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unixwerk: FAQ AIX

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If I want to archive a directory without these limitations I think about the backup command. But what would be the syntax?

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However gnutar is not required - you could use the AIX tar as shown below: An x will appear in the first column of that line. Then type o the letter "O" and press Enter again. TSM will begin to restore the file link selected. TSM will begin to restore the files you selected.

Please note that the switch -m doesn't accept relative paths! All files will be restored with full path relative to your current working directory. The usage is almost identical. You use the command genkex to see all modules and extensions loaded into the kernel. If you are only interested in real extensions, you can use a line like this: You can use the bootinfo command: More info it come back with 64 it can run both, 32bit and 64bit kernel.

You can follow this link to see which kernel the system is supposed to use. Boot image is byte blocks.

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After the next reboot your system will run the 64bit kernel. Since AIX version 5. You can issue the command " bootinfo -p " to figure out if your system can be installed with AIX 5. Does the command come back with " chrp " your system can run AIX 5. Does the command respond " rs6k " or " rspc " however, you cannot install any version of AIX higher 5. Particulary 32bit systems are not supported anymore.

InfoCenter Update for V5R1. Maintenance Package for V5R1.

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Login to any of the LPARs of your p5 system and issue the command lsmcode: The general command to collect information for the IBM support is snap. First you should remove any old snap files. The easiest way to remove any old snap files is snap -r. Creating compressed pax file This file should be sent to IBM.

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To find the managing servers of your LPAR you can use the domain status information - the ctrmc subsystem must be active in order to do so. You can check with: Management Control Points O A 0xccdfc3ead Management Control Points I A 0xdefc1b87 Run this command on your LPAR: You can use smtctl to get the information.

Below is an example: SMT is currently enabled. SMT boot Boys Hookup Daddies Sauce Ukulele Songs is not set. SMT threads are bound to the same virtual processor. Bind processor 0 is bound with proc0 Bind processor 1 is bound with proc0 proc2 has 2 SMT threads.

Bind processor 2 is bound with proc2 Bind processor 3 is bound with proc2. You have to create an etherchannel device. First you have to unconfigure the current ethernet settings on the physical ethernet adapter en0 in the below example.

I went to Buttnoya a while ago; you know, Buttnoya? Wow, you're so clever. There's a dark forest deep in the heart of the Rockies, surrounded on all sides by mountains. Use the below command to convert the value to decimal as it would be displayed by lsattr:

You also need to make sure that there is a second physical ethernet adapter available en1 in the below example. If these requirements are met you create the etherchannel with the commands below: The system uses this to figure out if the primary network adapter is still alive.

The second mkdev however, defines the IP address you want to set to your new etherchannel logical device i. The system uses the next free number for the etherchannel device in our example en2. Boys Hookup Daddies Sauce Ukulele Songs course you can use the route command to set a static route. But this way you don't get it back after reboot. To make a route persistent you need to change inet0.

First check which routes are already set: For hostroutes go here keyword net has to be replaced with host. But AIX uses non-reserved by default when trying to mount an nfs share. However, with the following command you can change the default: To make it permanent you use the '-p' switch on AIX 5L and 6: But be aware that this setting has to be made before a remote filesystem is actually mounted!

1. How can I archive a directory with backup?

To put a second IP address to en0, just use ifconfig: Of course, if you use ifconfig to set an IP alias, the alias won't be present after the next reboot. To make the setting permanent, you have to change the interface's definition in the ODM. The SMIT go here is mkinet4al. If you prefer to use the commandline, type: To delete the IP address permanently you can use chdev again: You can run entstat -d on the physical adapter and search for media speed and link status: Up Media Speed Selected: Auto negotiation Media Speed Running: If you use a backup adapter check also for Backup adapter.

To get the information in one view you could run a Boys Hookup Daddies Sauce Ukulele Songs like this: Up Backup adapter - ent5: For example - if you want to enable the ftp service just type startsrc -t ftp The ftp subserver has been started.

To stop the ftp service again type stopsrc -t ftp The ftp subserver was stopped successfully. You can check the current status of the inetd with lssrc -ls inetd.

I assume you want the nfs share to be automatically present after a system restart. If you want to mount the share read-only you can add -t ro to the above command. This prevents both the local and the remote system from learn more here disks.

But the result of this action is not very helpful, because I always see that only one fileset will be updated, all the rest is rejected because of dependency failures. This can be done with a command like this: If you decide to not upgrade the system after the preview you can easily roll back the installer to Boys Hookup Daddies Sauce Ukulele Songs old version with: You don't apply interim fixes ifix or emergency fixes efix with installp - instead you do it with the Efix Manager.

IBM provides these fixes in a compressed epkg format suffix: And that's how it's been applied: If not the upgrade will fail and you have to remove it with the efix manager before upgrading.

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I want to know what filesets are present on installation media or a on a directory where I put some files with not human readable names such as U How can I get the Boys Hookup Daddies Sauce Ukulele Songs Using installp requires a. This is always the case on official media. However, if you downloaded some update filesets the.

Not a problem - just create it with the inutoc command: Is there something else? You can display the information as a list separated visit web page colons. Fileset name, version, and descriptions are stored in the fields 2, 3, and 8 respectrively. Here is an example: Network File System Client bos.

Where can I find the cause? After an AIX migration everything seems to be fine. The following filesets need to be installed or corrected to bring the system to a consistent state: It does not show which fileset's dependencies are actually violating the consistence of the package database. However we can search the ODM for filesets with such a dependency: