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A Year Ago, They Marched. Now a Record Number of Women Are Running for Office

25 Jan A former cabinet minister who was thrust into the top spot after the resignation of his predecessor (more on that below), Gentiloni has been in office for little over a year and isn't running for another term. That's despite the fact that he's actually quite popular, his level-headed leadership having won him a. 15 Dec Under Italian law, the election had to be held before May 20th, but most of the country's parties have pushed to hold them as soon as possible. READ ALSO: Ten key things to know about Italy's political system. 2. An untested electoral law. There's a good reason elections haven't been held already, and it. 8 Nov CNN is probably the best-known channel to cover the U.S. presidential election and the company's Politics app sticks to the subject. . Best dating apps for Valentine's Day Updated February These are the best apps to help you snag a date, friend, or romantic rendezvous this Valentine's Day!.

The elections gave Democrats a sizable confidence boost. Of those, 32 are currently held by Republicans. But the battleground seats will inevitably change over the coming year, and if history is any guide, the shift will benefit the party not in the White House: In its final report just prior to the midterms, the competitive district battleground according to Cook had exactly doubled to districts, 91 held by Democrats and just 9 by Republicans.

In the end Republicans gained 63 seats. Below, we go deep on the competitive races. Click on each district to learn more about the candidates and the range of factors that will influence the election, including how much money each side has raised, Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Election presidential candidate their districts voted for, and whether challengers will face an incumbent or vie for an open seat.

And we took cues from the parties themselves, each of which have identified their own target lists of vulnerable candidates and flippable seats. The district poses two major hurdles for any Republican challenger: After a year preparing to defend her seat in Congress, Martha McSally is now expected to pivot toward the Senate for Jeff Flake's open seat.

This leaves the Second open for the first time sinceand Democrats are ready for a revitalized push after a blowout in the last race. Whoever emerges will have to catch up to the Democrats' fundraising lead, and dodge their attempts to tie the Republican candidate to Trump, to win the district taken by Clinton. Ann Kirkpatrick, a former congresswoman and the challenger to John McCain leads a pack of five in the Democratic primary.

Physician and former state rep Matt Heinz, who lost to McSally inplans to make another run, though he trails Kirkpatrick in cash on hand by almost six figures. Babulal Bera was sentenced to a year in prison. Grant is trying to push a fairly moderate conservative platform of tax reform, health-care reform, and more aggressive foreign policy. Despite a fundraising advantage over his opponent, beekeeper Michael Eggman, Denham won by just 8, votes, leaving Democrats hopeful they can flip the district.

A spike in registration gave Dems a slight advantage inand the district went to Clinton by three Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Election. There are at least nine Democrats vying for the nomination, increasing the possibility that Denham will have a strong challenger rather than token competition.

The most promising so far is Josh Harder, a year-old venture-capital visit web page. Emergency-room nurse Sue Zwahlen, who has twice been elected to the local school board, could also pose a threat, especially if Republicans continue to target Obamacare.

However, Caforio drew criticism for moving into the district shortly before declaring his candidacy, and unsuccessfully attempted to tie Knight to Trump. Royce, who announced his retirement in January, has represented this suburban, conservative, heavily immigrant enclave since The Latino population has only grown by about four points sinceand Republican registration is down from 45 percent in to 36 percent today.

Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Election

There are five Democrats in the running. Pediatrician Mai-Khanh Tran was inspired to run after Republicans began attacking Obamacare, and has made defending the law the focus of her platform. Gil Cisneros, a Navy veteran and millionaire lottery winner, is also in the running. However, he only recently moved into the district, which could hurt him here.

Though the district was gerrymandered to elect Republicans, the Possible Plenty Of Fish Hookup Customer Service lock registration declined to 41 percent in Rohrabacher handily beat his opponent, a former USC professor, without spending much.

But Clinton won the district in and Obama inand now five Democrats and two Republican are vying for the seat. The wealthiest member of Congress and notorious former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Darrell Issa announced his retirement in January after barely winning reelection in What was once a safely Republican district went for Clinton, marking the first time Orange County had voted for a Democrat sincein part due to the growing Latino population.

What was already looking like a feasible win for Democrats is now even more likely. Mike Levin, an environmental lawyer and former executive director of the Democratic Party of Orange County, has raised nearly a million dollars. He has party experience, local name recognition and environmentalist bona fides. Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Election Marine Mike Coffman joined Congress in and has largely voted along party lines, opposing reproductive rights and the regulation of greenhouse gases.

The district has stymied DNC expectations: Nevertheless, GOP candidates have won the seat since it was created in Michelle and Barack Obama have released ads for another candidate, State Senator Morgan Carroll, the chairwoman of the Colorado Democrats, and she is the only candidatethat the Koch-fueled political advocacy group Americans for Prosperity is explicitly campaigning to defeat.

Compelled to join the race after the Pulse shooting just south of the district, Murphy ousted term incumbent John Mica. Read article Maria will likely have a wide ripple effect for both the Seventh Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Election Florida at large, where an estimatedPuerto Ricans are relocating.

Murphy has led calls for more funding for the island, and some expect that the boost of traditionally Democratic Puerto Ricans in her districtcould hand her the win. To her left, the centrist Murphy will have to defend in the primary against Air Force vet and former ACLU chapter president Chardo Richardson, a member of the new Justice Democrats, who represent the Sanders wing of the party. To her right, businessman Scott Sturgill and state representative Mike Miller have quickly raised six figures, indications of how eager the GOP is to take back this longtime citadel of Republican representation.

Democrats are hoping they can finally topple him with a strong and well-funded candidate. Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, who ran an unsuccessful bid for state senate inhas emerged as the frontrunner against Curbelo. However, she has significant Establishment support, and Curbelo will be vulnerable to criticism of his vote on the health-care bill. Democrats hope that the surprise flipof two conservative seats in the statehouse in November are a sign that backlash against Trump could help close the 3.

When Blum narrowly won his first congressional election inpolitical pundits considered it a fluke. The multimillionaire software executive was a right-wing Republican with no political experience in a reliably blue district that Obama had carried twice by double-digit margins. When Blum arrived in Washington, he made no effort to strike a moderate tone. He joined the Freedom Caucus and cast his very first vote against reelecting John Boehner as Speaker.

Inhe was considered one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country. But registered Democrats outnumber Republicans here.

Midterms: The Most Competitive House Races

Of the four Democrats running, Abby Finkenauer, a year-old state representative from Dubuque, has emerged as the frontrunner. He previously worked in the Department of Labor under Obama and helped his father win election to the state senate.

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Now, nine different Democrats have launched bids to unseat Young. Eddie Mauro owns an insurance company and is well-known across the metro area for coaching baseball and football.

InRoskam won his sixth term in this reliably Republican district, which stretches across the northwestern Chicago suburbs. But he is also the only Illinois Republican whose district Clinton won.

Tying himself to Trump may hurt him in a district that has seen a lot of activism postelection, and Roskam has a reputation for being inaccessible to constituents. Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Election a few weeks last spring, he was followed around by protesters.

Kelly Mazeski, an year veteran of small-town government and a breast-cancer survivor, plans to hit Roskam hard on health-care policy. She has placed her own struggle with illness and health insurance front and center in her campaign, and has raised the most money out of the nine Dems vying for the nomination.

But she still lags far behind Roskam in terms of fundraising. Amanda Howland, a local attorney who was the Democratic nominee inis also running again, read more spite of having lost to Roskam by 18 points last year.

She struggled to raise money in the last election cycle, and Roskam outspent her by millions. Yoder was just 34 when he won his House seat as part of the Republican wave of Andrea Ramsey, the former president of a nonprofit pediatric health clinic, entered the race after Yoder voted for the Republican health-care bill.

As a candidate, he had railed against Obamacare, but as a congressman, inhe was one of only three Republicans to vote against its repeal. His first bill was co-sponsored by Democrat Keith Ellison, one of the most liberal members of Congress. However, he still voted for the Republican health-care bill, something that will come back to haunt him in this election. Democratic recruiters got lucky with Jared Golden, a year-old veteran Marine and state representative. Four Democrats and five Republicans have already entered the race, which is likely to be brutal and expensive.

Democrat Haley Stevens, who most recently worked at the Digital Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Election and Design Innovation Institute in Chicago, has raised a little over half a million, and was campaigning for the seat even before Trott announced his retirement.

It was co-sponsored by six female Senators from both parties along with several men and passed the Senate unanimously in early January. Two Democrats have entered the race: Our explainer gives the rundown on top candidates, polls, and the scandal upending the establishment. Three incumbents won in seats that leaned 10 points or more toward the Republican Party in the weighted average of the previous two presidential elections. Ami Bera democrat7th District of California.

Also on the Democratic side is Fayrouz Saad, the former director of immigration affairs for Detroit who launched a bid back in July, and would be the first Muslim woman elected to Congress. Craig is running for a rematch, hopeful that she can unseat Lewis absent the threat of an independent.

In the general election, first-time Democratic candidate Angie Craig painted the shock jock as a mini-Trump. A six-term Chamber of Commerce Republican, Paulsen represents a cluster of suburbs and exurbs to the west of Minneapolis that constitute the wealthiest, best-educated congressional district in the state, full of the moderate voters who might have happily backed Jeb Bush but found Trump Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Election.

Once solid blue, the district has been feeling the populist wave spurred by job losses among miners in the Iron Range. Nolan briefly considered a gubernatorial bid, but with Tim Walz of the First District already in that race, he decided not to create a second open race in Minnesota. Mills is most likely not running again.

Instead, Nolan will face St. Louis County Commissioner Pete Stauber. Inexpect heaps of outside money: The district was the second-most expensive race last round.

What’s at Play in the 2018 House of Representatives Races

Then Obama pulled off an upset link the first time Nebraskans gave an electoral vote to a Democrat since Nebraska awards three of its five electoral votes to the winners of its congressional districts. Viewing that win as an aberration, in Nebraska Republicans threw their support behind retired U. Air Force brigadier general Don Bacon, and he ended up beating Ashford by just over one point.

Best Free Hookup Websites 2018 Election

But in office, he has voted click the Trump agenda 96 percent of the time. Now Ashford is back for a rematch, hoping that a national anti-Trump wave can give him the little bump he needs to unseat Bacon. A handful of Democrats have jumped into the race, including Portsmouth city councilor Stefany Shaheen the daughter of New Hampshire senator Jeanne Shaheenand state rep Mindi Messmer, who has had success with aplatform of public health and small business.

Twelve-term incumbent Frank LoBiondo announced his retirement in early November, blaming partisan gridlock in Congress.

One day last February, she changed those plans. Margin of Victory It was true in That is, not those who have only been appointed.

LoBiondo had voted against Obamacare repeal and was opposed to the Republican tax plan. Though LoBiondo has safely won the district since he was first elected inand it was carried by Trump, it also voted for Obama twice, and Democrats are hopeful they can flip the seat. The race against seven-term incumbent Scott Garrett shattered expenditure records and got personal Garrett dug up assault allegations against Gottheimer; Gottheimer seized on anti-gay comments Garrett had reportedly made.

Trump took the district, and a low-turnout midterm could flip it.