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This is the problem that consumes me more than what Free Agent we are going to sign. How to get the NBA to get their act together. Which Im going to run by to get a sandwich. Only HDNet takes more time out my day than trying to solve this problem. Its the holy grail of the movie business. How do you get people out of the house to see your movie without spending a fortune. How can you convince 5 million people to give up their weekend and go to a theater to see a specific movie without spending 60mm dollars.

For those of you doing the math. Shoot, its not unusual click here studios to spend that much per person to get people to go to the theater through a movies entire run! How crazy is it to spend more on marketing than the revenue recieved when they go to the movie?

GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony all cutscenes HD GAME

Its double crazy because that revenue is split with the theater. So if a studio spends 12 bucks to get someone to go to the theater, they might only be getting 4 dollars back in return. You would think that there has to be a better way than spending 1x, 2x, 3x or more times the initial revenue received opening weekend or week?

It also gives an opportunity for theaters and studio heads to receive feedback. As a movie goer I expect more for my dollar, but the fact I showed up at the theater means I am willing to part with my dollars to be entertained. Does he invite 3 people or does he invite 10 people? You can also enter the model name in game to spawn any car using the Car Spawn 1 menu.

Yes, those revenue streams will benefit read more the initial spend, but they dont make the economics of getting people into theaters any less frightening. We are looking at affiliate programs.

So people with lots of myspace or other social network friends could get a buck or 2 or 3 if someone goes from their myspace page directly to fandago, moviefone, movietickets. Get friends to buy tickets to a movie, get a bucks from us. We already do movie marketing We do buzz marketing. We put up videos all over the net. We set up websites, myspace accounts for the movies and its characters, we work with movie forums, we buy ads, etc, etc, etc.

Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulators 18+ Movies

If its been done before, we are doing it. So if you want a job, and have a great idea on how to market movies in a completely different way. If your idea works for any and all kinds of movies. If it changes the dynamics and the economics of promoting movies, email it or post it. If its new read more unique, i want to hear about it.

If its a different way of doing the same thing you have seen before,it probably wont get you a job, but feel free to try. So go for it. Come up with a great idea that i want to use andI will come up with a job for youto make that idea happen. Mark, did you ever get a solution for this challenge? Comment by ATH - April 29, at As a fellow movie theater operator I believe you need to put the task in the hands of each of your individual theaters.

Over 3 years I have gathered a database of over 6, e-mails in a market that has 60, I write a weekly newsletter See The Projectionist and am trying to make our website more social with polls, etc. I believe that my point is the studios and film companies are trying to find that silver bullet from a 10, foot level. It is the local markets that need to be in control. For example, I lived in Chicago 3 blocks from your theater on Clark street.

It would have been cool to have a weekly e-mail about the films that was more than just an announcement. There was Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulators 18+ Movies much more that theater could have been but it just did what we all do…waited for a hit. Comment by Jon Goldstein - April 6, at 5: Mark, theatres should not keep looking at higher average ticket prices, but try to increase volumes. Chances are that the minute you start thinking about the worth of the movie, you are going to decide against going to the theatre.

The average viewer will go for more movies to theatres, and will take company along as well. Comment by Rajeev - March 31, at 6: I have an idea for a business that I am in the preliminary stages of putting together that I believe will change the way the movie industry operates.


This idea, if it comes to fruition, will revolutionize how the entire industry does business. Comment by Benjamin Harris - March 18, at 4: Mark, It infuriates me to find out what you spend to get me to the movies.

Venice gondolier sun ( August 11, 2006 )

You are wasting your money. Stop the marketing, drop the price of admission to one-half the usual price for the opening fri-sat-sun and let the theater tell us about your generosity. Comment by Pat Elliott - February 20, at 8: People will pay for that. It needs to be enticing. It needs to be an event. People are making sacrifices to spend time in the theatre. It needs to be worth it. Something they can talk about. It needs to be something they want really bad. Something special and different.

There needs to be buzz. Maybe like the secret life of this rock star with unknown facts and brilliant writing. If you want to get those older people with out computers who smoke in the theatre make it special. Giving them a momento is an excellent idea.

Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulators 18+ Movies

There are a lot of packrats and collectors out there. Comment by Noella Fay - February 1, at 4: What is happening is that everyone is chasing the same demographic or the same dollars. Tailor movies to appeal to this other audience. There are 77 million baby boomers retiring in the next few years they are going to need things to do, go out in the day and Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulators 18+ Movies a half price moviethese people were moviegoers at one time who stop going to the movies, because the product they prefer is not being made anymore.

Remember is not about targeting everybody, but only the audiences who stopped going to the movies because the product that they want to watch is not being made anymore. Offer them great product and the word-of-mouth will out do any advertising that you buy.

Studios have stopped promoting those movies that fall in those categories, incidentally nobody knows about it. Comment by Napoleon - January 12, at 3: Came across this posting hope this helps someone, wish i lived in Canada.

Worked with another writer in Bollywood with the producer at Hvon productions: Colin von Dohren — great guy. The successful candidate will work on our major motion movie pictures, have good written English and communication skills, and a work well with strict time lines.

For examples of major videos please visit http: Please send CVsin confidence to wendyhill hvon. Hvon Productions is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Comment by Scott Mckenzie - August 16, at 4: There has been a huge paradigm shift in how people choose movies. This is even higher among the strongest demo — 16 to year-olds. Comment by mike ableman - July 5, at Create a controversy around the movie. Pick a movie that will be scandalous, or push buttons, etc.

The press will be all over it and give you free advertising. You could even fabricate the whole thing…have certain cast members be a part of the scam and have the plot of the actual movie be about the whole thing so that when people see it, the ending will be completely shocking and give away the fact that the whole thing was set up.

I know this would only work once, but what read more hell. Comment by Patrick - June 20, at 3: Best places to play, best strategies to win. Comment by Rogger Mill - June 8, at 1: Or just start putting the movies on pay per view, where people can purchase it again for a higher price Ballad Of Tony Hookup Simulators 18+ Movies what you do with this, you put all your adds attached to that movie, and you put a number on how many people can watch it on pay per view, like a firt come first serve kind of deal.

Comment by Tyler - May 31, at 8: A Scanner Darkly implemented an interesting technique: Comment by Piko - July 24, at 7: People are not going to the movies because television is frankly better. Television is writer driven and movies are director and often producer driven. All the care that goes into cinematography, production desgin, music, see more, editing and music all dwarf what goes into a script.

I used to work in resturants. It's why Republicans were able to shut down a government out of spite, yet can't cure gay out of love. Comment by Benjamin Harris - March 18, at 4: The entertainment supply chain is changing and theaters are too static. I just changed the download, see the first post of this thread.

The problem here is the lack of a singular voice in these scripts.