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why is the que taking so long? : csgo

Matchmaking servers must be having issues. Cs go Devs "We've seen a consistent drop in our player rates any ideas Raises hand yes Joe, Snorts and adjusts glasses lets change the sound of every gun and release more . Comp, casual, dm, it just ques and the expected time keeps increasing. sigh. Rarely do I find a game in less than 30 minutes. this is really ridiculous. I live right next to NYC, I am not in the middle of nowhere. Valve. yes I still play valves MM. I've noticed that since the end of Hydra and the latest updates including Trust Factor, that even with the *entirety*.


Click here for our wiki! Hellcase Cup 7 5. Help MM Wait times are insane. Rarely do I find a game in less than 30 minutes. I live right next to NYC, I am not in the middle of nowhere.

I've actually had this problem as well. It happens at around AM. I usually wait till around 33 minutes. The "bug" is pretty consistent in its appearance at around that time. Probably, Ill just play some Community servers. Some grade A asshats toggle just because they think someone on our team is hacking and it becomes a full on HVH.

taking forever to find MM matches.. : LearnCSGO

I am in upstate New York, me and many friends I play with on the east coast have been experiencing similar problems. Every day, whether prime or non prime, I'm rarely ever able to find a game in less than minutes when it used to be minutes at most.

Cs Go Matchmaking Taking A Long Time

I've ran multiple trace routes to the Valve IP addresses I get connected to, never seem to get anything unusual. If I'm in a 5 man, queue times are normally a minute or two. From solo queue up to 4 players, my wait times are outrageous.

I have a 3 monitor setup and when i really flick hard and click it alt tabs the game. Annoying as shit as it has never done this before today. The games we joined as a premade prior to winning were within seconds. It could be an issue with oyur PC too, your antivirus might be blocking the connection or something. Watch a friend's match then disconnect if you have a friend, while you are on the main menu, left click his name, then click watch or smth like thatthen disconnect.

And you typically wait all that time to just end up against smurfs or rage cheaters, it's fucked. I live in western Mass, close to Albany, Im trying to get a group of five to play because I haven't gotten into a competitive game all day and casual is full of silvers it's hilarious. If you're looking for people to play with, you're more welcome to add me.

I usually play a handful of games every day. My current rank is MGE but I'm down to play with any rank.

Blocked IP Address

I recently moved up here too, and ever since I have had nothing good when it comes to wait times. I use to live in Houston and the click times where incredibly short. Also I noticed that at Higher ranks its harder to find games.

I'm so lost now lol like you shouldn't be having this.

Not familiar with that, I extremely doubt it, no change in habit on how I am trying to find games. Want to add to the discussion? Reset all the network hardware and ran some tests.

I know like 2 days ago this were long for me but it wasn't at a visit web page time so I understood it. You are playing at a good time. Your max ping is set high. Maybe searching for prime only could be extending wait times? I did nonprime too, it's bound to suck but hey, ive been waiting 10 minutes now and hoping for the best. And it's not like it's the time because you said you set your max ping to so you would have no problem connecting to people on West US either.

My ping is going to buttfuck me in the long run, this has happened every day but this is just ridiculous. Ive been up for two hours fuck this. It's not my internet, I find games for Rocket league and others in seconds.

Have you tried finding matches on Deathmatch or casual? Did you buy the Matchmaking case and unbox those 'quick MM find gloves'? It helped for me Yeah I bought the case when it came out a few months ago, it took like cases to find one, it's field tested so I guess its not as good Question Mark. Friends and I try to squeeze a game or two in before heading to work.

This morning we had unusual queue times. Thought it was just us. Yeah, It's been really weird these past few days, even at peak times, I still get 30 minute wait times. Honestly not sure what to tell you. I'm global and not too close to any servers and I average minutes queues at bad times. DMG is much more populated, you shouldn't have minute queues.

Cs Go Matchmaking Taking A Long Time

Only thing I can think of is maybe you're queuing at odd times? When others are asleep or at work? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. GlobalOffensive subscribe unsubscribereaders 8, users here now Submit a banner! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Gl Only thing I can think of is maybe you're queuing at odd times? Also, are you prime or nonprime?