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Women Draw Their Ideal Packages - Testicles and Balls!

Big Balls On Men And Women's Reactions - Big Natural Testicles

Big Balls – The Pros, Cons and What Girls Think of Them. 19/Aug/ | Guy Talk | Do ladies like massive balls? Are massive balls regular? Whereas no man will weigh in on the proper whale's ginormous, one-ton balls, right here's what you're in for as a human male with massive testes. PROS. #1 The larger the balls. 20 Jul I once read in a newspaper sex advice column (it was actually a British broadsheet, so I believed it) that women often get very turned on at the sight of a big pair of testicles. I wasn't sure if the writer was making a joke about cocky men but it sort of makes sense from a Darwinian perspective: big balls -> lots. When it comes to beauty contests, the male genitalia is not going to win - anything, ever. While the shaft provides all of the action, the testicles house the family jewels - but it's a damn ugly house! Testicles just hang about looking all wizened and discolored. And they feel odd - like gum-balls in crepe paper sacks.

Really tiny ones are weird-looking.

Any lumps, bumps, or modifications in consistency. Doing one ball at a time, roll your testicle between your thumb and fingers. I have been told that I have big balls literately.

I enjoy a hefty avocado-sized sack visually, I suppose. Stinky, hairy ones are gross and smell like piss. The bigger they are the grosser, because the more they look like elephants, you know, with the crinkly, rough feeling?


Big balls are gross regardless of penis size. Did you know that balls move?

Do you women find a guy with big balls attractive literately?

Yes, they move in reaction to changes in temperature to keep sperm at just the right temp level. So his balls will verrrrrrrrry slowly move up and down and around like the giant lumps in a lava lamp. On an aesthetic level, balls are ugly as shit and should be hidden from plain view at all times.

Balls leave me cold.

Do Women Like Men With Big Balls

They give me no pleasure at all. They are, by far, the most aesthetically unappealing part of the human body, male or female.

Obviously a big dick which ever women says size is not important is clearly lying. Sometimes even more so than the penis. She said that the second she felt his penis she knew he was way too small for her. Any lumps, bumps, or changes in consistency.

I think our creator was in a bad mood the day he created balls. Seriously, testicles just look like labia that have been sewn shut and are swelling from the pain.

So male genitals and female genitals both look like crime scenes to me. Sex feels great, though—so long as the lights are out.

Do Women Like Men With Big Balls

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