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12 Dec Because I want to live. I want to love. And I'm refusing to be just another tragic heartbreak story. I'm not just another broken girl. I feel like my mind is beaten and battered and bent but that's not the end of me. I'm lonely and sad and unrequited love sucks, it really sucks, but it's not the end of me. It can't be. I want someone to love me for who I am. Not for what I look like. is feeling loved at Jaldapara National Park. · July 24, ·. Hey guy's really looking for an love. Then why not we do one thing. Comment your name /age/ location. And if some one finds it interesting then pm him or her. Because we just can't give your . I'm in the same boat really, childhood neglect and all. I think part of it for me, is that I subconsciously sabotage potential relationships for myself. I got out of an emotionally abusive relation a few months ago, and I don't trust or open up easily. I push people away with my apathy. I also tend to think once they.

Why can't I just find someone who will love me for who I am?

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I just want someone to love me I just want someone to love me self. This I Really Want Someone To Love Me so, so very pathetic and childish, I know. I grew up with parents who weren't all that present or involved in my life. My dad worked 3 jobs so he was hardly home. My mom also worked and while she was home much more than my dad, she was so tired from working that she didn't do much more than watch tv and talk on the phone.

She rarely let me do any activities, and if I tried to do sports or choir she didn't come to the games or shows. I describe her as emotionally neglectful, physically there but only doing the bare minimum. Our relationship now is okay. We don't fight, but she and my dad aren't people I click to with my problems or talk about personal things with either.

I have 4 older siblings and they would usually babysit me growing up and tease I Really Want Someone To Love Me all the time. That's normal for siblings and I hold no ill feelings towards them for it, but I was a sensitive kid and it always hurt, and we are not close even now that we're adults. I don't have many friends. Just 1 very close one and 1 kinda close one.

That's better than nothing I know, but when those two aren't around, and they rarely are, it's just me, alone with my thoughts about why people don't seem to like me or want to get to know me.

I'm 23 and I've never been in a relationship. I know that's still relatively young, but I can't help but feel like there read article be something wrong with me.

Why is no one interested in me? Why don't I get asked out? Why do I get rejected if I try to ask people out? Am I too ugly?

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Am I too boring? Will someone ever love me and care about me? That's what it always comes back to. I just want someone to love and to love me. I want someone to care. I want someone to ask me how I am, how my day was. I want someone to care that I'm in a terrible place mentally right now and offer me some support in getting through it. I have no one to help me cope with my depression and it's rough. And it's gotten so bad that at this time I can barely take care of myself, let alone try to go out and meet people.

And no one wants to be around the teary-eyed depressed girl with low self esteem anyway.

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I'm just so worried, and I have a feeling, that I'll end up alone. I'm in the same boat really, childhood neglect and all. I think part of it for me, is that I subconsciously sabotage potential relationships for myself.

I Really Want Someone To Love Me

I got out of an emotionally abusive relation a few months ago, and I don't trust or open up easily. I push people away with my apathy. I also tend to think once they see the walls come down and my mountains of baggage pour out they'll turn tail and run, but I'm so tired of being alone. Yeah, there was one guy that had some potential of turning into something but I fucked it all up. I do think there's some self sabotage in there, because I feel worthless and don't think I deserve someone maybe? And I'm scared to death of getting hurt.

Yeah, those 4 years of heartbreak and manipulation with my ex destroyed who I was. I just can't go through that again, I'm broken as is and that would just finish the job.

I Really Want Someone To Love Me

I'm trying though, even just small chats with the bookstore clerk lately is a big step up for me. Normally I just sulk in my apartment and cry. Even just as far as friends go, I've had lots of people hurt me, betray my trust, leave me. And that guy, though we were not in a relationship, screwed me up more than he should have been able to. I loved him and although I know it was me who pushed him away, him rejecting me still stings. That's what I'm trying to do, get out of the house and be around people even if not actually talk to them.

It's getting harder and harder. And maybe this is the same for you, right now I feel like I'm too screwed up to be in a relationship anyway, I know logically it wouldn't work out but I still want someone. It's slow going but the more you do it, it does get marginally easier. I'm sorry you had to go through that. At the very least if you need someone to talk to on the particularly lonely nights, I'm on pretty fequently. You can send me a PM visit web page you'd like.

The happiness they will bring you will be worth every minute you had to wait. Yeah, there was one guy that had some potential of turning into something but I fucked it all up. Be mine and want to be with me. I have always craved love and affection.

I might be a bit late responding as I start working nights next week and my sleep schedule will be all over I Really Want Someone To Love Me place, but I'll reply as soon as possible. I feel your pain, my friend. At my age of 28, I think I've come to the realization that there will never be anyone in my life who source love me in the way that I daydream about.

It's tough seeing my younger family members and siblings in successful relationships and getting married and living their lives and I'm still stuck at home sitting in my bedroom with the fan on when I should be out and about living life. I suppose in some ways I'm glad I don't I Really Want Someone To Love Me a woman in my life, because I wouldn't want her to deal with my nonsense.

I'm not worth it to anyone. Although my home life wasn't bad in any extreme sense, it wasn't what anyone would call perfect. I lived with my grandparents who, at that point in their relationship, were only together for my sake. They never got married, only spoke together when it came to either myself or what each of them needed to get done for the day.

Never ONCE did I see them display any affection toward each other and they yelled and fought more than anything. I guess that left a lasting impression on me. I yearn and crave love and compassion but I myself have a hard time displaying it.

I want that too. I'd love to be able to wake up to someone saying "Good morning! And on the other side, I have this deep yearning to have someone to hold, to make all their troubles go away, to comfort them, to make them smile and laugh and to help make their lives filled with unfettered joy and myriad delights.

Wanting to be loved isn't pathetic or childish. It's something that's pretty universal to want, and really difficult to go without.

Seems like most of the time, I'm the only single person I know. My friends go through three relationships in two years, and spend maybe half a month being single between them. It doesn't seem like we're even members of the same species most of the time. They can't relate to being alone, more info being stuck alone, or fearing that they may never not be alone.

Dating seems unapproachable, and for the reason you described: Yet the typical advice is to just be yourself Even if you succeed, there's a part of your brain feeling guilty, thinking you're gonna bait and switch this unsuspecting person with a shiny facade, only to turn I Really Want Someone To Love Me Mopey McSads once the relationship starts. But maybe there's a trick in recognizing depression isn't who you are, it's something you're going through.

Im 22, I live at home and have few close friends. And hopefully for you he will replace the teary eyes with a beautifull smile: What if I'm never good enough for any guy.

When I can't coax anything interesting out of myself without it coming out as a lump of sads, I fall back on empathy. I genuinely interest myself with what this person does, what they're saying, etc.

I focus on them, which takes my mind off of my depressed self, and eventually if I'm lucky, they'll ask me a question, which makes me feel good sometimes if I can manage to not botch the answer. It hasn't gotten me very far, but it's made me a few friends who seem to care whether I live or die. Im 22 and Im in the same boat.

Never been more info a relationship. Like you, I just wanted someone to love for who I am, asking how I am and hang out with me.

Normal stuff I guess. But each day that passes I feel like I will never find anyone. God damn how I long to have someone love me.