money, this site is terrible. It's up there with justcougars. MILFs are not easy to find especially please click for source ones that arent offended by you hitting on them most ive tried it on with are married so using a website is def the best way to find an older woman that is actualy up for a bit of slap and tickle.

I swear if it wasnt for these kinda sites I wouldnt get laid at all I have used dozens and dozens of cougar dating sites and it is really hard to find a good one. In my opinion there are only two legitimate cougar dating sites out there where you can find attractive older women. One is Cougars69 and the other one is Cougarlife. Yes, it seems to be a little more expensive than other sites and another negative aspect isis that it does appear to be a ceratain percentage of escorts using this site.

Use your common sense! However, what makes CougarLife one of the best cougar dating site is that it is really huge with millions of members. I think you won't find any other cougar dating site with a comparable number of users.

Who Is The Cougar Life Girl

You will almost certainly have a good time on CougarLife. It is a legitamite cougar dating site with many users and it is widespread throughout most parts of the world. Always worth a try. I am finding this site to be interesting, no doubt.

Have I been laid yet? But im finding the site similar to the other one I use justcougars. Ive found real women to talk to, horny older ladies just as the site promised so cant complain at that. But for me im having to search a bit far from my local area to be bothered actually arranging a meet up. My fault for living out in the sticks I suppose. The chats are keeping me going so far and are worth the money.

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CL works so I don't know what everyone else is complaining about?! Pretty clear that many profiles are fake, that's just the way it works when you join those kind of hookup sites. Also be aware that there are more men than women using this site.

Industry Share of Voice - past 2 weeks. See all answers 3. Bottom line is I want replies and want sex with milf, end of.

But first of all, those fake profiles are easy to spot and you can easily focus on the real profiles and second of all, most guys don't know how to pick up older women. There is almost no competition on those cougar dating sites. After using both large cougar dating sites CL and Cougars69 I know how they work and I've met with four women using Cougars69 and with two women using CL.

Works for me that most guys don't know how to attract older women, LOL. Better to use plenty of fish where you can actually communicate for free. Recently signed up as a female user.

They'll make you 'feel sexy and alive'

But for those who have been creative ,and had something to say and wrote a profilewe have gone on trips, dinnershad lots of fun etc!!!

I love how easy it is to arrange a date and meet real cougars who you wouldn't have a chance to meet otherwise. Gotta love sites like cougar life and cougars Some women in my area so cant really complain. Not sure if it will be any where near as good as justcougars.

Who Is The Cougar Life Girl

Lots of messages till you pay to upgrade and then you can't get any messages onless you pay pay pay stay away if you want sex go get a hooker be cheaper. If sex is all you want you should be spending your money on an escort service or use Cougars69 because from my experience women on Cougarlife are not naughty women looking for a young stud. All the women I met with were interested in a relationship. So if that is what you Who Is The Cougar Life Girl Cougarlife is most likely the best site in this category.

Pretty dope site for hooking up with sexy cougars. If youre into older chick then I would also strongly recommend justcougars. I have read some reviews saying that every single female profile visit web page this site is fake.

This is simply not true!!! I have no idea how many profiles are fake or real and I also have no clue how good or bad the woman to man ratio is, but I've met someone using this site! It wasn't easy and sure took some time, but it worked! Those sites reward patience and creativity.

Last year I 've used Cougars69 and I did not get any replies for at least a week until I figured out that my profile didn't arouse curiosity. I added some more pictures and wrote a few more lines about me and BOOM: Hooked up with several women.

Patience, creativity and some online dating skills will get you laid, no matter if you are using Cougarlife or Cougars Just don't expect any miracles. I'm a 28 year old very fit very good looking young men. I made an account because that's the only way that I could read the messages that were being sent to me, turns out there automated messages by the system. I was under the impression that this is a wild side where I could meeting older woman take her of for dinner maybe have some fun.

But as far as I can tell they are all looking for a serious relationship I'm probably marriage. The whole time I was in the site about a month altogether I got one message. Had so much more luck with Tinder and POF that I would never ever try this again nor would I recommend it to any this web page men unless you're the type of guy who doesn't mind sitting on the computer for many hours filtering through all these women trying to find one who is actually wild and fun.

Don't waste you cash. Cougarlife was the first cougar dating site I've used back in the days there was no Cougars It is a good Who Is The Cougar Life Girl dating site, no doubt about it. Not sure if it is still the number one site in this niche but who cares?! No faulting that at all. The site on the whole disappints a little as Who Is The Cougar Life Girl kind of seen as THE site for hooking up with milfs and cougars and its not exactly happened for me.

The company is targeting the area, Buchter said, because it is the national "cougar capital" -- with more Cougar Life members in the zip code than anywhere else in the U. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. And in just 30 seconds, we get two suggestive shots of frothy champagne spurting all over the place. It is a good cougar dating site, no doubt about it. However, what makes CougarLife one of the best cougar dating site is that it is really huge with millions of members.

Some nice chats, but nothing that I cant get on JustCougars. Bottom line is I want replies and want sex with milf, end of. Im not getting see more of these on CL yet but if it happens ill be back to edit this review!

No, there are real people on that site BUT: You're "annual membership" is actually a set number of credits you can use toward emails, once they are gone, so is your membership. To encourage you to spend you're credits, the site will bombard you with fake profiles to reply to.

A little research, and you can easily tell who's real or not.

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Unfortunately they won't tell you when the persons last login was, why?