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Read about the bold moves readers made to score a guy's number!

6 Oct When I was in high school, I had a really hard time getting a phone number or other contact information from a girl, even when I pretty much knew that she really wanted to give it to me. I lost many great dates and relationships because I was too afraid to ask for something a girl really wanted to give me. How To Get A Guy's Phone Number In LESS Than 3 Minutes. Stephen Hussey. On Saturday night I did something I've never done before I went to read a book, in a bar, alone. I've read alone in coffee shops, but never a bar. I had been out partying the night before, so wanted to keep things low-key. I went to see a movie . 9 Jul Read about the bold moves readers made to score a guy's number!.

Just ask for his number. He's probably just as nervous as you. The worst thing he could say is "no". If he says "no", don't be embarrassed but rejoice in your confidence! Rejection hurts and everyone experiences it but getting a "no" is better than wasting your time chasing after something that is moving in the opposite direction.

How To Get a Guys Number - Ways To Get His Phone Number

If you worry that he will say "no" and blab to all his friends on top of the "no", be relieved because then you know his true character however, if he truly likes you as you believe than you should have no worries!

Furthermore, for the great aspirations I'm you want to achieve in life and will, should make such a question as this a piece of cake! If you ask and he responds by saying "what for?

This response does not insinuate that you are asking him out on a date, truly it could be a number of things. This is probably taking it too far but if the response is "are you asking me out on a date?

4 ways to get him to ask for your number!

That may not even be necessary because he may just give it to you before you make that move. Just because a response such as "i did not put too much thought into it" may imply to him that you like him just as a friend, fear not, for he did the same by here you on the spot in the first place.

How To Get A Guys Phone Number

My roommate liked a girl at work. She gave him her click here. I asked him that same night if he was going to call her to hang out. Are you doing this because there is some kind calculation to what day you call somebody after you were given a number? And she returned his call a few minutes later. It shall be smooth if it's simple!

Most girls don't ask me for their number, they just ask to see my phone and then type in theirs. I've only had to ask for 2 girls' numbers ever since I got my phone. You have to set it up: You gotta have a face to face conversation with him. When the conversation is in its peak, tell him you have to go 3. And have him to call you later the day 4.

How To Get A Guys Phone Number

If he don't have your. He will ask you for it 5. Have him call you NOW. So that you also have his as well. And NOW you guys are ready to take it to the next level.

My friends use to go into what we called "intense flirt mode" and ask him he would could play with his phone or take pics with it. So far it's worked. Lol Otherwise ask him if you can call him and tell him you like him.

There is nothing wrong with stepping out of the stereotypes from time to time. Can I have your number? Say thanks for his consideration. I just read The Goldfinch and finished about pages in one day. I find that the trouble is in the follow through.

Oh I know what you mean! The easiest way for me is if he has some of the same friends that you do too.

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Because then you can set up a day that you can all hang out, then casually ask some people by him if you can have their numbers, then you'll get to him and it won't be awkward at all. You should be like "omg I got the funniest text, what's your number so I can text you it" or just be upfront about it because he prob. Nervous and it will show ur confidence.

I agreed with Semishy. If you like the guy just give him your number. You can just say "Hey if you want to hang out sometime or talk, just call me. Here is my number. Also close this question. How would you get a guy's phone number? I want it to be very smooth and not awkward at all. Btw me and him talk all the time and I'm like Thanks all of you guys! What Guys Said 2. Then she wouldn't click asking for his number at all then, would she?

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Women evolved to pick up social cues, since they spent more time socializing in the earliest days of humanity. Sure, this line is about as bold as they come. This way he will be less likely to get upset with the friend that gave him out. In this case you could suggest an exchange of numbers:

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