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Proven Ways to Get Rid of a Hickey - Remove a Hickey FAST

1. Cold Compress

Some medications can help you get rid of Hickies much faster. You can take Excedrin or aspirin to increase blood circulation, and your Hickey will heal much faster. Over the counter, Aspirin is a blood circulation booster, which has the same Hickey clearing. 31 Oct to rupture and blood leaks out so it's visible under the skin as a bruise," Dr. Rachel Herschenfeld, of Dermatology Partners, Inc. in Wellesley, Massachusetts, tells BuzzFeed Life. Obviously, the harder you suck on someone's skin, the worse the mark is. But not all people react to hickeys the same way. Hickeys are a common occurrence nowadays, and most people either have seen a hickey on someone or have had one. Hickeys are usually not painful or dangerous for the receiver and mean different to different people. To some, they are something to be proud of and a sign of love while to others they are often not .

Hopefully this stopped happening past the age of 17, but sometimes shit happens and next thing you know you're wearing a scarf to work in August. But WTF is a hickey actually, and how do you get rid of it? We here out to an expert to find out.

Rachel Herschenfeldof Dermatology Partners, Inc.

How to Get Rid of Hickies Fast | Top 10 Home Remedies

Obviously, the harder you suck on someone's skin, the worse the mark is. But not all people react to hickeys the same way. They're also pretty easy to get on your chest, lips, and inner arm Most people don't realize how bad a mark is in the moment because it takes about five to ten minutes to start evolving into a bruise, says Herschenfeld.

Ways To Get Rid Of Hickies

So even if you aren't purposefully trying to mark someone, they can still wake up the next day looking they hooked up with a literal vacuum. Everyone is different, but bruises follow a predictable course, Herschenfeld says.

The coin remedy works really well! Why not put some cat food on it? How effective massaging is on a hickey depends on its severity. Put it over it for about half an hour. Here we have provided natural and herbal remedies for all your health and beauty related problems.

Your body has to reabsorb the blood that leaked out from your veins in order for it to disappear. This is why a hickey transforms from red to purple to brown — and read article gross, sickly yellowish green — before it goes away.

Ice or cold compresses won't do anything to change the final color of your hickey either, but it can help reduce swelling or redness at first, says Herschenfeld. Herschenfeld suggests treating the skin as gently as possible and avoiding too much irritation or manipulation of the area.

You can also try some heavy-duty concealer or other makeup tricks. Here's a popular YouTube tutorial to get you started.

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If only a few hours have passed since you got the hickey, rubbing alcohol is just the right ingredient for you. Making the area cold slows down the flow of blood to the area hence reducing the size of the hickey. Of all the methods, it is advisable that once you notice to have a hickey, apply cold ice followed by one of the regimes to ensure it disappears quickly. Apply a lotion or cream that is rich in Vitamin K to the hickey two to three times a day until it has vanished completely.

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Ways To Get Rid Of Hickies

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How to Get Rid of Hickies Fast

Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. Share On link Share On link. You've probably heard of a few ways to get rid of them — like using a toothbrush, a cold spoon, or even a coin. Unfortunately those are all pretty much bullshit. View this photo on Instagram.

Top Ten Ways to get rid of a Hickey or love bite

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