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Descent of Elizabeth II from William the Conqueror

single marriage – that of WILLIAM, Duke of Normandy, King of England and MATILDA, daughter of Baldwin, Count of Flanders. It is the result of almost 40 years of work and has become a lifetime project – one I will continue all the while I am able. All mistakes and errors are my own and, should any out there in Genealogy. 3 Dec Occupation: King of England, Duke of Normandy, The Conqueror of England, Duqye de Normandía, Rey de Inglaterra, William the Conqueror, King Wiliam I of England, William II, Norman Conqueror, Comte de Normandie, fought in the Norman Conquest, King of the English, Kun. Managed by: Private User. I have therefore made yet another attempt the produce the Descendants of William the Conqueror in text form. I realise this is going to mean one hell of a lot of work for me but you are welcome to use any data for your family history research, or, if you are a student, for your history and degree projects or just for interest.

Each person on the list is the son or daughter of the person above him or her on the list. There are many other more junior lines of descent of the family, but the crown, in theory at least, only descends through the most senior line a major exception being the exclusion of the genealogically senior Jacobite succession by the Act of Settlement The numbers can be used to calculate the number of generations between two individuals on this list.

They divorced August 28, This table shows the generation of each monarch based on their descent from William I via the royal line. Its effect, though, was to destabilise Brittany, forcing the duke, Conan IIto focus on internal problems rather than on expansion. January 17,Norway. March 17,Tilburg.

Individuals whose names are in bold reigned as monarchs in the United Kingdom and its predecessor states. The generation number corresponds to the generation number in the Descendants Of William The Conqueror Family Tree line. This table shows the generation of each monarch based on their descent from William I via the royal line.

Henry VIII is counted as generation 17 because the royal line passes through his mother, who is of the senior line. The closest relationships between Elizabeth and each king or queen of England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom are given below. Here, the relationship is counted backwards from Elizabeth. Note that the closest relationship deviates from the senior direct royal line starting with George III's children.

In the junior collateral line, the Queen's grandmother, Mary of Teck was only three generations from George III through her mother, while her consort George V was four generations. These junior lines become more frequent the further back you go. This process will continue in the future. This tree shows the descent of all British monarchs from William I, and their relationships with each other.

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Only branches that led to a monarch are shown. The direct royal line can be followed as the leftmost line. The following eight lines of descent are from Adela of Normandydaughter of William the Conqueror. Adela of Normandy 3. Stephen of England 4. Marie I, Countess of Boulogne 5. Mathilde of Flanders 6. Henry II, Duke of Brabant 7. Henry I, Landgrave of Hesse 8.

Otto I, Landgrave of Hesse 9.

William the Conqueror

Louis the Junker of Hesse Hermann II, Landgrave of Hesse Louis I, Landgrave of Hesse William II, Landgrave of Hesse Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse Christine of Hesse Sophie of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp Adolf Frederick I, Duke of Mecklenburg Charles Louis Frederick, Duke of Mecklenburg Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge Mary Adelaide, Princess of Cambridge Mary of Teck Adelheid of Hesse 9.

Elisabeth of Henneberg Frederick V, Burgrave of Nuremberg Frederick I, Elector of Brandenburg John, Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach Dorothea of Brandenburg Frederick I of Denmark Adolf, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp Sophie von Hessen 9. Elisabeth von Waldeck Dietrich V von Honstein Agnes von Honstein Dietrich, Count of Oldenburg Christian I of Denmark Adelheid von Hessen 9.

Johann I von Henneberg Elisabeth von Henneberg Sigismund I, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau George I, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau Anna von Anhalt-Zerbst Anna of Oldenburg Marie von Ostfriesland Maria Katharina von Braunschweig-Dannenberg Anthony I, Count of Oldenburg Anton II von Oldenburg Sophie Ursula von Oldenburg Antonie Sibylle von Barby Christiane Emilie von Schwarzburg-Sondershausen Frederick I, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach Albert, Duke of Prussia Anna Sophie von Hohenzollern Dorothea of Brandenburg, Duchess of Mecklenburg Magnus II, Duke of Mecklenburg The next two lines of Descendants Of William The Conqueror Family Tree are from Henry I of England.

Henry I of England 3. Henry II of England 5.

Brief History of the Royal Family

John of England 6. Isabella of England 7. Margaret of Sicily 8. Frederick I, Margrave of Meissen 9. Frederick II, Margrave of Meissen Elisabeth of Meissen The generation numbering of the primary list above Descendants Of William The Conqueror Family Tree maintained in the lines below for comparison purposes.

The last person listed on each of the lines below is an English monarch listed on the primary list above, and the line continues from that point down to Elizabeth II following the primary list above. This list shows the joining of the royal families of England, the West Saxon kings descended from Alfred the Great and the Norman kings.

Her son, Henry II, was the first monarch descended from both these families. This is not a royal line, but is source closer relationship of the earliest Norman kings to the previous dominant line of kings in England.

Alexander Elphinstone, 6th Lord Elphinstone see below James Elphinstone, of Barnes c Alexander Elphinstone, 6th Lord Elphinstone m. November 14,The Hague, Netherlands; d. February 21,Greenwich, Palace, England; d. Other sons were granted earldoms later: William remained in England after his coronation and tried to reconcile the native magnates.

This means that Henry I was a descendant of Alfred the Great through this line. The British royal house traces itself back to William, who took the throne by conquest, but Elizabeth is also descended from Harold Godwinsonthe last crowned Saxon king, who died fighting William at the Battle of Hastingsand himself a descendant probably 6 x great grandson of Ethelred I, elder brother of Alfred the Great and grandson of Egbert of Wessex see Godwin family tree.

Descendants Of William The Conqueror Family Tree

Following the same line of descent through the Scottish royal line but changing at the mother of David I, instead of the father leads back to Egbert the first King of England. This duplicates the descent through the West Saxon royal line, but the generation numbering is different. They are referring to this line of descent that goes through the Scottish Kings. From Egbert, it is possible to trace Queen Elizabeth's ancestry back to Cerdic, the original Anglo-Saxon conqueror who invaded the country and established the kingdom of Wessex.

The historical record is less reliable in that period. At over 50 generations this bloodline is one of the longest known in the western world. Sweyn reigned in England till his death in However, Edmund died in Sweyn's male line ended inand the English throne reverted to the Click of Wessex.

Sweyn's descendants through his daughter Estrid continued to rule Denmark. Inon the death of Henry I of Englandhe claimed the English throne, even though Henry had designated his daughter, Empress Matildaas heir. Click asserted her claim, leading to a protracted war the Anarchy.

The conflict ended when Stephen recognized Matilda's son Henry as his successor.

Descendants Of William The Conqueror Family Tree